Great Father’s Day Gifts for Your Dad and Theirs

Father’s Day is during the summer, which means it’s time to show the men in our lives how much we love and appreciate them. It also means you need a gift both for your own father and your kids’ dad too. Because, let’s face it, it’s up to you to make sure he gets a gift he can use, as well as what the children make him. Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas is easy if he’s a typical “man of the house”, who enjoys DIY and drinking beer. But we all know that men are often more complicated than that, and they have all sorts of interests. Here are some great ideas to get the men in your life something they’ll love, no matter what their personality is.


Father's day gift


The History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day has been around for over 100 years, with dads everywhere receiving the appreciation they deserve. The holiday was first conceived in the early 20th century when Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by Mother’s Day, sought to honor her father and his immense contribution to her life as a single parent. Since then, dads have been celebrated all around the world on this special day! Although it doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is just as important; dads play an essential role in parenting and no family dynamic would be complete without them. So don’t forget to thank your dad this Father’s Day and acknowledge his hard work and dedication to your journey through life with one of these gifts listed below.

For the Geeky Dad

Everyone knows a man who has his pop-culture obsessions, whether it’s Doctor Who, Star Trek or James Bond. If you know a father like this, you can’t go wrong with a gift related to his favourite book, TV show or film. How about a mug shaped like the TARDIS or a sonic screwdriver remote control for lovers of Doctor Who? A DVD or Bluray box set will go down well too, even if it’s a special edition of something they already own. Just think of their favourite thing to watch, read or play and put it into Google. You’ll find lots of fun and unique gifts.

Gifts For The Foodie Dad

Dads who love cooking will appreciate any kitchen gadgets or utensils that make their meals easier to prepare. Consider getting him a KitchenAid mixer so he can whip up delicious recipes with ease; if space is limited, there are also smaller stand mixers available as well. You could also get him an air fryer so he can enjoy healthier versions of his favorite fried foods without all of the added fat and calories from deep frying them in oil. And if your dad loves grilling out on the weekends, look into getting him some high-quality grilling tools like tongs, spatulas, and brushes so that every meal comes out looking like it was made by a professional chef!

For the Drinks Connoisseur

If your man likes a drink (in a classy way), there are lots of gifts you could bestow upon him. Wine lovers will enjoy a special bottle, perhaps personalised with their name, or a bottle holder, opener or stopper. For beer and ale drinkers, you could buy them a special glass, some imported beer or even some fancy new coasters. If he prefers the harder stuff, a bottle of his favourite tipple is a good idea. But you could also get him a hip flask like the ones available from Gifts From Hand Picked. He’ll love something that makes his drink more portable whether he takes it to the shed or out on a walk.

For the Sports Obsessed

If it’s sports and fitness he loves, it can sometimes be a struggle to buy something. But there are lots of options. You could buy him a biography of one of his sporting heroes, or a book about keeping fit. Fitness tracking gadgets are all the rage at the moment, so buy him a Fitbit or similar device to help him with his workouts.

Gifts For The Outdoorsy Dad

For dads who love spending time outdoors, consider gifting them something they can use to make their next camping trip even better. A camping hammock is always a great choice – it’s lightweight and easy to carry around and provides comfort when relaxing outdoors. Another idea is a portable water filter; this will help ensure clean drinking water wherever he goes. Or you could give him something that will keep him warm such as an insulated jacket or sleeping bag.

For the Technology Lover

Any man who’s gadget obsessed will appreciate a new toy to play with. If you’ve seen him eyeing up the latest release, it makes it much easier to buy him something he’ll like. Otherwise, take note of whether he’s loyal to any particular brand to help you pick something. For example, if he only ever buys Apple products, it might be best to steer away from a Samsung smart watch. You could get him something for everyday use, like a tablet or phone, or get him a toy like a drone to play with.

It’s not difficult to buy your dad or your children’s dad a present once you start thinking about what he likes. Use your imagination and shop around, and you’ll find the perfect gift.

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