Seven Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe and Sound

Seven Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe and SoundAccording to the National Safety Council, most sever injuries and accidental deaths come from unintentional home and car accidents. While most people consider their home a safe haven from the outside world, there are preventative measures families can take to properly secure their home in order to avoid an ill fated tragedy.

Here are seven safety tips to keeping your kids safe:

1. Home Alarm

Installing a home alarm can protect your home and your family from an intruder. Homes with security systems are a deterrent for burglars, as they would prefer to break into a home less likely to alert authorities. Companies like Xfinitity Home Security provide families with peace of mind that their home and children are protected.

2. Fire Safety

According to fire safety statistics, eighty-five percent of all fire-related deaths occur within the home. Many of those deaths are related to either a broken fire alarm or no alarm system within the home.

If you do not have fire alarms within the home, put them in as soon as possible. If you have fire alarms, ensure they are in working order. And, for further safety, link your smoke detectors so that when one detects a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, it alerts the rest and entire home.

3. Water Safety

Drowning is among one of the leading causes of death in children. Children should never be left unattended in a swimming pool or near an open swimming pool. Likewise, during the winter months, children should never be near thin ice or skating on ice without adult supervision.

If you have a pool or pond at your home, look to place a security fence around it in order to minimize accidents.

4. Poisoning

Any chemicals like cleaning products, detergent, bleach, rubbing alcohol or typical bathroom products like perfume or hair products, are dangerous if ingested orally or comes into contact with the eyes. Keep these products on a higher shelf, locked cabinet, or in an area children cannot reach or enter, and call poison control immediately if anyone ingests poison.

5. Choking

Suffocation is a leading cause of death in children four years and younger. When putting babies to sleep, always place them on their backs on a firm mattress, not a soft cushion, pillow or blanket.

Children under the age of four can choke on firm, round foods such as popcorn, nuts, grapes and hard candy, thus new foods should be introduced carefully.

6. Wear A Helmet

In most states children under 16 must wear a helmet when biking, but many kids refuse. If a child falls off of their bike, skateboard, skates or scooter, a helmet can prevent life threatening brain injuries.

7. Buckle Up

In the event of a car accident, being buckled can be the difference life and death. About every 12-1/2 minutes, someone in the United States is killed because of an auto accident. The simple act of buckling a seatbelt can save your life.

Keep you family safe by following these few simple tips.

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Roulette Game


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TV And Smartphones For Your Toddler? Why You Shouldn’t Ban Them

When your baby becomes a toddler, suddenly you are called upon even more as a parent. At the baby stage, your child needs little beyond food and clean diapers from you. We can get on with our lives thanks to the use of harnesses or slings, so we can still cuddle and be close. Although toddlerhood is the dawn of independence for our little ones, they actually require far more involvement from you than you realise.

You will need to be down on the floor with them, helping them to build up bricks, and roll the cars around. There are so many toys and games a toddler can begin to use. While free time play is vital for your child to begin to learn to explore and gain independence, the vast majority of what they do will include you. Story time is a firm favourite. Your toddler can snuggle in and look at the pictures as you read through their book. But at what point is it acceptable or appropriate to bring in digital media?


Thanks to for the pic

Using an iPad or the TV is still very frowned upon. With toddlers, there is an old-fashioned assumption that screens can damage their development. This is a very naive view, by people who have failed to explore the extensive amount of educational apps out there. Dedicated TV channels for children are full of programmes designed to develop cognitive skills and key skills in maths and language. They introduce substantial amounts of information about the world around us. By using TV, this information can be presented in many ways at once, enhancing your child’s learning.

The internet is also a great tool for finding activities to support your child’s development. Looking at puzzles for kids available online, you will find an excellent range of games to help your child develop mentally. The movements of the mouse or dragging a finger across the screen greatly helps fine motor skills in ways that weren’t widely available to us as children. Some games, apps and TV programmes also encourage kids to respond physically to ideas presented. This enhances their gross motor skills too.

If you are happy to allow your little one to use a small device like a smart phone or iTouch, you can find many apps for free that will keep them entertained. There are many games that develop skills in music, maths, language, fine motor skills, art and creative thinking. If you have concerns about their access to the internet, you can easily turn off the wi-fi on your device. Most apps for kids operate offline, so there is no need to worry about data usage either. Using technologies available to us today does not mean you are irresponsible as a parent or causing any harm to your child.

Digital learning aids are essential to providing your child with the very best opportunities to discover and do. Playing out in the garden is always to be encouraged. However, learning about the world around us on a rainy day can easily be achieved thanks to the use of digital media.

Fun indoor activities for kids


Whether it’s a rainy and grey day outside, or you don’t have easy access to a big garden or park close by, as a mum, it’s always good to really master a few indoor activities that can keep your kids entertained in the comfort of your own home.  And in an ideal world, these activities won’t involve rearranging the furniture or deep cleaning your house afterwards!

Tell a story

Staying inside doesn’t have to be boring – show your kids that they don’t need to leave the house, or turn on the TV, in order to go on an adventure. Start telling a story, then stop as it gets exciting – and encourage your children to get creative and tell you what might happen next. Maybe they would like to illustrate the story too? If you’re struggling to get started, you can always pick a book and read out a few pages, then stop and tell the kids it’s their turn to spin the story on now. If you have more than one child, you could even turn it into a competition – who can create the most exciting storyline?

Get crafty

Arts and crafts can keep kids occupied for hours, and luckily, plenty of crafty ideas for activities for kids can be found online if you’re lacking inspiration. All you need to start are crayons, glue, and paper to let the fun begin. Why not create greeting cards for friends and family, or make sparkly decorations for your children’s room? If there’s a holiday coming up, you can always use that for thematic inspiration.

Have a treasure hunt

You don’t need a big garden to put on a fun treasure hunt! Indoor treasure hunts are just as exciting, plus, you don’t run the danger of getting wet. Fill envelopes with clues and hide them in different rooms – each clue will lead to the next one, and once your kids have solved all the clues, they will find the treasure, which can consist of anything from sweets to toys or a fun activity. This is guaranteed to keep them occupied and happy for a while – and you’ll definitely have a good time, too. Maybe you can even switch roles after your kids have found the treasure?

Get cosy

If it’s a rainy day outside, and you and your kids feel like snuggling up and watching films or reading stories, then why not make a big cosy fort in your bedroom or living room? All you will need are some bed sheets, plenty of blankets, and all the pillows you can find. Drape the sheets over your couch, using a few extra chairs if needed, and arrange the pillows and blankets inside the cosy tent. You can even use an air mattress if you have one. Enjoy your fort!

Do some baking

Not only will you be able to enjoy the end product afterwards if you and your kids are getting creative in the kitchen, but this will also warm up your kitchen, making it nice and toasty. Pick a simple recipe – maybe you could do brownies, or some muffins? Help your children with mixing all the ingredients together, and let them decorate the little cakes with sweets and frosting once they’re done. This is a fun way for your kids to learn their way around the kitchen too!

5 Fun and Easy Activities to Set Up for a Babysitter

5 Fun and Easy Activities to Set Up for a BabysitterA lot of parents stress about leaving their children with a babysitter. Finding someone who is trusted and reliable is difficult enough, but what will everyone be doing when the parent’s leave the house? Parents want to make sure that their children are not only entertained, but also that they are well behaved and cooperative for the babysitter to make the situation easier for everyone.

There are a lot of great activities that parents can arrange for the babysitter to do with their kids while they are away. These activities are simple for any babysitter to complete and will be fun and productive for both the babysitter and the kids. This helps relieve stress for the parents and makes having a babysitter more fun and less traumatic for the kids. Here are five fun and easy activities for parents to set up for a babysitter.

A scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get the kids active and moving while still helping them learn and stay focused while they are in the care of a babysitter. Babysitters can easily follow the scavenger hunt along with the kids and give them little clues as they need them. This is great to help kids burn energy and maybe even get outside for a while that does not involve much effort from the babysitter.

An educational movie

Movies are a simple way to keep kids entertained and quite for a babysitter. Parents can pre-select some choices for their kids from and have them ready before the babysitter arrives. This allows a productive break for the kids and babysitter and helps the parents feel better knowing that their kids are staying out of trouble.

Some easy no-bake cooking

Cooking a health meal is great for kids to take part in for many reasons. Kids can learn how to safely work in the kitchen, understand what constitutes a healthy meal, and learn how to create a balanced meal on their own. Parents can arrange an easy no-bake meal that they can safely do without much supervision. This is great to help parents ensure that their kids will be well fed and having fun learning a new skill.

A volunteering event

Volunteering might be something that parent do not think of when planning activities for their babysitter, but volunteering can be a great way for babysitters to spend their time with the kids. Babysitters can take the kids to a volunteer event that the parent already planned and feel good about doing something special with the kids.

A craft project

Craft projects can get a little messy, but they are always a fun way for babysitters to spend their time with kids. Parents can provide all the supplies that their kids might need, including paper, crayons, glitter glue and safety scissors. Babysitters can encourage certain project ideas and help the kids safely use all the materials to create something that they can be proud of.



The Best Baby Birthday Gift Guide for Special Occasions

Everyone loves a new addition to the family, but every time a new baby comes along you need to start thinking about gifts. Whether it’s your little one or someone else’s, babies seem to have a higher than average number of occasions that need gifts. It’s fun shopping for a new baby. But when you could have five different occasions to buy for in their first year on Earth, you can start to feel uninspired. When it starts seeming like they might already have everything they could ever need or want, what do you buy them? We all know that for a good while, the parents probably appreciate the gifts more than the baby does. So when you’re buying a present, whether it’s or a Christening or first birthday, you need to think about both the baby and parents before buying something.

Baby Shower

Not everyone has a baby shower, but they’re pretty popular. When all your friends are having babies at the same time, it can be tough not to run out of ideas. At this stage, you’re buying a present for the parents rather than for the baby. You can go with one of two routes when you’re choosing a baby shower gift: practical or fun. First-time parents are probably going to enjoy the practical things more because they need all the help they can get to stock up on the essentials. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go with something cute or sentimental either.

If you’re a friend of the family, you probably won’t be buying anything big, like a stroller or car seat. But there are other practical things you can get, like bottle sets and pacifiers. If you want to get something practical, it might be worth straight-out asking the parents what they need. But if you’re going for cute and sentimental, you can choose something ornamental that the parents will like. Or pick a cute, cuddly toy or blanket that the baby can enjoy almost right away.

246704307_804856b259_zJessica Merz


When the baby comes along, it probably feels like you only just bought a present for the baby shower. If you attended a baby shower and gave a gift, the parents probably aren’t expecting you to get much of anything else. You can just give a card if you don’t want to give another present – and perhaps the gift of giving the parents some peace and quiet. If there wasn’t a baby shower or you didn’t go, you might want to buy a present for the birth of the baby. As well as the same types of presents you might have bought for the shower, you can also think about commemorative gifts for the parents. The baby might not appreciate it now, but they will when they’re older. Birth is another opportunity to buy something practical, from onesies to baby blankets. If it’s winter, there’s even more the baby will need, so their parents can wrap them up against the cold. But if you’re unsure, you can’t go wrong with a soft toy.

Christening/Naming Ceremony

Not too long ago christenings would have been more popular, but now many parents don’t have one or opt for a naming ceremony instead. The gift you choose for this occasion might depend on the type of ceremony you’re attending. For a christening, there are lots of traditional gifts. These include religious items, like a Bible or rosary. Silver is a very popular choice for christenings too, in the form of anything from cups to jewelry. When it comes to less traditional naming ceremonies or other non-religious versions of this event, you might want to be a bit more imaginative. Often gifts for these occasions are decorative items. But sometimes people like to give things like wooden toys. If you’re not sure, stick with a traditional christening gift, although avoid any religious symbolism. It’s nice if a christening or naming ceremony gift is something that’s going to last a long time. Other options include trinket boxes for their first teeth and decorative plates and cutlery.

5426058378_48e0841f88_zSara Matthews

First Birthday

When the baby reaches their first birthday, they’re getting old enough to start appreciating the things you buy for them. They may not be able to give you a list of things they want just yet. But they are now aware enough that they can enjoy a toy or even some clothes. They’re growing fast at this stage, and learning to walk and talk, so there are lots of things you could buy for them. First birthdays are a big occasion, and you can choose to mark it with something commemorative, just like on other occasions. There are plenty of great baby birthday ideas like gift baskets, toys and photo frames. Personalized gifts are lovely for first birthdays, especially if it’s something that the parents can keep for a long time. You can find personalized gifts that range from plates to books.

First Christmas

Some people put more stock into the baby’s first Christmas than others. Of course, if the family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they’re unlikely to be worried about it. The first Christmas is another occasion that’s more important to parents than to the baby. And it’s more about their memories than anything else. Depending on when the baby’s born, their first Christmas might get overlooked. If the baby’s still very young, parents might prefer just to keep going without doing anything special. But you can still get them a nice present. For first Christmases, it’s a good idea to get something that can be used for future holidays. For example, try a beautiful personalized ornament or Christmas stocking.

With all baby gifts, think about your relation to the baby and their family before buying. Some more intimate and special gifts are best left to family. So if you’re a friend of the family, you might stick to soft toys and clothes, instead of very personal items. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t give them something special, especially if you’re a very close friend or a godparent.


Keep Your Family Safe With A Bomb-Proof DIY Panic Room

The ‘preppers’ among us like to be ready for any and all eventualities.  Some go to great lengths to protect their families from a zombie outbreak or a killer virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. That isn’t as silly as we might have thought a few months ago. The recent outbreak of Ebola shows what can happen if the disease was to spread across continents. The survival rate is low.

I prefer to think about things that can happen to any of us at any time. Home security is top of the list because I worry about my family’s safety. Though we take all of the sensible precautions such as sturdy locks on all of the doors and burglar alarm, I felt it wasn’t enough. My study doubles up as a panic room in the event that an intruder should gain access to our home. My family can retreat to it and bolt the door. It will not keep a determined attacker out, but it would take them a few hours to break into the room. That is plenty of time for us to call the police.


Here is how you can keep your family safe with a bomb-proof panic room.

The Window

Have you seen the roller shutters on the outside of buildings to protect the windows? We installed one on the inside of ours. If something should happen, any member of the family can press a button, and the barrier will close.

The Door

I have several Lincoln Electric products, and I used them to fabricate a steel door and frame. It was the biggest part of the project. It took time to install and was a messy job, but there is no way a burglar will get through it quickly. Now that it has a few coats of paint, it doesn’t look ugly.


There is a telephone line to the room, but we also keep two mobile phones on charge in their just in case. We have all seen the movies where the intruder cuts the wires and renders the phone useless. There is also a computer with internet access via a dongle. We Can communicate with the outside world easily in the event of an emergency.


There are several webcams dotted about the house so we can see if the coast is clear before we exit the room.

Our room is downstairs, so the ceiling is a weak point. The floors upstairs are of chipboard sheets that are difficult to lift without power tools though, so I don’t worry about that too much. It will take a long time for somebody to get at us that way.

Perhaps you should take a look around your home for ways to improve security and give yourself peace of mind. Some people might think that a panic room is a bit over the top, but we can relax knowing it is there should we need it. Apart from the steel door, it is a straightforward project to undertake, and it could keep your family from harm. Build one in your home; you have nothing to lose.

Baby Career: Which would you choose?

I find it shocking that in 21st century Britain, that women still have to choose between a career and a family. I’m calling an end to it right now. Women of Britain, if you want a family, your career shouldn’t hold you back and vice versa. Have both. It’s hard work, but it’s doable. See below and you’ll get some great hints on how to manage it.

Gumtree infographic baby versus careerGumtree infographic baby versus career is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree


How Important is Marriage When Raising Young Kids?

If you and your partner are raising young kids or are in talks about starting a family, you may also be thinking about marriage. Marriage isn’t for everybody. It certainly doesn’t appeal to as many people these days as it did 50 years ago. However, some people believe that marriage is important when raising young kids. How important? Read on to find out…


How important marriage is to you when you have kids depends on a number of factors. Are you religious? For religious couples, marriage should be a vow taken before children in most cases. In fact, many get married before consummating their relationship at all. If you’re extremely religious, only then do I believe that marriage is important. If there is something you believe in and a way you like to live your life, then you should do what makes you happy.

You don’t have to be religious to get married. Many people like to get married to be a ‘family’, share the same last name with their partner and kids and show everybody how they feel. Engagement rings from Whiteflash Houston are often worn, and meaningful vows are made. It’s all down to your own personal choice.

Healthy Relationships

Many experts will tell you that all children really need are parents that have a great relationship. Here are some facts about children who have married parents:

  • They are more likely to go to college.
  • Less likely to have children at a young age.
  • Less likely to try drugs.
  • More likely to have healthy relationships.

However, this doesn’t mean that children from married parents will definitely come into the categories above. It doesn’t even mean that children who don’t come from married families apply either. Providing you have a great relationship, your child will be well brought up and learn about healthy relationships from a young age. You don’t need a certificate or a ceremony for that!

No certificate or ceremony can indicate whether you are a good parent or make your child a model child. It’s all down to how you act in front of your kids. Kids learn from an extremely young age, so if you’re always arguing in front of them, married or not, they will pick up on this. Please take this parenting advice. It’s much better to keep your kids safe from these arguments, and always put on a united front for them, whether you’re together or apart.


Marriage isn’t all that important when raising young kids unless it’s important to you. Providing you raise your kids without contradicting one another and arguing in front of them, you’ll set great examples. A married couple who argue all the time aren’t going to set a good example for their children, so marriage really doesn’t make that much difference. Whether you want to get married and how you raise your children are two different things entirely! Never feel guilty for not marrying as long as you know you raise your children the best you can. If you want to get married, get married. It’s as simple as that!

5165061932_3529e29b9a_zphoto source


Parenting Advice: How and When to Take It or Leave It

Becoming a parent isn’t a journey that ends when your child is born. You spend the rest of your life “becoming a parent”, learning how to be the best parent you can be for your child. You never stop learning how to parent, even when your children have grown up and had families of their own. There are always new ways you can learn to relate to your children and new ideas to pick up. From the very first days of parenting when you get to grips with feeding to giving your grown-up child life advice, parenting is a journey that has no clear end.

But you can’t learn only from looking inwards. Much of parenting is down to instinct, but there are still many parenting issues that require you to research and seek advice. However, there are so many different pieces of advice on every issue coming from so many different corners. How do you know who to ask and who to listen to? Does your mother know best or is a child psychologist more knowledgeable? Should you ask your friends or read parenting websites? Ultimately, your final parenting decisions are entirely yours to make. But advice from other sources can be valuable in helping you make those decisions. You can use the following sources of parenting advice to help you, although you should approach some of them with caution.

8479540406_1a89fe4025_zPhoto by OakleyOriginals

Family Members

Family members are often more than willing to offer parenting advice at every turn. And it’s not always appreciated. Parents and grandparents especially like to put their oar in where it’s not welcome. But you should keep in mind that they’re just trying to help, even when it sounds like they’re being judgemental. And advice from family can often be extremely helpful. Even if times have changed, some parenting methods are timeless. After all, your parents and grandparents, as well as other family members with children, have done it all before. Perhaps they won’t have much of value about raising children in the internet era. But they’ll certainly have tips about a range of other topics.

The important thing is to know how to take, or not take, a family member’s piece of advice. To avoid stepping on feelings, try to be gracious about accepting advice, but be firm if it’s constantly unwelcome. A couple of pieces of advice that you choose not to follow can simply be waved away. But if a family member is consistently offering advice you disagree with, a firm request to stop might be in order. Try to be gentle though; even if they’re being a bit obtuse, they are still trying to be helpful.

Fellow Parents

Friends and parents who at the same or similar stages in their parenting careers (or perhaps a bit ahead of you) can be very useful too. They’re raising children at the same time as you. So they understand the problems present and solutions available in the modern world. Whereas one of your parents might not have many ideas about how to keep your child safe on the internet, current parents will be carefully considering this issue too. It’s great to be able to discuss things with parents who are dealing with the same issues, and parenting groups can be a great forum for this.

But remember that just because something works for another parent, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. You can pick up some great new ideas and share tips with each other, but you don’t have to follow the crowd. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to peer pressure, which does still exist when you’re an adult. Just because another couple only lets their child eat organic food, it doesn’t mean you’re under any obligation to do the same.

Parenting Websites

Parenting websites are a fantastic place to get an incredibly diverse range of ideas and opinions. Within a friendship group, you might find parents with very similar outlooks on parenting. But on the internet, you’ll find parents from all walks of life who can offer opinions on just about every kind of problem. Some sites will cater to certain parenting issues, such as parenting a child on the autistic spectrum. And of course many sites will still have a particular parenting outlook. But the beauty of the internet is that you can find many different websites in a short amount of time. If you want help on a particular issue, you can just use a search engine to find hundreds of opinions and expert knowledge.

6014710672_21f32ce4e1_zThomas Sauzedde

Sites like offer articles on the latest issues in the parenting world. You’ll find everyday parents as well as experts on child care and health writing factual and opinion pieces. And as well as being able to read all this useful information, you can usually engage in discussion too. Either through the comments on a blog or in a dedicated forum, you can get even more opinions and knowledge through people’s discussion of the articles.

When you’re researching online make sure you gather opinions and knowledge from a number of places. Don’t rely on one person or one website to give the best advice. The internet gives you access to experts that you probably can’t access in “real life”. So take advantage of the fact that you can read advice from doctors, teachers and parenting experts.


Finally, parenting books may not be as ever-changing as websites, but they’re still useful tools. Reading a book is a good way to go in-depth on a particular issue. A website often focuses on short pieces and is constantly updating. But a book can explore a topic further and doesn’t need to keep moving onto new things. As with websites, it’s a good idea to compare more than one book on the same topic, instead of reading one and taking it as gospel. Books are particularly good for all the basics of parenting a newborn baby. But read them before your little one comes along, and you don’t have time anymore.