Coping With Sleepover When You’re A Bedwetter


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While bedwetting is more common than we realise, coping with the fear of wetting the bed can be tough on kids when they’re away on a sleepover. Here are some top tips to help you child cope.

How Parents Can Help

Helping kids to stay dry is a team effort. The family needs to be encouraging both inside and outside the home. So here’s what you as a parent can do to help you child stay dry on a sleepover:

  1. Let your child know you understand. Don’t let them think you blame them for something they can’t control.
  2. There’s usually a family history of bedwetting and it’s always overcome. Let your child know you’re on his or her side.
  3. Give lots of encouragement. Your child wants to feel normal and enjoy sleepovers and school trips. So do be encouraging and let him or her know you will help.
  4. Chat to a doctor. Your child’s doctor is going to be the best source of advice so have a chat before you child goes on a sleepover. Ask for suggestions and treatment options such as a bed wetting alarm to help your child.
  5. Speak to others. Another way to help your child cope with bed wetting when he or she goes on a sleepover is to talk to the other adults involved. If your child will be sleeping at a friend, ensure the parents know about the situation and get them to be a part of the process.

Usually a child won’t mind if you tell another grown-up. But just to make sure, do ask your child if he or she will be comfortable with other adults being in the loop. If your child is reluctant, tell him or her that another adult understanding the bed wetting can be a big help when your child is not at home. They’re not going to mad or surprised and they can help with getting your child up during the night to go to the bathroom, or they too can use the bed wetting alarm as a reminder.

Staying Dry During a Sleepover

Here are a few simple tips to help your child stay dry and managed bed wetting on a sleepover.

  1. Wear disposable underpants. When your child sleeps away from home, have him or her wear pull-ups with boxer shorts over them. No one will know and your child will feel more confident.
  2. Use medication if necessary. A bedwetting medication will act as an anti-diuretic, reducing your child’s need to urinate. These medications won’t necessarily cure bedwetting but they can play a big role in helping your child stay dry during the night when they’re away from home.
  3. Have a practise run. Before attending a sleepover, have your offspring practise the pulls ups and boxers tip and try out the bedwetting medication too. Also try a bed wetting alarm that will alert the child to wake up to empty the bladder.
  4. Low salt. Salts cause fluid retention so have your child stay away from salty snacks on the day of the sleepover.
  5. Drink less. While your child can’t avoid fluids, you can reduce the chances of night time bedwetting by cutting back a few hours before bedtime.
  6. Urinate before bedtime. This will help to empty the bladder and reduce the chances of bedwetting.
  7. Lying down before bedtime. By getting the body horizontal, your child can start mobilising fluids. Encourage your child lie down a little before bedtime when he or she is away from home.
  8. Have a good rest. Bedwetting is more common amongst deeper sleepers. And if someone is sleep deprived, they’re going to fall into an even deeper sleep. So the trick is to get a good night’s rest both before and during the sleepover.
  9. Take extra clothing just in case. Send your child with an extra set of clothes when he or she sleeps out. Also send a waterproof storage bag for wet clothes.

With these tips and the help of a bed wetting alarm you can help your child have a fun and safe sleepover.


Ways To Make a Small Child’s Bedroom Look More Spacious

If you are not careful then the way you style and layout a room can make it seem cluttered and cramped. This is especially true if the room in question was already small to start with. If a small house is a problem then the ideal solution is to move somewhere bigger. However budget restraints often mean that this is not possible. The second best thing is to make sure that you style a room in a way that makes the most of the space you do have.

Think Colour

One of the best things you can do when it comes to styling a room is give careful consideration to the colour scheme that you use. Dark colours can look good but they often make a room feel more closed in. You really want to go for light paint colours. We know that rooms with lots of natural light often look bigger too. Lighter paint colours can help to promote this. If you do want to use some dark colour then try to keep this to a minimum.


In order to have a room that looks bigger, you need to make sure there is plenty of space. This means giving careful consideration to storage and where you are going to keep things. There are lots of clever, furniture storage designs out there so make sure that you invest in these. Built in storage is also a great way to make sure you have plenty of storage without taking up too much room.



We generally want plenty of seating to make sure that we have enough for visitors as well as the people who live with us. This is great but takes up lots of unnecessary space. Have a look for items like fold-out seating and bean bags online. These are great temporary seating options and they can be stored out of the way so they don’t take up valuable space when they are not needed.

Think of The Layout

It stands to reason that if you have lots of furniture dotted around a room then it is going to feel cluttered. Try to think of the most sensible way to place furniture without taking up too much space. Things like sofa-beds and beds with storage underneath can be a massive help.


One way to make a room feel bigger is to create a feeling of space. Making a room feel taller is a great way of doing this. One of the best ways to do this is to create shelving that runs from floor to ceiling. Not only does this give you the ideal way to store loads of your goods but it creates a feeling of a room  being nice and tall.

Generally speaking you want a room that is light and airy where possible. You also want as much of your ‘stuff’ stored away and out of view. You want a room to feel uncluttered so that it feels spacious and large.


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4 Top Tips To Make Every Mum’s Life Easier

Between work, kids and the house, there are always 1001 things demanding your time and attention. From car pools to after school games, holiday planning and keeping the house clean and tidy, a Mum’s work is never done. Here’re our four top tips for taking the pressure off and making life just that little bit easier.


Image Source: Ryan Harvey


  • Ask For Help


Just because you know how busy you are, how much there is still to do and what is going to go undone for another day does not mean the people in your life have any clue. Your partner might not be looking at the house and thinking it needs vacuuming or know that you’ve been roped into baking cakes for the PTA tomorrow. Don’t get stressed, ask for help. Even if it’s only asking your family to take the kids for an hour to give you time to get things done. The worst anyone can say is no, in which case you are in the same situation you were before, and often they help you to work out what’s important. Do those cakes even need to be homemade or can you pick something up from the shops in the morning?


Image Source: Douglas Muth

2. Outsource

Another mistake we all make is assuming that we have to do everything ourselves. Managing the house and the kids is a full-time job, having to get actual work done on top of that can seem like an impossibility. Something has got to give. Many families hire cleaners and nannies to help take the pressure off. The advantage with employing people is that you don’t feel like you are imposing or asking too much. It’s their job and you can count on them to handle a huge chunk of your to-do list happily and efficiently. If you need help with the kids, the house and the cooking, consider hiring a housekeeper. They offer a professional, integrated service and give you time to enjoy your family without worrying about feeding them and washing clothes. You can find out more about housekeepers in London here.

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3. Prioritise

When you have a list as long as your arm, it’s so tempting to tick off all the little jobs first so that you feel as though you’re actually making headway. Of course, this makes the last half of the list a real slog. Take a moment at the beginning of your day to work out what really needs to be done and tackle them first. This way, if things crop up and you don’t get around to finishing everything, you won’t worry so much about it. Those jobs can wait until tomorrow.


Image Source: Hey Paul Studios

4. Organise

This one goes hand-in-hand with number three. When you are juggling a ridiculous amount of tasks, deadlines and chores, taking time to organise yourself if key. Some people like to keep a diary in their bags and plan their life day by day. This is a fantastic option since it keeps you in the moment and stops you thinking about tomorrow’s hurdles. Planning for any deadlines ahead of time and writing notes to remind yourself of them a few days before they’re due, means you aren’t worry about forgetting deadlines. Or remembering them last minute and then rushing to get them done.

Let’s be honest ladies, a Mum’s life is tough enough. We need to take every opportunity we can to make them just that little bit easier.


Get Your Body Back After Baby

If you’ve just had a baby, you are probably staring into the mirror and screaming “What the **** has happened to my body?”. It’s not easy to get your preferred shape back when you have been growing life inside you for nine months. While breastfeeding helps reclaim some normality, there are other things you can do to help you get back into shape.

First things first. You need to realise that your body has changed forever. Hips and pelvis are never going to be in exactly the same position again. Your posture has taken a serious hit, and you may have noticed your ribs aren’t where the used to be at all. Posture can be improved, and your ribs (along with your internal organs) will come back down in a few weeks. Your uterus has been stretched out of shape, and this may show along with a saggy belly for a while yet. So go easy on yourself – you’re meant to look like this right now.

To improve your strength, flexibility, health and general fitness, exercise would be a good idea. Don’t undertake drastic diets and excessive exercise to change your post body shape. You have a baby to care for now, so take things easy. If it has been less than six weeks since the birth, or you are still bleeding, speak to your doctor before undertaking any physical exertion.

Start with walking. Make the most of the baby being in a pram. This means you can go at your pace in the direction of your choosing. If you don’t know what I’m on about, just you wait till they’re toddlers! Get the raincovers out, and off you go. Whatever the weather, commit to a good walk around the block every day. Or to the supermarket and back, or round to a friend’s house. Walking every day will quickly build your stamina and improve your emotional well-being. It is also important for the baby to get natural light and fresh air each day too. You may notice a dramatic improvement in both of you regarding sleeping habits.

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Next, think about your diet. You are not eating for two, and you do not need two portions of everything to maintain a good flow of breast milk. Eat your five a day to ensure all the natural nutrients are there, and treat yourself once a day. You are working hard, so you will need a small amount of extra calories. Breastfeeding makes you hungry and thirsty, but try drinking water before you succumb to snacking. It is difficult when you are up several times in the night as well. You could try grazing to keep your energy constant, rather than eating heavy meals.

Small hand weights are great for improving the muscle tone lost when we were big and pregnant. You can use them while you have your feet up resting! Spend a little time ensuring muscles are strong in the neck, shoulders, back and arm, or you may be more susceptible to injury picking the baby up, especially when you are tired.


Educational and Fun: Messy Play Ideas

messy-play-ideas-640x425[1]Kids love getting a little messy, as it generally means having a bit of fun. And while you may not love having to clean up the mess afterwards, there are times when it’s worth it: if it means your children get a chance to explore the world in a hands-on, experiential way, instead of passively watching a screen. In fact, active learning is one of the best ways to get your kids out there in the world, so they can find what they’re passionate about and talented at. Don’t worry about the stains that might come from playing in the outdoors or painting a picture: these can always be washed out afterwards. But the rewards and memories of active, fun learning can last a lifetime for your children.

There are loads of great online resources for messy play ideas, but here are just two ideas to get you started:

Science Experiments — Some kids might groan at the thought of science, but it doesn’t always have to be about sitting in a classroom and studying a textbook. In fact, science just means a better way to understanding why and how the world works: why the sky is blue, or how bubbles are formed. Science experiments are great for fostering curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, and many simple, safe ones can be can be performed at home or in your backyard. Create a bubble bomb from just baking soda, vinegar, and water — and your kids will get a thrill from seeing something explode before their very eyes. Or mix together cornflour and water to create a fun goo — and your children will not only love getting their fingers stuck in, but they might start to wonder how something this fun can be formed from such simple things. There’s nothing like an exciting, hands-on science experiment to get your child curious about the world and eager to learn more.

Arts and Crafts Projects — On the other hand, some kids may be artistically inclined, so give them the chance to explore these interests. Childhood is the best time for discovering artistic talents, which can grow into lifelong hobbies or even careers. Regardless, all children love being able to express themselves using a range of materials available: paints, crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, glitter, beads, you name it. Get creative about your art supplies and you can find them in the recycling bin (empty cartons, toilet roll, old magazines, scraps of cloth) or even in nature (feathers, pebbles, leaves, flowers, twigs). And if you look online, there’s loads of ideas for arts and crafts projects to get your children excited — from homemade Christmas cards to sock puppets to paperweights, there’s so many fun things your kids can make to get their creativity fired up.

But it doesn’t stop there: cooking and baking, nature expeditions, group games outdoors, even more. With so many messy play ideas to engage your kids in the world around them, their childhoods won’t feel long enough — and hopefully as they grow up, they’ll keep exploring and learning.


Top Tips For A Kids Party

Throwing a party for your child can be a bit stressful to say the least. Inviting all of the right friends. Getting the right food. Perfecting the decorations. Making sure the games run smoothly. It can all be a bit much for one person.

But we all know it’s absolutely worth it. Think of your fond memories from childhood, and I can guarantee that some of them are in party settings. We all want to give our children those same happy memories that we had.

To make sure you can, we’ve put together a bunch of tips to help you. With our help, you should be able to give your child the magic day that they deserve without pulling out your own hair.

Without further ado, we present to you our top tips for the perfect Kids’ party.

Buy It Online

No one wants to be running around the shops the night before looking for the perfect Disney frozen party supplies. If you plan ahead, you can get basically everything, including food, online. Have a shop around and ask other parents how they managed their kids parties. Check for quality and also use price comparison sites to make sure that you aren’t paying top dollar. This can easily save you both time and money.

Share the Load

Work together. If one of your kids has asked for a themed birthday cake, have your other kids help make it. That way you can surprise your birthday boy/girl and have some quality time with your children as well. This can be both fun and time saving, and it gives your children the opportunity to create gifts for each other.

In a more general sense, you should also share the organisation. Ask your partner for all the help you can. Even think about having a joint birthday party, that way you have half the mess, half the expense and twice the help. It can really be a lifesaver.

Get Creative

You don’t have to provide everything. Instead of spending a fortune on party hats, get some craft supplies together and have the kids make them themselves. This, once more, will save you money and time. It will also make sure that your kids have plenty to do in the course of the party, so you don’t have to organise games or entertainment.


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Get Connections

Consider using your connections to help you out. If you know someone that can take care of entertainment, offer to cater for their kids party in return for them performing at yours. This is another way of sharing the load, and it also makes the party a more social occasion for you as a parent.

Remember, although you want your kid to have a good time you should also have plenty of time to see the fruits of your labour. You want to be able to take photos and see the smile on their face rather than slaving away in the kitchen for the whole day.

Seven Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe and Sound

Seven Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe and SoundAccording to the National Safety Council, most sever injuries and accidental deaths come from unintentional home and car accidents. While most people consider their home a safe haven from the outside world, there are preventative measures families can take to properly secure their home in order to avoid an ill fated tragedy.

Here are seven safety tips to keeping your kids safe:

1. Home Alarm

Installing a home alarm can protect your home and your family from an intruder. Homes with security systems are a deterrent for burglars, as they would prefer to break into a home less likely to alert authorities. Companies like Xfinitity Home Security provide families with peace of mind that their home and children are protected.

2. Fire Safety

According to fire safety statistics, eighty-five percent of all fire-related deaths occur within the home. Many of those deaths are related to either a broken fire alarm or no alarm system within the home.

If you do not have fire alarms within the home, put them in as soon as possible. If you have fire alarms, ensure they are in working order. And, for further safety, link your smoke detectors so that when one detects a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, it alerts the rest and entire home.

3. Water Safety

Drowning is among one of the leading causes of death in children. Children should never be left unattended in a swimming pool or near an open swimming pool. Likewise, during the winter months, children should never be near thin ice or skating on ice without adult supervision.

If you have a pool or pond at your home, look to place a security fence around it in order to minimize accidents.

4. Poisoning

Any chemicals like cleaning products, detergent, bleach, rubbing alcohol or typical bathroom products like perfume or hair products, are dangerous if ingested orally or comes into contact with the eyes. Keep these products on a higher shelf, locked cabinet, or in an area children cannot reach or enter, and call poison control immediately if anyone ingests poison.

5. Choking

Suffocation is a leading cause of death in children four years and younger. When putting babies to sleep, always place them on their backs on a firm mattress, not a soft cushion, pillow or blanket.

Children under the age of four can choke on firm, round foods such as popcorn, nuts, grapes and hard candy, thus new foods should be introduced carefully.

6. Wear A Helmet

In most states children under 16 must wear a helmet when biking, but many kids refuse. If a child falls off of their bike, skateboard, skates or scooter, a helmet can prevent life threatening brain injuries.

7. Buckle Up

In the event of a car accident, being buckled can be the difference life and death. About every 12-1/2 minutes, someone in the United States is killed because of an auto accident. The simple act of buckling a seatbelt can save your life.

Keep you family safe by following these few simple tips.

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Unique Gadgets to Gift Men

Planning to get a gift for your gadget crazed friend? Opt for hi tech, cool gadget for men and stay clear of mundane and boring presents. Electronic gadgets almost have a magnetic effect on most men, drawing them to the diverse selection of men’s gadgets and gizmos. Do not settle for the usual, boring products at the local electronic store. Instead, opt for out-of-the-box, creative gadgets that would accentuate a man’s desk. Rule out the regulars, such as headphones, cameras and watches, since it is possible that he may already own such a top quality product.

A gift that does not add any value and is of no use to the user is not a well thought out gift. A good idea would be to check out the best electronic gadgets and gizmos from an acclaimed online store like Premier Gifts. Here you can find great electronic merchandise, ranging from the latest gadgets, all the way to vintage items and antique toys. Such products have a distinctive feel and serve as great gifts for a male friend, family member, male co-worker or business associate.

Sailors Classic Wooden Compass


A compass is a cool and out-of-the-box, vintage gadget that every man will readily accept. A Sailors Classic Wooden Compass will look good, resting on a table top at home or on the office desk. The compass has a sensitive needle that can point you in the right direction during a wildlife safari or hiking expedition. It is encased in a beautiful wooden box with a lid that opens up to reveal the compass. The wood has a nice polish to its surface, giving it a lustrous finish. It can act as an antique centerpiece for the home mantel and also be useful to the adventure minded. Available in dimensions of 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches, it can look great and add an elegant touch to any room.

Roulette Game


Men will always be fond of indoor games, especially ones that involve a little chance. A roulette game set can also be an up street and creative gift for men who love collectables. This sophisticated version of the classic roulette game is light weight and comes in the travel version. Due to precision design, men can show off their newly acquired toy by placing it in their living room or even incorporate it on their office mantle. The Roulette game comes with a removable lid, a spinning bowl, ebony shaft and a wooden ball. You can place bets, insert the ball through the hole in the lid and lift it up to see who won or lost. This game comes in dimensions of 5.5 x 3.35 inches or 14 x 8.5 centimetres and is a cost effective gifting option.

You can also opt for several other out-of-the-box men’s gadgets, such as an 18th century sundial and compass, spinning tops and board, red bb korn model car and a lot more from Premier Gift Shop.


TV And Smartphones For Your Toddler? Why You Shouldn’t Ban Them

When your baby becomes a toddler, suddenly you are called upon even more as a parent. At the baby stage, your child needs little beyond food and clean diapers from you. We can get on with our lives thanks to the use of harnesses or slings, so we can still cuddle and be close. Although toddlerhood is the dawn of independence for our little ones, they actually require far more involvement from you than you realise.

You will need to be down on the floor with them, helping them to build up bricks, and roll the cars around. There are so many toys and games a toddler can begin to use. While free time play is vital for your child to begin to learn to explore and gain independence, the vast majority of what they do will include you. Story time is a firm favourite. Your toddler can snuggle in and look at the pictures as you read through their book. But at what point is it acceptable or appropriate to bring in digital media?


Thanks to for the pic

Using an iPad or the TV is still very frowned upon. With toddlers, there is an old-fashioned assumption that screens can damage their development. This is a very naive view, by people who have failed to explore the extensive amount of educational apps out there. Dedicated TV channels for children are full of programmes designed to develop cognitive skills and key skills in maths and language. They introduce substantial amounts of information about the world around us. By using TV, this information can be presented in many ways at once, enhancing your child’s learning.

The internet is also a great tool for finding activities to support your child’s development. Looking at puzzles for kids available online, you will find an excellent range of games to help your child develop mentally. The movements of the mouse or dragging a finger across the screen greatly helps fine motor skills in ways that weren’t widely available to us as children. Some games, apps and TV programmes also encourage kids to respond physically to ideas presented. This enhances their gross motor skills too.

If you are happy to allow your little one to use a small device like a smart phone or iTouch, you can find many apps for free that will keep them entertained. There are many games that develop skills in music, maths, language, fine motor skills, art and creative thinking. If you have concerns about their access to the internet, you can easily turn off the wi-fi on your device. Most apps for kids operate offline, so there is no need to worry about data usage either. Using technologies available to us today does not mean you are irresponsible as a parent or causing any harm to your child.

Digital learning aids are essential to providing your child with the very best opportunities to discover and do. Playing out in the garden is always to be encouraged. However, learning about the world around us on a rainy day can easily be achieved thanks to the use of digital media.

Fun indoor activities for kids


Whether it’s a rainy and grey day outside, or you don’t have easy access to a big garden or park close by, as a mum, it’s always good to really master a few indoor activities that can keep your kids entertained in the comfort of your own home.  And in an ideal world, these activities won’t involve rearranging the furniture or deep cleaning your house afterwards!

Tell a story

Staying inside doesn’t have to be boring – show your kids that they don’t need to leave the house, or turn on the TV, in order to go on an adventure. Start telling a story, then stop as it gets exciting – and encourage your children to get creative and tell you what might happen next. Maybe they would like to illustrate the story too? If you’re struggling to get started, you can always pick a book and read out a few pages, then stop and tell the kids it’s their turn to spin the story on now. If you have more than one child, you could even turn it into a competition – who can create the most exciting storyline?

Get crafty

Arts and crafts can keep kids occupied for hours, and luckily, plenty of crafty ideas for activities for kids can be found online if you’re lacking inspiration. All you need to start are crayons, glue, and paper to let the fun begin. Why not create greeting cards for friends and family, or make sparkly decorations for your children’s room? If there’s a holiday coming up, you can always use that for thematic inspiration.

Have a treasure hunt

You don’t need a big garden to put on a fun treasure hunt! Indoor treasure hunts are just as exciting, plus, you don’t run the danger of getting wet. Fill envelopes with clues and hide them in different rooms – each clue will lead to the next one, and once your kids have solved all the clues, they will find the treasure, which can consist of anything from sweets to toys or a fun activity. This is guaranteed to keep them occupied and happy for a while – and you’ll definitely have a good time, too. Maybe you can even switch roles after your kids have found the treasure?

Get cosy

If it’s a rainy day outside, and you and your kids feel like snuggling up and watching films or reading stories, then why not make a big cosy fort in your bedroom or living room? All you will need are some bed sheets, plenty of blankets, and all the pillows you can find. Drape the sheets over your couch, using a few extra chairs if needed, and arrange the pillows and blankets inside the cosy tent. You can even use an air mattress if you have one. Enjoy your fort!

Do some baking

Not only will you be able to enjoy the end product afterwards if you and your kids are getting creative in the kitchen, but this will also warm up your kitchen, making it nice and toasty. Pick a simple recipe – maybe you could do brownies, or some muffins? Help your children with mixing all the ingredients together, and let them decorate the little cakes with sweets and frosting once they’re done. This is a fun way for your kids to learn their way around the kitchen too!