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Give Your Children a Party They Will Remember Forever

When it comes to pleasing our children, it seems nothing is too much effort. We are locked in a constant battle between keeping them happy and spoiling them. flickr photograph At least once though, every child deserves a party. A 16th birthday is a great time to throw a bash, as they are at the age where impressing their friends is important to them.
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How to Share the Joy of Your Hobby with Your Child

I have always loved vintage clothing, but what makes shopping for it even better for me now is that my daughter comes along with me to go through flea markets, antique shows, car boots, and charity shops. She loves collecting mini pocketbooks and animal print clothing! Sharing your own hobby with your child is a joy like no other – believe me! It’s important
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How to Make Your Living Room Attractive and Child Friendly

Kids keep us young, and exhausted. They are the reason, however, that most of us go to such great lengths to  make a home and a nest. The home itself is a never ending project that we pour lots of money into and spend so much time working on. source thanks As parents, we must always keep in mind that, especially while the kids
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Queen Of Comedy Miranda Hart Heads Out On The Road

Miranda Katherine Hart Dyke or Miranda Hart as she is better known has become something of a household name as an actress, comedienne and writer.  Her big break came when she starred as the accident prone cleaner Barbara in Lee Mack’s sitcom Not Going Out, which eventually led to her own semi-biographical radio show and the TV version that followed. Initially she played a
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5 Steps to a Secure Home

Safety at home is a priority for almost every family. Parents have to be vigilant against threats both outside and inside the house. Neighborhood predators and street violence in the community couple with online bullies and hackers to put family security at risk. But with the proper precautions both inside and outside, you can help keep your family safe. Here are five safeguards for
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