Planning Your Retirement

Most people think only about the costs and other calculations when they think about their retirement. They spread various files and spreadsheets around them and crack their investment portfolios, punching the calculators for results. The concern about money is quite understandable. There are so many financial obligations to deal with – starting from loans to medical expenses. So, have you ever thought about what you are going to do after banking away all that money?

Chalking Out Your Location

It is important to plan where you want to live, because most of the other things revolve around the place you stay. Most people decide to leave the busy cities behind and retire to the peace of the country sides. Whether you are looking to get a quaint little cottage in Dover or a stay in a residential care home in Crawley like Ashton Leigh Residential Care Home; it is up your spirit of adventure, and the type of neighbourhood you want to live in.

If you plan to stay with your family, choose a place where the rest of your family can continue carry on their lives. If your children have left the UK or stay far away, consider picking a neighbourhood with a few other retired people, for good company.

Other Considerations

Most people do not think about their lifestyle after they retirement, they only plan about supporting their lifestyle. What financial security are you planning for, without deciding what you want to do in the first place? Your retirement should be fulfilling, it is the time you get to kick off your work shoes, sit back and relax! So where are you going to do that?

By now you would have realised that your retirement is not all about the money in your pockets. Retirement income is a top priority, but so it the life that you are going to live thereafter. After all, the transition from working all day to sitting back in your lounge chair is not going to be all that easy. So, it all comes down to how you are going to make the best of your retired years.

Things That You Can Do For Yourself

  1. Have a sense purpose for yourself. Make a ‘bucket list’ of the things you want to do, the ones that you could never do when you were working. Like taking up a light sport, joining the neighbourhood book club, maybe even fishing with your grandson at St Ives, Cornwall.
  1. Did you ever find the time to travel? Your retirement years are the best chance that you would get. Save up for trips, visit friends and relatives in other countries. You could even join a senior citizen travelling club, to make new friends with whom you can travel.
  1. Keep fit mentally and physically. Irrespective the place you stay in, be it a plush apartment in Manchester or a simple care home in West Sussex, you need to be active. Go for walks or join a yoga centre. You will be amazed about how rejuvenating it can be.

So, give your live some sort of structure. That does not mean a rigorous schedule; just ensure you have a heading every day.


Brilliant Tips for Throwing an Amazing Child’s Party

The kids have begged for a party, and you have relented. We have all done it from time to time. You are probably feeling a sense of regret, but cannot go back on your word. After all, how do you throw a brilliant children’s party? With adults, you can play them with booze to make sure that they have a good time. With kids, it is an entirely different ball game. Throwing a children’s party need not be difficult. In fact, there are some great things that you can do to make sure it goes without a hitch.

Sweets, Galore

Kids love sweets. The thought of children rampaging through your home hyped up on sugar can be a little daunting. However, there are some thoughtful ways that you can make sure that your little one has the best time at their party. Candy buffets and sweet treats are proving to be very popular. What is more, kids love it. Opt for wholesale candy to ensure that you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can put small sweet bags to put in their wares. You will be considered the coolest parent ever.

Fun Times

Instead of playing the plethora of cheesy games, try to introduce new games that the kids will love. Classics such as Bulldog and Tag are a great way to encourage team spirit. You can even invest in cheap; plastic winner’s badges to award the winning team. This is a great, and unusual, way to make sure all of the kids within your midst have a lot of fun. Avoid spin the bottle at all costs! Pass the parcel can be considered somewhat old hat. Keep the entertainment light and make sure that the kids have plenty of fun.

The Venue

If you don’t mind having a load of children in your home, you can host a party in your house. If your garden is big enough you can put up a marquee or gazebo to keep the little ones dry. You can add simple adornments of bunting and balloons to dress up the venue. However, if the thought of turning your home into a playground is not for you, you can hire local community halls to host the bash. You won’t have to worry about the cleaning up too. It’s a win-win situation all round.

Hire Entertainment

For a children’s party with an edge, why not hire a professional entertainment act? Clowns, magicians and children’s bands are all fantastic ways of making sure that your kids have an amazing time. You could even hire a DJ, for older children. The world is your oyster. You are only limited by your creativity. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Furthermore, you can rest in the knowledge of knowing that everything is taken care of. What more could you want from a party? No cheesy games and heap of happy kids. That’s the dream right there.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make sure that your child has an amazing birthday. What is more, with these tips, you will guarantee that they have a brilliant day.


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The Benefits Of Country Life For Your Family

There is much to say about making a move to the country. City life suits many people, but those with young children often dream about moving to a place of peace and relative safety. It isn’t only the children that will benefit from a better quality of life; adults who suffer from stress and anxiety could find peace in their new haven. One of the main treatments for anxiety based mental health problems is relaxation. How can you fail to relax in the beautiful British countryside?

If you are still in any doubt, read on. Here are just some of the benefits of country life for your family.

Air Quality

People who suffer from asthma and other conditions that are affected by pollution will benefit immediately from the fresh air away from the cities. The concentration of vehicles in densely populated areas is a significant problem because of the emissions from the engines. I don’t need to argue this point too much because it is obvious; fresh air is better for you than engine fumes. If the estate agents in Ripon in North Yorkshire have some country homes on their books, relief could be within your grasp.


You may feel inclined to afford the children more freedom than you would if you were surrounded by busy roads. If you are lucky enough to have fields at the bottom of your garden, they will enjoy exploring them without the risk of getting hit by a car.


You are more likely to go for a walk in a beautiful setting than you would in a crowded town. There is much to see and do in the countryside. Perhaps you will find a local stream to dip your toes in, or a woodland where the children can build a den.


If you love dogs, you can have as many as you want to when you have thousands of acres on which to walk them. The noise, pollution, and crowded towns sometimes make it difficult to own a dog. An animal in the countryside is usually much happier than one in a centre of population.


Your kids can learn all about the flora and fauna in our fair isle. There are hundreds of little creatures for them to track down, so they are never at a loss for something to do. Maybe you could turn it into a family activity and build a hide to sit and watch the animals as they move about. You will see foxes and squirrels, but if you are lucky, you may see some badgers.

Dark Sky

If you are away from light pollution, you will see more stars in the sky than your ever have before. If you are lucky in a town, you will make out about fifty stars at night, but in the country you will see more than you could count in your lifetime. Buy some binoculars or a telescope to see the universe at its best. It could be the start of a lifelong passion.

I think a survey would show that given the choice, many people would move to the country. It is good for mind and body. I hope you make it there one day; we all deserve some peace and quiet.


Rodney Campbell

How To

How To Help Your Kids When They’re Learning To Drive

When your kids finally reach the age of 17, most of them will want to get started on learning to drive. You’ll probably have to pay for the lessons, and you might even have to buy them their first car. As a parent, that is something you should prepare for ahead of time. Obtaining a driving licence costs a lot of money, and insuring a vehicle when they’re only just passed isn’t cheap either.

Today, we’re going to spend a few moments highlighting some of the ways in which you can help them to achieve their goal. With the right encouragement from you, they could end up having to take fewer lessons and getting on the roads much more quickly. So, give us your full attention, and we’ll get started…

Purchasing learning materials

Your child will not be allowed to take the practical exam without first passing their theory test. For that reason, you should purchase all the most recent learning materials as soon as possible. Going through them with your child every night before their exam could make a significant difference to their chances of success. Before you make a DSA theory booking, test their knowledge as often as possible.

Take them out for a drive

So long as you add them to your insurance policy, you’re able to take your child out for a drive at any time. The law states you must place signs on your vehicle to show a learner driver is behind the wheel though, so make sure you adhere to that. Local supermarket car parks are a good place to start. Just ensure you do it when the shop is closed, and there aren’t too many other cars around.

Offer encouragement and criticism

It’s no use letting them get behind the wheel if you’re not going to instruct your kids and offer advice. So, make sure you create your own lesson plans and that you teach them properly. Remember, instructors expect candidates to drive in a certain way. That includes holding the wheel as it is meant to be held. Avoid letting them get into bad habits, as it could have an adverse effect in the long run.

Discuss any concerns they might have

Taking them out in your car is all well and good, but they need to be able to raise concerns with you. You should spend some time before and after each ride discussing anything you feel appropriate. For instance, your child might be worried about changing gear in traffic. If that is the case, you need to address the issue and work on their technique.

So long as you provide the kind of support listed in this post, your kids should obtain their driving licence in no time. We would estimate a maximum of three to six months in most circumstances. Just ensure they’re taking the task seriously, and they understand their actions could affect the lives of other road users. Most children are pretty responsive though, so they’ll probably comply with all your requests without argument.

See you back here next time!

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Teach Your Kids To Love The Great Outdoors: 4 Step Guide

In the modern world far too, many children spend their time indoors. It is fine for the children to watch TV and play inside sometimes, but it isn’t healthy for them to do it all the time. Children need to be outdoors and enjoy nature, as well as having a busy home life. The level of balance that a child gets from learning to love being outside means that they are happy and content.

You should begin to teach your children to love the great outdoors from an early age. Giving them with respect for nature means that they will grow up to be conscientious and have a new aspect to their lives. It can be hard to get children to want to go outside. Modern technology means they have so many reasons to stay indoors and to entice them out is going to be tricky. Still, there are a few ways you can manage it. Here’s a four-step guide to teaching your children how to love the great outdoors.

Step One: Dress Them For The Environment

One of the main reasons that children feel uncomfortable outside is because they don’t have the right clothing. It is important to make sure that your children wear suitable clothing when they are going out. When parents get used to having their children inside all the time, they tend to dress them as such. In the summer children need light and airy clothing, which will also protect them from the sun. In the winter, children need to wrap up in layers and wool jumpers. You can get a range of suitable clothes online, as sites like MikyB. Finding the right clothing for your child means they will feel comfortable when they go out. That means there will be less complaining when they get out there, and you can stay out longer.


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Step Two: Make The Outdoors Action-Packed

Long walks in the park aren’t going to interest your children. As they grow older they will learn to appreciate a simple walk, but for now things need to be a little more exciting. Make the outdoors action-packed for your children. Rather than taking your children on holiday to a sunny place, why not take them on an adventure holiday? There are many types of adventure holidays, which are suitable for many different age groups. You could take your children camping and take part in activities such as rafting and climbing. Teach your children to associate outside with fun, that way they will begin to love being outside.

Step Three: Catch Fireflies

Fireflies fascinate children. There is nothing closer to real magic than a firefly. The fact that they light up will amaze your children. Spend a summer evening in your garden with your children trying to catch fireflies. You can put them in jars to make beautiful lanterns (but make sure you let them go afterwards). This activity will mean a lot to your children as it gives them a chance to bond with you. Chasing fireflies is a magical experience, which every child should have.

Step Four: Become Detectives

One way to make the outdoors fun for your children is to play games. These games don’t have to be ordinary; you can plan out some fantastic games for your children in your garden. One game that your children will love is “Detectives.” In this game you make a series of easy riddles for your child, which lead to a secret present. Hide the riddles around the garden, with each riddle leading to the next. Ask your children to become the detectives and find a present. This game is engaging and fun, but best of all it gets your little ones outside.

happy birthday

Top Tips to Make Your Kid’s Birthday One to Remember

If you’ve got a child with a special birthday coming up, you may be stuck for ideas as to what to do. With so many options available, it’s little wonder that many parents find their heads spinning before they’ve even started writing the guest list. So, if you’ve been racking your brains trying to think how to make your kid’s party one to remember, rest assured. Because we’ve come up with three ideas that’ll make sure that they’re talking about this birthday for years to come.


Organise a Fun Day

Thankfully, a fun day isn’t half as hard to organise as it may sound. There are lots of companies that offer bouncy castles for hire, and are mostly quite affordable. Be warned though, if there are also adults coming to the party, you may find that they love it more than the kids! Buy some brightly coloured balloons and decorate the party venue in streamers. There are also companies that offer Slushie machine hire, which makes for a unique party focal point. The kids will love it, and it’ll go down especially well if it happens to be a hot day. Organise a few party games and events such as a ‘three-legged race’, or a dancing competition and ‘Bob’s your uncle’!


Take Them on a Day-Trip

Not every kid is going to want a party, but this doesn’t mean that they still can’t have a birthday to remember. You know your child better than anyone else. So, you’re going to know what kind of day-trip they’d enjoy the most. If you have a little boy who’s obsessed with dinosaurs, there are lots of museums that have some amazing dinosaur exhibitions. This is a great way to get their imaginations fired up and actually teach them something at the same time. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more interactive, why not take them on a fossil hunting trip. Lyme Regis in Cornwall is a treasure trove of paleontological discoveries.



Have a Weekend Trip Away

As parents, we have so many demands made of our time that it can be difficult to find space in our busy schedules to spend quality time with our children. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider taking your kid on a weekend away. It doesn’t really matter where you go, or how much money you spend. What is important is that you make your child the focus of your time and attention for a whole weekend. Play games, watch DVDs together, or spend a day making sandcastles on the beach. You’ll find that you benefit just as much as your child does by simply switching off and relaxing for a couple of days.

Whatever you choose to do, as long as you do it together as a family, your kid probably won’t even remember the details. What they will remember when they grow up is the fun, the laughter and good times that you shared together. And what could make a birthday any more special than that?

Baby or Career, Baby or Career?

Well, with the help of forward thinking feminists, you no longer have to make that decision. There was once a time when it would have been a woman’s duty to raise a family and forget any desires she may have had of having a successful career. Well, now you no longer have to make the choice. You can be a very successful business woman, whilst also raising a beautiful, happy family. However, you may need some help and that is where this infographic comes in handy. It is filled with hints, tips, facts, and statistics on how to juggle both being a mother and an all-powerful business woman.

The best tip from the infographic, in my opinion, is to delegate. You must use the tools at your disposal, and by tools I mean family members and partners. Ask them for help, I’m sure none of them would mind and would most likely be glad to help. You can’t take on the world single-handed and so use your loved ones. They are here to help.

If you are worried about being both a mother and business woman, then please read this infographic. You might just find it helps, a lot.

Gumtree infographic baby versus career

Gumtree infographic baby versus career is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree


A Guide to Soothing Your Pet During a Storm

Many pets are scared of thunderstorms, but some more so than others. Some make loud noises, while others try to hide from the noise or run away from it, which can end up getting them hurt. I’ve heard horror stories of dogs launching themselves at windows and cats hiding behind freezers and then getting burned from the coils just so they can get away from the storm. You might find that they get into the habit of destroying furniture and refusing to go outside afterwards. This can also leave a pet traumatised for a while, and leave them scared of loud noises (and even quiet noises in some cases). Let’s talk about how to soothe your pet during a thunderstorm:

How to Calm Your Pet

First of all, I recommend you find a soothing place for your pet to go. Is there somewhere they often find soothing in the home? Many pets like the bathtub, others like to relax in a very comfy pet bed. They might even relax in a crate or on a blanket in your bedroom. You can then take them some of their favourite toys, and remind them that they are there to comfort them and soothe them. Encourage them to play with their toys. If they start to play with their toys with you, then they may eventually associate storms with playtime!

However, you need to give off the right signals in order to calm your pet down properly. You shouldn’t mollycoddle or talk to your pet too much, as this may give them the impression that something is really wrong. Some experts say you should avoid looking them in the eyes too, as they can take this as an indication that something is wrong. You don’t want to freak them out by being overly soothing!

Gentle music can help to calm your pet, but you should only use it when you need to, at times when you think they really need it. This is because they can become accustomed to it. Make sure loud music and TV shows are turned off and avoided. Your pet has enough noise to deal with!

Melatonin is another thing that can soothe pets. Sort of like a safe sedative. You can find similar products to this on 365 Vet. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter in order to get the best results. Your pet should seem totally calm yet alert.

Something that some pet owners swear by is the ‘thundershirt’. This is a series of velcro wraps that you wrap around your pet, and this applies some light pressure designed to soothe your pet. You can use it anytime your pet gets anxious! If you want to save some money, you can even create your own by wrapping your pet in bandages, like a mummy.

If your pet just doesn’t seem to be able to calm down, then I recommend you contact an emergency vets for advice. You may need to sedate them with something suitable to stop them from hurting themselves out of fear. Thanks for reading!


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Give Your Daughter The Perfect Prom: 4 Steps

Prom is a vital part of growing up. The event is when your daughter gets a chance to enjoy herself and also enters into the world of adulthood. Senior prom in particular is a huge deal for your daughter. She and her friends will have been talking about the event for weeks leading up to it. By recognising the importance of prom, you can help your daughter to have her dream night. Every girl should feel like a princess for just one night, so allow your girl to enjoy a night of luxury.

As a parent, it is hard to know where to begin when helping your daughter with her plans. There are so many factors to think about. You need to ensure your daughter is safe, but you also want her to have a great time. Here are four steps to giving her the prom of her dreams.

Step One: Finding The Dress

Your daughter needs the perfect dress for her prom. As a parent, it is important that you ensure she doesn’t wear anything too revealing. She should look classy, not trashy. Young girls tend to want to opt for more racy clothing. They do this because of peer pressure. Try to persuade your daughter to choose a dress, which is beautiful, yet classic. There are many vintage choices she may want to explore. Vintage style clothing is popular, yet tends to be more modest than celebrity style dresses. Ensure that you give her advice, without being patronising. She will make the right decision with some guidance.


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Step Two: Arrange Luxury Travel

You may not have considered this yet, but travelling to and from the prom venue is important. Your daughter needs to be safe when getting to prom, but also deserves to get there in style. Many people opt for limos as a prom vehicle. Limos are perfect as they are safe and also  luxurious. For example, consider looking into reliable prom limos in NJ from Bergen Limo. It is vital that the limo service is one which you can trust. If your daughter is travelling with a big group, it might be a good idea to talk to the other parents and choose a limo company together.

Step Three: Choose The Perfect Hairstyle

To your daughter her hair is everything. Having the perfect prom hair is integral to her having the perfect prom. There are so many hair styles to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which one will look best. You should spend some time with your daughter considering the wide array of options. Whether it is a classy up-do or long curled waves, your daughter’s hair needs to be looking its best when prom night comes. Book her an appointment at a local salon and let the hair stylists do all the hard work. Ensure that you book quite a way in advance, as during prom season hairdressers tend to get busy.

Step Four: Meet Her Guy

If your daughter has a date for the prom then now is the time to meet him. You want to ensure that she has chosen to go with a good guy and not someone who won’t respect her. Meeting your daughter’s first boyfriend is terrifying for parents. Don’t shy away from meeting him, because doing so is the responsible thing to do.

When meeting her date ensure that you are polite and friendly, but also a little bit stern. He will need to see you as an authority figure if he is to respect your daughter, so don’t bother trying to be the cool parent.

If you follow these four steps you can make sure that your daughter has her dream prom, whilst also staying safe.

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Every Family Should Buy A Puppy – We Know Something You Don’t


Eric Danley

Dogs are man’s best friend; as long as you feed it. There are few animals that are as cute and as much fun as a young puppy. In many ways, they remind us of our own children in their behavior. The mischief they get into is not born of malice, it is just innocent play, and it is easy to forgive them when they stare at you lovingly.

Our canine companions are the second most popular pet. Cats outnumber them according to reports because households are more likely to own more than one cat. Every family should own a puppy in my opinion, and here are the reasons why.

Common Focus

Parents focus their attention on their children, and the kids play with each other. A puppy offers a chance for everyone to have a common interest. It becomes a member of the family while still being different.


Children need to learn how to be kind and caring to others. The children have a greater intelligence than the dog and so they are superior to it. It gives them a chance to express kindness and concern about its welfare, in the same way that parents do to their children. Always take care of those who are less able than you; it is a valuable lesson in life.


The children can learn how to be responsible for the puppy. They can feed it with Wuffitmix Headstart at the correct times and always make sure that its water bowl is full. Get the kids to take it in turns to brush its coat. Children relish some responsibility when they are young because it gives them a sense of importance.


Is your family turning into a bunch of couch potatoes? A puppy will help you to do something about it. Dogs need to go for a walk at least once a day, so why not make a family occasion of it? Not many families can go for a walk together every day, but you could make it a Sunday afternoon ritual. During the week, you can take turns in exercising yourself and your canine companion. If it gets you away from the television for an hour or two, it must be good for you.


Sometimes in life things happen to make us all feel down. Even when things are at their lowest ebb, the nudge of a cold nose offers comfort from someone who cares for you very much. I am not talking about you granny, though mine has tried it a few times. The dog can sense when any member of the family is upset. Sometimes it is just nice to see a friendly face when you walk in the door. The kids might not distract themselves from their video games, but the dog will meet you with a wagging tail.


It is a sad fact that they do not have the same lifespan as us. It might have been a part of a child’s life for as long as they can remember. When it passes, the kids learn a valuable lesson about life and death. It is best that they experience it from the passing of an animal than from a person. It will only be a couple of days before your family insists on the acquisition of a new puppy.

If you found my arguments compelling, call at the pet shop on the way home. Your family will thank you for it, and the puppy will enrich your life; guaranteed!