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5 Things Every New Mom Needs To Shop For


As you await your newborn, you have to make many preparations for you to have you an ample time with your child. Several items should be available before the delivery day. This article will discuss some of them.

1. Baby Clothes

One primary consideration when buying baby clothes is the size. The size of toddler clothes usually depends on age. However, clothes from various designers could come in different sizes meant for the same age. To make the best estimate, look for bodysuits which indicate age, weight, and size.

Be sure to buy clothes of different sizes since some newborns require attire meant for bigger babies, like 3-6 months. Others grow very rapidly. Therefore, you might need to buy new clothes within the first few weeks.

The comfort of the child is imperative. It is advisable to purchase garments that are spacious, soft, and durable to allow your child to move around freely. The clothes should also withstand regular washing because babies get mucky frequently.

Finally, the products should be free of potentially harmful dyes and chemicals. Your laundry detergents should also be gentle and baby-friendly to avoid skin irritation.

Don’t forget a good drying rack to dry all those clothes on. Click here to have a look at some of the better ones.

2. Cloth Diapers

Another very essential baby item is a set of diapers. Though some parents prefer disposable diapers, cloth diapers have unique benefits. They are easy to use, are reusable hence money-saving, and are friendlier to the environment than disposable diapers. Furthermore, some disposable diapers materials irritate the baby’s skin.

Before buying cloth diapers, you should get conversant with the varieties on the market. The designs can significantly differ. Some of the types of cloth diapers you can find are Flat cloth diapers, Pocket cloth diapers, Contour cloth diapers, Fitted cloth diapers, Pre-Fold cloth diapers, among others.

Just ensure that the diaper material is not harsh to your baby’s skin. The cloth diaper should also be highly absorbent to keep the baby dry. You can consult a child care expert for advice. You can also consider the views of other parents to help you in making an informed decision.

3. Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers

Sometimes you will need to be outdoors with your baby. During such times, a diaper bag for cloth diapers will allow you and the newborn to have a home-away-from-home experience.

A good diaper bag will accommodate all the items that you will need to keep your child comfortable. Apart from serving your baby, your diaper bag should have room for a few of your personal items such as a wallet, phone, or a water bottle.

Some diaper bags are for carrying children items only. Others are fashionable, and you can use them as general purpose bags after your kid grows up.

4. Wet Bags

One essential item which some parents forget to purchase is a wet bag. To avoid dirtying the diaper bag, you should slip used diapers into the wet bag first. You can buy wet bags of different capacities to suit your short outdoor moments as well as extended trips.

However, some diaper bags are so big that they cannot comfortably fit inside a diaper bag when it is full. Such designs assume the design of regular bags. Therefore, you can comfortably move around with them.

An ideal wet bag should be waterproof and airtight when closed. The material should be resistant to stains and odors. Since wet bags are reusable, they stand frequent washing. The inner material of the bag should be baby-friendly so that the Cloth Diapers kept inside do not collect any harmful substances.

5. Diaper Pails and Pail Liners

Stinking diapers are a nuisance, and their terrible smell can be unbearable. Since it will be impossible to dispose of each and every diaper as soon as you change the baby, you will need a diaper pail.

Pails are a perfect solution since they have trapdoors, are airtight, and they employ smell absorption technology to keep your house fresh all day.

For best results, you should use the pail with pail liners so that your Cloth Diapers do not get into direct contact with the container. Good liners are leak-proof, and they should be compatible to your diaper pail. Some of them are disposable while others are washable.

A new mom needs more than just five items. However, the ones listed here will enable you to welcome your baby comfortably and buy the rest later.


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