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What Causes Vein Problems During Pregnancy?

Have you just started your pregnancy journey? If so, you need to be aware of the possible vein problems that you might encounter and learn how to avoid or get rid of it. Check out the infographic below for more information: Graphic created by USA Vein Clinics, a provider of endovenous laser treatment.

Got a (Pregnancy) Craving? Here’s Why

  A food craving, also known as selective hunger, is defined as “an intense desire to consume a specific food”. Food cravings are considered different from normal hunger as they can be triggered by a myriad of factors, one of which stems from being pregnant. Pregnancy cravings are a common occurrence for expectant women and studies show that 50% to 90% of pregnant women
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5 Things Every New Mom Needs To Shop For

  As you await your newborn, you have to make many preparations for you to have you an ample time with your child. Several items should be available before the delivery day. This article will discuss some of them. 1. Baby Clothes One primary consideration when buying baby clothes is the size. The size of toddler clothes usually depends on age. However, clothes from
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Top Tips for Getting Fit Post-pregnancy

Having a baby changes your body forever. It’s never going to be quite the same as it was before your pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back into shape once you’ve got some energy back. Celebrity moms make it seems so easy, but we know they have a nanny, a personal trainer and possibly a surgeon to work their magic. For everyday
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Failsafe Ways to Shed that Excess Baby Weight

If you’ve recently had a baby, then you’re probably wondering (along with the rest of the new moms) how to shed that excess baby weight. Some ladies are lucky and hardly put on anything at all, others balloon to twice the size and then stay the same after giving birth, or worse; get even bigger! Here are some failsafe ways you can shed whatever
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The Most Embarrasing Birth Questions Answered (WARNING: Honest Answers)

When you’re pregnant, a million and 1 questions go through your head per minute – some of them more appropriate to ask than others. Some questions are, well, embarrassing! Plus, you might not want to hear the answers. We’ve all heard labour horror stories, but where do you turn to hear the truth? Just what should you expect in the throes of labour? We
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