A Busy Mom’s Guide to Going Back to Work


momOne of the hardest things for parents is the balance between family and work. Even for parents who desire to be a stay-at-home homemaker, this current economy makes that exceedingly difficult.

Here are a few jobs busy moms can do flexibly in order to bring in extra income without sacrificing time with their kids:

1. Freelance Work

A great option for moms who need a flexible job that pays well is some sort of freelance work. From freelance graphic design to freelance writing to freelance advertising to marketing for Internet and DIRECT TV companies—the options are endless. In many cases, freelance work can be done consistently from home, which is why it is appealing to busy moms.

Or, if you find a job that you are interested in, ask if it can become a telecommute position. Some freelance work like proofreading, copyediting, or analyzing documents do not necessarily need to be done in an office. If the company is interested in your skills, they might be willing to work with your schedule requirements.

2. Blogging

Similar to freelance work, blogging can be done remotely. The difference is that in order to make a profit from blogging, the blog writer needs to apply for advertising firms to place their ads on the blog, find sponsors to pay for product reviews and posts, or work with companies to become an affiliate.

If blogging works out, it is a perfect job for a mom with a family. However, it can take time to generate a following and actually make money from the blog. For most bloggers, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. But, if the blog does take off, it can earn some serious money each month. Some of the top rated blogs range from food to fashion to family to humor—find what is interesting and give it a shot.

3. Online Business

For crafty moms, starting an online business on a site like Etsy can be the perfect way to do what you love while being with the kids. From homemade pillows to homemade jewelry to homemade jam, sites like Etsy are a crafty, do-it-yourself mom’s dream.

4. Catering

Thanks to laws protecting small food businesses, many people can start a small food business out of their own kitchen. There are all kinds of in-home food businesses that are doing well for themselves. Many choose the baking route, which offers inexpensive ingredients while others look to entree items like potpies and other comfort foods. Others take the candy or jam making route, which usually can be sold at various Farmer’s Markets.

5. Invest

While a bit riskier, putting a bit of money into an investment stock can bring in an added monthly supply. Investments can fluctuate on what they bring in each month, as well as go into the red, which means money lost if it never recuperates. However, investments can be a great asset to have alongside of your finances.

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