8 Fun Summer Learning Activities for Kids

When school lets out for the summer, every kid is excited to get a break from the classroom and enjoy themselves for the summer. However, many studies have found it extremely beneficial for kids to maintain some degree of learning over the summer to improve their abilities overall.

There are some ways that both parents and kids can be happy over the summer. Parents can find a lot of great activities that keep kids learning, but are also fun for them to participate in. Here are eight fun summer learning activities for kids that everyone will love.

Have a home safety scavenger hunt

Home safety is a very important skill for everyone in the home to know. Parents can create a scavenger hunt for kids that allow them to find potential dangers and resolve them with the help of a homesecurity911.com system.

Scavenger hunt drawing

Create a summer calendar

Because they do not always have structured days in the summer, kids can lose track of what day it is. Crafting their own summer calendars with each day’s events on them can be a fun way to stay on track.

Make homemade instruments

Playing music is a great way to stimulate kids and teach them new skills that can be fun for everyone. Try making some original instruments from items around the home as a fun project for everyone to get excited about.

musical instruments

Grow a garden


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Gardening is a good activity for summer for a number of reasons. Kids can not only learn more about the process of life and biology, but they can also spend some quality time outside with their parents.

Make a travel book

Most families will go on vacation when the kids are out of school. Making a travel book before and after the vacation can be the best way to recap the highlights of the event and make lasting memories.

Download an educational game app

Today, parents can find a lot of great options for gaming apps on any mobile device. Not only will these games be fun for their children to play, but many games are parent-approved to teach kids a new lesson every day.

Improve the backyard

The backyard is one of the only places where kids want to spend time in the summer. Parents usually want to save a lot of their home improvement projects for the summer when the weather is ideal. Parents and kids can work together to make the backyard a better place by improving the space as a team and making it safer and more efficient.

Make a difference in the neighborhood

Volunteering is a common project that a lot of families will do over the summer. Even though kids may be hesitant at first, many will find that by the end of the summer, they will not only have had fun, but they will be begging to do it again next year. Every family can find the perfect project to help them make a difference in their neighborhood.

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