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Every Family Should Buy A Puppy – We Know Something You Don’t


Eric Danley

Dogs are man’s best friend; as long as you feed it. There are few animals that are as cute and as much fun as a young puppy. In many ways, they remind us of our own children in their behavior. The mischief they get into is not born of malice, it is just innocent play, and it is easy to forgive them when they stare at you lovingly.

Our canine companions are the second most popular pet. Cats outnumber them according to reports because households are more likely to own more than one cat. Every family should own a puppy in my opinion, and here are the reasons why.

Common Focus

Parents focus their attention on their children, and the kids play with each other. A puppy offers a chance for everyone to have a common interest. It becomes a member of the family while still being different.


Children need to learn how to be kind and caring to others. The children have a greater intelligence than the dog and so they are superior to it. It gives them a chance to express kindness and concern about its welfare, in the same way that parents do to their children. Always take care of those who are less able than you; it is a valuable lesson in life.


The children can learn how to be responsible for the puppy. They can feed it with Wuffitmix Headstart at the correct times and always make sure that its water bowl is full. Get the kids to take it in turns to brush its coat. Children relish some responsibility when they are young because it gives them a sense of importance.


Is your family turning into a bunch of couch potatoes? A puppy will help you to do something about it. Dogs need to go for a walk at least once a day, so why not make a family occasion of it? Not many families can go for a walk together every day, but you could make it a Sunday afternoon ritual. During the week, you can take turns in exercising yourself and your canine companion. If it gets you away from the television for an hour or two, it must be good for you.


Sometimes in life things happen to make us all feel down. Even when things are at their lowest ebb, the nudge of a cold nose offers comfort from someone who cares for you very much. I am not talking about you granny, though mine has tried it a few times. The dog can sense when any member of the family is upset. Sometimes it is just nice to see a friendly face when you walk in the door. The kids might not distract themselves from their video games, but the dog will meet you with a wagging tail.


It is a sad fact that they do not have the same lifespan as us. It might have been a part of a child’s life for as long as they can remember. When it passes, the kids learn a valuable lesson about life and death. It is best that they experience it from the passing of an animal than from a person. It will only be a couple of days before your family insists on the acquisition of a new puppy.

If you found my arguments compelling, call at the pet shop on the way home. Your family will thank you for it, and the puppy will enrich your life; guaranteed!


Your Child Must Take Up A Musical Instrument: Here’s Why

Frank Lindecke

We have many responsibilities from the day our children arrive. The world is a competitive place. Those who get a good start in life are likely to thrive more than those who suffered disadvantages at a young age.

Sometimes the weight of responsibility is overpowering. The kids are not allowed to enjoy their childhood for long. The insistence of the government to force them to do homework at a very young age is unfair in my opinion, and it also places an even heavier burden of responsibility on the parents. Some people are beginning to wonder why they bother sending their children to school when so much of the work they do takes place in the home.

We are here to talk about musical instruments and why I feel every child should learn to play one as best they can. I hope you will agree with my arguments after reading this, and encourage your child to take up music at a young age.

Primitive Instincts

There is an appreciation of rhythm built into us all; that is why we enjoy music. Let your child release their inner caveman. They beat has a psychological effect on the kids and offers them a form of mental satisfaction.


A child can only stand so much mathematics and writing in one day. The subjects become dull and tedious. Most children enjoy music in any form. They love a good singalong, listening to bands, or playing an instrument themselves. It is a welcome break for them from the drudgery of other lessons.

Artistic Flair

Art is a part of the human condition and music is a creative way to express yourself to others. A child can gain much satisfaction from this release.


If a child enjoys what they are doing they are more likely to learn than if they dislike the subject. When they play their woodwind instruments in an orchestra, they must concentrate on the music and hit the notes at the right time. That gives them a good mental workout which will be helpful in other subjects.

Team Work

The kids learn to be part of a team when they play together in a school band or orchestra. They trust that the other members know what they are doing. An exercise in teamwork is an exercise in life.

Occupy Their Time

A child with a musical instrument always has something to do. You might never hear the words”i’m bored” ever again.


If your child can learn to apply themselves and stick to the subject until they succeed, it will serve them well later in life.


When they master the instrument, they will acquire a sense of satisfaction and the knowledge that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough.

I hope you agree that if a child learns to play an instrument they must benefit from it. You may suffer for a few years as the horrific noises make your ears ache, but that is all part of the process. Do the right thing and buy them an instrument today.


The Art of Buying a Rug: how to source and buy the best quality rug you can… at the price you want

rugs cover

Rugs are great; they add interest, warmth and texture to a room, as well as sectioning off larger rooms into smaller portions, creating natural eating space and relaxation zones.

Rugs can be used all over the house, from runners in the hallway to fluffy ones to warm your feet as you leave your bed in the morning. Even the kids don’t get left out; they can choose from bright character rugs, to shaped rugs as well as those that help them play.

Rugs are seen as the ‘art of the floor’ and if you are looking for a new one, then you need to know how to make the right choice. Refining your search will help you look in the right places BUT, cheap rugs are not easy to find…

Set your budget

Without a doubt, setting your budget BEFORE you start looking for your rug is essential. You can pick up incredibly cheap, small rugs made from synthetic fibres but in all honesty, you may find that the quality for high traffic areas, such as a hallway, is rather dubious. Hence, when setting your budget you do need to be realistic about what you can get for your money.

Not sure how high or low to set your budget? Some designers suggest that the highest quality of rugs will cost on a par with a sofa – bear this in mind when looking for your rug!


There is no doubt that the way the rug is made will influence its price, as well as in most cases how long it will last and where it is suitable for. Those rugs that are constructed using the most labour intensive methods, such as hand-weaving, will have a higher prices tag. Tufted rugs – which can be handmade or machine made – could present a better option for those looking for a cheap rug.



Another common factor in how much your get for your money when it comes to rugs, is the material from which it is made. This is one area where you may need to compromise.

On one hand, the purchase of natural fibre rugs is once again gathering pace simply because we are becoming more aware of our impact on the planet, as well as supporting home industries such as the British Wool trade. But on the other hand, technologies and manufacturing techniques have made a wider range of synthetic materials open to consumers, meaning cheap rugs are an option.

The benefits of wool as a sustainable product are being celebrated once again in the UK, with more people opting for this great natural product


Not only is it the construction of the rug that adds to the cost, but also the size. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and generally, as a rule of thumb, the bigger the rug, the higher the price. However, this can depend on what it is made from and how the rug has been made. In the end, you may find that you will need to refine your search, opting for a smaller rug if price is an issue.


But, all is not lost as many people think that looking for a cheap rug means opting for plain, safe and boring! What does come to your rescue is the fact that many rugs are now shaped, which adds interest to a room, as well as being a great piece of art for your floor. There are many differing shapes, so why not take another look at how a shapes rug could really add pizzazz to your room.


Looking for a cheap rug does not mean compromising on style; there are a huge number of colours, patterns, florals, two-tone rugs and block colours… the list could go on and on. The great news for those shopping on a budget is that this range and choice does not diminish with the less money you have to spend!


Neither does the fact that rugs can be cleaned, dry-cleaned or shampooed! All rugs, even in low traffic areas within the home, take a battering throughout their lives and unlike hiring heavy wet vacuums for cleaning fitted carpets, rugs can be rolled up and either taken to a specialist cleaners or given a shampoo or clean in the garden.

Many people worry that shopping on a budget will mean that the get the cheap rug they need for their pad will effectively mean compromising in everything, but here at we know that this is not the case.

Clean rugs can be simple when you know how but always take time to do your research first

If you have a small budget, we can help. We have hundreds of great rugs in stock, in all shapes and sizes suitable for every part of your home – and every budget! You can buy rugs online at The Rug Retailer

The Secret Guide To Christenings 2014

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A christening is the single most important event in a babies’ life. Your child is entering their new path into religion. The christening is a time to celebrate and enjoy as it is the second beginning of your child’s life.

One mistake many parents make when embarking upon the spiritual journey of a christening, is to panic. It is difficult to know where to start when planning a christening. As the christening is such a significant event in your child’s life, it is vital that you do everything you can to ensure the day goes well. Here is your guide to making every aspect of the day perfect.

Choosing Prayers

The task of choosing a prayer for your child’s ceremony may seem daunting. There are many prayers, which are ideal for christenings, but deciding which one is right for you is difficult. First you may want to browse a range of prayers. Decide upon your family’s core values and try and integrate these into the prayer.

For example, if, in your family home, love is one of your values you may want to opt for a prayer about the love of God. Or if you value respect, you may choose a prayer about respect in the family home. The prayer says a great deal about you and your child, so take your time to choose with care.

The Christening Clothes

The traditional christening gown is a simple white piece of clothing, which signifies purity. In modern times, though, you can get a wide range of gowns, which are contemporary, yet still understated.

Choosing your child’s gown is important for many reasons. The gown is the outfit that they will enter the religious world in, so ensure that it suits them and projects a level of modesty.

Do not leave choosing the gown until the last minute. Take the time to look through christening gowns and find the ideal piece for your child. You will want to keep the gown after the ceremony, as an emblem of your family’s faith.

Picking Godparents

Your child’s Godparents take on a huge amount of responsibility. They are your child’s keepers and the ones who will offer your child spiritual and life advice.

This decision is one, which should be well thought out in the lead up to the christening. Many parents opt for their best friends, but this can be a mistake. Do not just opt for the people you like best in the world, opt instead for the people who you think can best govern your child.

Choosing Godparents is not about popularity, and who you favour. It is about your child’s future and spiritual life. Choose people who share your faith and can lead your child.

The Ideal Gifts

Christening gifts are an important aspect of the ceremony. The gift is as important anything else on this list. The present you give your child on the day of their christening signifies the strength of your relationship.

Rather than picking a gift at the last minute, you need to take the time to decide on the ideal item. It is important to get something special, so you should avoid the urge to go to the high street. One option is to buy a unique gift, made in the UK. Made From Scotland has a wide range of baby gifts, which would be the ideal present for your child’s ceremony.

Planning the perfect christening for your child may seem like a burden, but it needn’t be. By following this secret guide to success, you can ensure that the most special day of your child’s life is also the best day of yours.

Three Soft Toys that Babies are Guaranteed to Love

toysWhether you’ve just brought your bundle of joy home or are celebrating your baby’s first birthday, there is no doubt an urge to rush out and buy them plenty of new toys with which to play. It can be a bit difficult to navigate all of the worries that any mum has when having to shop for toys: is the toy too sharp? Does it have too many pieces or are the pieces too small? Is there any way whatsoever that my baby can get injured playing with it? In recent years, more and more mums have demanded the market take this into account, and we’ve seen a wide variety of soft baby toys emerge as a result. We’ll discuss three different soft baby toys in the following article that can be great cuddle companions, play time pals or learning buddies for your infants and toddlers.

Pretty Purse Fill and Spill

This pretty purse contains everything your little girl will need to be ready to jump in the car or head out for a day at the playground! The Pretty Purse Fill and Spill includes a variety of items – all plush – that will keep her entertained and safe at the same time. With a cell phone that chimes upon command, a change purse with coins, a child-proof mirror and a keyring with keys, she’ll be sure to have plenty of fun digging through the purse and playing grown-up just like mommy. This safe and attractive toy can be a great distraction during quiet times in cars or on planes, and can be found at major retailers for just $24.99.

My First Teddy (15”)

What better way to provide comfort and fun to your growing baby? The My First Teddy line includes a wide variety of plush teddy bears, but this one in question is a fifteen-inch version (and comes in blue and pink). On the foot, the inscription “My First Teddy” can be found, and a satin ribbon is included around its neck. Available for just $14.99, you can order this teddy online through FAO Schwartz. While you are at it, you may also want to buy plush toy bundles to go along with your baby’s newest teddy; they are often quite reasonably priced when buying several at a time.

Baby Einstein Octoplush

Last but not least, the Baby Einstein Octoplush is a great, soft baby toy that combines plush with interactivity and education. Available currently for $14.99, you can pick this up at Target and other select retailers. With a long history of educating children while they play, the Octoplush continues that tradition. Hugging the Octoplush will play a melody, while each tentacle has its own function. The tentacles are colour-coded and will state the colour’s name in English, Spanish and/or French, depending on your toy’s specified settings. Simply throw two batteries into the device and it’s ready to go! The mix of affordability and education provided here makes the Baby Einstein Octoplush one of the best bangs for your buck in the soft baby toy department.


The Ways in Which Children Will Influence the Next Home You Buy

Whether you like it or not, your children are going to play a big role in the next home you buy. You might not understand the ways in which they are going to influence your decision, so you might not know how to prepare. However, you can take a step in the right direction, and do what is in their best interest once you’re aware of what matters.




The next home you buy will need to be near a school that is easy to access. If you want your children to attend a particular school, you might need to live within a certain radius of the school. You can see, therefore, that if you want to move to a new area you will need to take this into account. In some cases, houses are more expensive, because they are near a school.

The Amount of Bedrooms

You will also need to account for the number of bedrooms in the next home. If you think that your family is going to grow, you will need to buy a house that has a few spare bedrooms. Even if you do not anticipate your family growing you might have children who want their own bedrooms. You may therefore have to take this into account, and have a home that allows for this to happen.

Garden Arrangements

If you have children, you will most likely want your next house to have a garden. A garden will allow for them to enjoy the outdoors whilst you can keep an eye on them. However, a garden will also allow for you to host events such as a BBQ. If your children are very young then you will need to make sure you do not get a garden that has a pond or any other hazards.

En Suite Bathrooms

When you have children in the house, you might want to invest in a home that has an ensuite bathroom. An en suite bathroom will save you the hassle of having to wait around when you are busy and have things to do.

Houses that have an ensuite bathroom are rare so you will need some assistance in finding one. Thankfully you can speak to some of the estate agents in Cheltenham. They will be able to use their resources in order to help find a suitable home for you. Keep in mind that homes of this nature tend to cost more than regular homes.

Can You Keep Everyone Happy?

You can see, therefore, that your children are going to influence the next home you end up buying. It is key that you’re aware of what is important, so you can take action to help them. Knowing that you need to move near a school, for example, is valuable knowledge. In any case once you know what to do, you’ll be able to pick the right home for both you and your children. In doing so, you will be able to keep both parties happy as you settle into your new surroundings.

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How to Prepare the Family for a Christening Day Out

If you’ve got a christening coming up that you and your family are invited to attend, you may have a variety of things running through your head. How will you get your son to behave? How will you get your daughter to keep her dress clean? How will you get your husband to sit still? This article will help you to prepare for a full day out with the family with no mishaps:

13876413665_a78bded359_z (1)

Image Author: Flickr

Start With a Light Breakfast

Every good day starts off with a nice breakfast! You shouldn’t have something too heavy, or you probably won’t be hungry for the food at the after party later (I’m assuming there will be a buffet of some kind). Make sure the kids eat their food so they aren’t whispering in your ear throughout the service about how hungry they are – even if it’s just a piece of fruit!

Explain to the Children What They Should Expect and How They Should Behave

For children, christenings can be awfully boring. Explain to them what to expect through the ceremony, and how long they should expect to be sat there before it’s time to go and have fun at the afterparty. As long as they know they’ll be having fun after, they should be fine. Make sure they know that they should be as quiet as they can, and if they want you for something important they should whisper. If you know you’ll have trouble keeping them still and quiet, you might want to bring something to distract them, like a colouring book.

Make Sure Everybody Looks Presentable

Make sure the whole family has a nice outfit to wear for the christening. It may look especially nice in photos if you choose outfits that coordinate with each other! Make sure there are no collars sticking up, shirts untucked, or marks on material. Grubby faces should be washed, hair brushed, and smiles plastered on.

Pack a Big Bag With the Essentials

Depending on how old your kids are, you’ll need to pack a bag filled with essentials. If you have especially young children, you may need to bring nappies, juice, milk, and baby wipes. If your kids are a little older, you might need to bring some items to distract them if they get bored and restless. You could put many things in your bag of essentials, but I thoroughly recommend a change of clothes for the very young ones, plasters and baby wipes. In this big bag, you can even include a card and some baptism gifts for the child to be christened.

Take a Camera

You’ll want lots of lovely pictures of the family spending quality time together in their best Sunday attire, so make sure you take a charged camera or at least a camera phone. Don’t just having posing pictures though – take some natural, action shots too. They’re usually the best kind of photos!

Prepare things like outfits in advance, and make sure everybody knows the Christening is coming up a few days before. If you follow this advice, you’ll all have a great day together!




Simple Ideas To Help Your Child Find A Passion For Learning


credit: Lupuca

Children today seem to be more obsessed with beating their high score on a game than they do about what goes into their heads at school. If you ask a child what their favourite time of day is, you’ll most likely here: “lunch time” or “dinner time.”

As adults, we can relate to that. But 15-20 years ago there weren’t as many distractions as there are today. There are so many more channels now on TV that fit the needs of everybody, there are more and more games consoles coming out each year so it’s understandable that some kids would rather watch a marathon of Spongebob Squarepants than tackle their Maths homework.

But as a parent, you have to encourage your kids to see the importance of being passionate about learning. Nagging them, or locking them in their room until they’ve finished all their work will definitely not help. You have to make it fun, and worth their time.

The passion and drive to learn is different from just cramming to get the grade they need to please parents or teachers. Those that develop an interest in what’s being taught in schools will most likely continue that thirst for knowledge later on in life, and that is a trait which will, again, most likely result in a successful career.

It’s challenging, and rather useless, to ask a child to show more of an interest in something if they just don’t want to. They need to discover the importance of the term ‘knowledge is power’ and can do so without the need to nag them.

Here are some fun and simple ways and ideas to help give your child that academic kick up the behind they need.

Share your interests with your child and ask for their opinion

Whatever you’re passionate or interested about in life, ask for their opinion on it. You never quite know what their reaction will be to certain things, so it helps to give it a go.

You already share a connection with them, because it’s your child. Allow them to have opinions without passing your own judgment, because that’ll give them the confidence to believe in their own opinion, and hopefully find something useful to follow.

Ask them what they enjoy

Sharing your hobbies with them is a good idea, but the chances are a child won’t be that into what you find interesting. But if you like watching sports, or reality TV, chances are they’d see that as a nice way to bond with you.

Encourage them to find their own hobbies, ask what they enjoy watching, reading and doing. Once you’ve found their interests, build on it. If they like watching Rugby or Football with you, ask if they want a kick-about in the garden. Encourage them to join a team, make new friends and build upon their interest.

I believe the happier they are, the more productive they’ll be in the different aspects of their life.

Show them the wonderful world of books

If you’re an avid book reader, explain to them the adventure your mind goes on when you get deep into an interesting book. Like I mentioned earlier on – kids today are techno-savvy – advanced machines. Teach them the value and importance of a good book because it’ll improve their imagination, as well as their spelling and grammar.

Get creative when teaching

School can often feel like a prison. Sitting in the same seat, in the same classroom for five hours a day can drive anyone to boredom after a while.

Children get frustrated, and this impacts on their desire to pay attention and learn. Some areas around the UK have introduced bespoke Eco-Classrooms for schools. You can read about this new and exciting method for yourself, but to put it simply – an Eco-classroom mixes things up a bit and keeps learning fun and exciting.

So there are some quick-fire tips on how to generate a passion for learning inside the mind of a child. It’s not easy, but the way to approach is to think like them to a certain extent. If you were a child, what would make you find learning exciting?


Which smartphone is most suited for gaming fanatics?


If there is one kind of technology that is fast and efficient, while still being small and portable, it is definitely the mobile phone. This incredible Gadget has changed so many people’s lives, not only because we can communicate with anybody, no matter where we are or what time it is, but also because phones now entertain us through fantastic games that we can play, no matter where we are. You can chose from the popular candy crush or chose an intense game at to stand a chance of winning a little money. No matter what your game of choice is, you will know doubt have played it on the move at some point.

When it comes to smartphones, it is all about power as well as having a really smooth gaming experience. Google’s own Nexus five has been developed by the same people who made the android operating system so you can be sure that it will run anything smoothly. As well as this it has a quad core processor which can run just about any game through raw power alone. When you combine the two you get an incredible phone that will no doubt satisfy your every need.

Although, you may want a phone with a bit more in terms of screen space. In this case you should definitely look at the Samsung Galaxy note 3 as this note is slightly larger with a 5.7 inch screen. One thing this will do, is allow you to have your thumbs on screen while still being able to see all the action you would want in order to make the correct decisions when playing a game.

Last on the list but by no means the worst is the iPhone created by Apple. Each year Apple bring out a new phone with updated specs as well as many operating system updates too. Because they only bring out one phone year you can be sure that the Apple operating system is specifically designed for this phone making everything on it a smooth and inviting experience, including the gaming as well.

Why Old Furniture is better than new


If you’ve done any amount of perusal of furniture blogs and communities online, you can’t fail to have noticed a great deal of furore concerning the latest style trends and offerings of contemporary arty designs. Countless websites and forums primarily interested in the most cutting-edge in novelty shapes and fads, whose pretention vastly outweighs the value they attribute to functionality.


But what’s so wrong with the characteristics of existing furniture? The tables and chairs already owned by most of us, the ones that are not too dissimilar to the ones our great-grandparents would’ve owned, are tried and tested compositions- faithfully seating and serving for their entire lives, without the need for gaudy gimmicks.


For a start, trustworthy furniture should be rooted in practical effectivity:

  • You should be able to sit a large person on a chair, and for them to be confident it won’t surrender beneath them.
  • -You should be able to relax on a piece of furniture intending as a seat, and not have to perch tentatively.
  • You shouldn’t have to spend any amount of attention or thought on figuring out the cultural significance of your table in order to use it properly.
  • Your furniture shouldn’t necessitate two people to work! (I’ve literally seen this one, a type of seat that doesn’t balance without a couple of humans teaming up- probably for some metaphorically poignant reason).


Furniture shouldn’t be treated as accessories or decoration even; it should be the bones of your home. The best and most reliable furniture eventually just blends in with the room, as if almost invisible. I’m all for expressing your creative impulses, or indulging the whim to assert your individuality, but that is the job of objets d’art and the like- not of the seating. Trust me if you buy an unusually shaped chair as a conversation peace, you’ll start wishing you had a nice comfy old couch from which to admire it.


The expression goes “If these walls could talk”, but oftentimes the furniture too has also been privy to entire lifetimes. Old furniture has cradled you to sleep with a good book, given your unexpected guest a place to spend the night, given your hungover self a place to waste a Sunday afternoon.

There are apparently many reasons that one should aspire to achieve a home décor that makes your abode look fresh out of the pages of a futuristic catalogue, but you can’t pretend that one of them is the level of comfortability or character.

Those of you without furniture, thinking about your options, I implore you not to simply swan into Ikea or any of these other tosh-peddlers but instead attribute some worth to characterful furniture with a story to tell. There are dozens of online and real-life places to acquire second-hand or antique furniture, all robust and substantial, and I’d imagine for only a small fraction of the price expected of you from the most competitive furniture stores.