10 Amazing Useful Wooden Crafts You Can Make Yourself

The world is full of DIYers, and there are also many people in the arts and crafts world that love to build things for themselves. One of the most popular things that people like to do in their spare time is to make things from wood.

But I’m not talking about random objects that people might make just for fun or out of boredom, I’m talking about useful things that can be used on a daily basis!

Check out the following 10 project examples that you could work on at home using nothing more than ordinary household tools and things like hot melt glue!

1. Wooden tea light holders

Tea lights are typically used to set a romantic mood in any home, but they don’t look particularly attractive unless they are contained in something, such as these beautiful wooden tea light holders.

Tealight candles in a wooden holder.

2. Wooden photograph holder for walls

Many people have some kind of photograph holders that they use on their walls, and some people even opt for those frames in which you can put multiple photographs. But if you want something truly bespoke, how about creating some wooden photograph holders?

3. Wooden shabby chic signs

Shabby chic is a popular way to decorate your home and essentially refers to rustic-looking furniture. Using some spare bits of wood you have and some paint, you can achieve the same effect yourself to create some stylish wooden shabby chic signs!

4. Wooden coffee table

Coffee tables made from wood are nothing new; after all, such tables have adorned the living rooms of many a home around the world for decades, and even centuries. If you’re looking for something unique rather than a flat-packed mass-produced design, how about using bits of the actual tree to create your own bespoke wooden coffee table?

A wooden side table.

5. Wooden magnetic key holder

Standard key holders made of wood are so last year! Instead, why not create one that’s got a magnetic inside of it, so that you can simply fling your keys onto it rather than them being hooked on?

6. Wooden wall mirror frame

Wall mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, but if you are bored with the way your one looks, why not create an awesome new frame for it using reclaimed wood?

7. Wooden bench

Loads of people have some wood lying around in their gardens or sheds, or even in their garages, for example. Consider using some of that wood to create an easy-to-make bench!

A wooden bench outdoors.

8. Wooden laptop case

Laptop owners tend to buy fabric ‘sleeves’ for their laptops, but if you want something more durable, why don’t you create a wooden laptop case?

9. Wooden children’s tree branch mobile

Here’s a useful way to repurpose an old tree branch: turn it into a children’s mobile for a nursery room!

10. Wooden smartphone dock

Do you hate leaving your smartphone and charger cable lying around on your desk, making it look messy? If so, build your own wooden smartphone dock!

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