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Tips for encouraging your kids’ interest in sports

Sport is good for kids, and not only from a health and fitness point of view. As well as the health benefits of exercise, sport is excellent in teaching life skills such as communication, planning, and organization. Sport teaches children about relationships, teamwork, how to conduct themselves in victory, and how to handle disappointment when they lose. Plus, there is an educational perspective as
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Fluoride Treatments and Kids

In recent years, the use of fluoride treatments in children’s dental hygiene has been met with some concern. How much is enough; and can it become a potential health issue for a child if too much is ingested?  However, a fundamental understanding of what fluoride is, how much is needed and what it does, should help dispel any misunderstandings that may be prevalent regarding
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Why Your Teen Is Upsetting You

Living with a tricky teen can be hell. They can be rude and sullen. Your teen probably frequently fails to make eye contact with you or acknowledge that you have spoken to them. To aid this, they have purchased the world’s biggest pair of headphones to drown you out and give them an excuse not to acknowledge you. For most teens, this is their
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The Little-Known History Of Baby Showers

Most people arrange some kind of celebration when they discover they have conceived. Those parties are often known as baby showers, and they usually involve the giving of lots of gifts. However, most people know nothing about the history of that tradition and how it got started. With that in mind, we’d like to give you some information that should help to set the
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Your Kids and Sleep

While it may be difficult to get your children to sleep at night or for naps, it is crucial that they are well rested for their growth and development. Children who don’t get enough sleep tend to get sick more often, perform worse in school, and have more behavior problems than those who get at least the recommended number of hours every night. The
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Family Road Trip Ideas

There’s nothing quite like the experience of throwing some bags into the car and heading out for that long-dreamed about road trip. Leaving for any type of vacation with kids in tow, let alone a road trip, can be quite the hassle. However, the family road trip can be an excellent bonding experience and offers vacationers the freedom of moving at their own pace
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