Help Your Kids Create Amazing Memories With These Awesome Activities

What are your memories of being a child? It’s guaranteed they won’t be of that movie you watched when you were snowed in. In fact, it will more than likely to be the experience of being snowed in.

The point is that kids build their memories with experiences. They never remember the day-to-day stuff that you do. And if you want them to have great memories of their childhoods, then you will need to act. These awesome activities should help give you a few ideas.

Cook With Them

If you have children that aren’t interested in food, you might get better results if you cook with them. Getting them involved in the whole process of peeling, mixing, chopping and creating dinner will fascinate them. And, hopefully, make them hungry! There are some great books around that can help you get started, or you could try websites like Annabel Karmel’s, which offers plenty of cool ideas and recipes. Our advice would be to start with simple things like cookies and cakes, and build up to savory dishes.

Father and son activity in the kitchen

Let’s Get Physical

While you might not be able to keep up with the sheer energy that kids have, it is important to join in with their physical play. And if you are struggling, then make sure you keep one eye firmly on the major benefit – you will get a better night’s sleep! Physical play is so important, so get out there and run with them, throw a ball with them, and do anything you can to promote exercise. The earlier you get started, the more they will form an interest in sport and fitness as they get older.

Take Me To The River

Many kids love being outside, and especially so if there is water involved. There is a host of cool activities you can do to give your child a memorable day out that will stick with them for a long time. They range from completely free (water fight, anyone?) to something that will take some investment. Getting a boat out on the water is a great idea for all ages. As long as you keep aware of the safety issues everyone will have a lot of fun. You could even try a kayak fishing expedition for something different.

Role Play

All children use role play to explore things they are learning. And they love it when their parents join in! It is a very important developmental process, and you should encourage it whenever possible. So, the next time it is raining, don’t just stick your kids in front of the TV, why not engage with their imaginations? Mommas and Poppas, doctors and nurses, whatever it takes, just join in. It might even be time for you to learn all the lyrics from Frozen!

We hope this article has set you on your way to come up with some great ideas. Doing things with the kids is so important, but it is also great fun. Enjoy your activities!

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