Help Your Child Fall In Love With Books With Their Very Own Reading Nook


Getting your child to enjoy reading can be a mammoth task. It’s not always as appealing to them as a board game or playing outside. Reading is vital for every child’s development and will aid them in their school work.

Why Do Kids Hate Reading?

A child upset about a reading assignment

It’s a common problem among parents – kids hate reading! But why? Reading is a great way to learn and explore, but kids just don’t seem to enjoy it. The truth is, kids only want to do the things that are fun for them. It’s not that kids hate reading altogether – after all, comics and magazines can be engaging; it’s just that traditional books may not be as appealing to kids. To make reading enjoyable for kids, it’s important to find interesting ways of presenting stories or introducing topics in fun ways. From audiobooks to fascinating stories with alternate perspectives and creative characters, there are so many ways to help kids enjoy reading – they just need the right tools and resources!

Setting the right scene could make all the difference to your child. Reading nooks and corners can be an easy way of making books and reading fun. Here is a guide to provide you with some inspiration, so you feel confident enough to try it yourself.

Firstly you need to find a suitable place to have your nook. Is there a spare corner in your living room that could work? Has your children’s bedroom got any room? A nook does not have to be large. It’s should be easily adaptable to the space you have available. You can be inventive and think more creatively about where you could create your nook.

Clear out that cupboard under the stairs and turn it into the perfect place to read all the Harry Potter books. You can even purpose-build your nook if you wish. I’ve seen some brilliant ideas, including a fake wardrobe that leads to a winter wonderland, like the one in Narnia. If you use your imagination, you can really bring these ideas to life.

However, we don’t all have the luxury of purpose-built nooks and have to stick to the basics. You can still make it look inviting and spark your child’s imagination. Painting the walls with your child’s favorite book character or using stickers is a great and inexpensive start.

The seating in your nook must be comfortable. If they are sat on an uncomfortable chair or the floor, they could lose interest quite quickly. Why not fill your space with large patterned cushions or bean bags? Cozy Sacks have got a great selection, suitable for a variety of different spaces. This is also a great way of bringing some color into the space if you are unable to paint the walls. Suitably sized chairs may also be useful if your child wants to read alone.

Storage should be another priority in your child’s nook. Go through all of your existing books and get rid of the ones your child may have grown out of. Then find some suitable storage for the ones you wish to keep. Don’t overwhelm your child with too many options. Wooden crates are a great idea and shelves will use too. Make sure your child is able to reach at least one of the shelves. This will encourage them to choose their own books to read. You can put new books on this shelf or hide them in the crates. They will love hunting for their new storybook. Make sure your storage is in keeping with the feel of your nook or it may look cluttered.

It really is as simple as that. All you need is suitable books, some great storage and seating, and a touch of imagination. Let the design adapt to them as they grow and always encourage reading by themselves.

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