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Learn at Your Own Pace with The Great Courses

    The digital age has brought us many benefits in a variety of different areas of life, not least that of education. Many schools and colleges now use computer-based courses as part of their regular curriculum, and there are also courses that you can follow that are independent and ready for you to enjoy and follow at your own pace. The great thing
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TV And Smartphones For Your Toddler? Why You Shouldn’t Ban Them

When your baby becomes a toddler, suddenly you are called upon even more as a parent. At the baby stage, your child needs little beyond food and clean diapers from you. We can get on with our lives thanks to the use of harnesses or slings, so we can still cuddle and be close. Although toddlerhood is the dawn of independence for our little
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Keep Your Family Safe With A Bomb-Proof DIY Panic Room

The ‘preppers’ among us like to be ready for any and all eventualities.  Some go to great lengths to protect their families from a zombie outbreak or a killer virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. That isn’t as silly as we might have thought a few months ago. The recent outbreak of Ebola shows what can happen if the disease was to spread
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Amazing Gadgets Your Kids Can Engage With and Learn From

Kids today are growing up with very different childhoods to their parents. One of the major differences in generations is the presence of technology in children’s lives. While their parents might not have grown up with the internet, kids are growing up with a host of gadgets at their fingertips. It’s understandable that parents can start to worry about how much their children use
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Remote Controlled Toys are Educational: Fact!

Photo Credit: USCPSC If your kids are anything like mine, then the likelihood is that they are obsessed with remote control cars and toys. And little wonder too! They can whittle away long hours, which is great for busy parents during the summer holidays, and are the cause of hours of fun and are a fantastic educational tool too. If you are looking at
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Top five computer games to look out for in 2014

If you love nothing more than point-and-click adventure games, post-apocalyptic thrillers or first-person puzzlers, you’re in luck. With avid gamers and information sites like Wow247 talking about the most anticipated releases of 2014, it’s clear there’s much to look forward to over the coming months – but which games are exciting people the most? Here are five titles that are causing quite a stir:
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