Hiking with Kids: Useful Tips for a Fun and Safe Hike

hiking with kids

Hey there, Adventure-parents! Welcome to another thrill-filled edition of ‘Life Happens With Kids’! If there’s one thing we love more than a good ol’ hike, it’s sharing that exhilaration and fresh air with our little explorers! So, how about we hit the trail running with some helpful tips for an exciting yet safe hike with the kiddos?

Tighten those bootlaces, adorn your explorer’s hat and brace yourself for an influx of handy tips to make your next family hike the perfect blend of fun, adventure, and safety. Strap in readers! Let’s begin, shall we?

Leading by Example and Inspiring the Love for Hiking in Kids

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned packing up my kids for a rambunctious romp in the great outdoors, it’s this: when hiking with kids, enthusiasm is your best friend! Why, you ask? Because your child’s love for nature, that innate sense of wonder and curiosity, is kindled by your own spark. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of transforming you and your kids into excited family hikers this spring!

Making a family hike fun starts before you even hit the trail. Plan your outdoor adventure together, selecting a child-friendly route where the kids can play, explore and fall in love with the great outdoors. Remember, enthusiasm is contagious! Talk about the upcoming hike in vibrant, thrilling detail to stoke your child’s excitement.

When hiking, make ‘discovery’ your catchphrase. The tunnel-shaped hedge? A secret, mystical passageway! That clump of wildflowers? An enchanted fairy meadow! Time becomes a thing of the past as you and your kids embark on your fantastical journey!

Just be sure to pack appropriately…

Snacks, games and regular breaks can make a world of difference for your kids. Transform each stop into an opportunity to truly connect with nature and with each other.

Lie on the grass, spot animal shapes in the clouds, listen to the rustle of leaves in the wind – or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not initiate a round of ‘I spy’, outdoor Edition?

At Life Happens With Kids, we believe images are worth a thousand ‘what ifs’. Children lead by example so put your best hiking boot forward, parents and try to keep up! Show your child the wonders of the hiking world.

After all, the goal isn’t just to create hikers – it’s to inspire little lovers of the wilderness. This may not seem like fun grown-up stuff, but we’re all kids at heart, right? Try to see the world through their eyes and enjoy the adventure.

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Remember, no adventure is too small when hiking with kids, so take your time, let your kids set the pace and above all – enjoy the ride. Pick a local spot first and then work up to more advanced trails like the ones you’ll find in a national forest. Here’s a list of the top 10 hiking destinations to check out with the family once everyone has some experience with the great outdoors:

Starting Local: Exploring Kid-Friendly Hiking Trails

If you’re just kicking off your adventurous journey of hiking with kids, starting local is always a splendid idea! Your child will relish the chance to dip their little toes into the world of hiking without the overbearing intimidation of lofty mountain terrains. Want to make that first hike with kids a magical one? Well, Life Happens With Kids is here to give you some tips!

Exploring kid-friendly hiking trails can be such a joy. Watching your child take interest, seeing their wide-eyed wonder at the surrounding flora and fauna, and their delight at forging a trail of their own – it’s pure magic! But to make it fun and safe, the trick is finding the right trail for the kids. It’s about ensuring that the trail is challenging enough to keep them interested but not so difficult that they feel discouraged.

No matter where you live, lovely trails for family hiking are probably just a stone’s throw away! Start by investigating your local parks and nature reserves. Consider trails that have an info-center or signage that describes the wildlife or the trail’s history, to make the hike more engaging for your child. But remember, safety first, fun follows!

Before embarking on the hike, ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the trail. Understand its terrain, its ups and downs, maybe even have a rough estimate of the time it would take with kids. And remember, kids are not little adults – they may require more time for hikes.

So, bring in that superstar attitude, your hiking boots, and let’s get exploring. Believe me, hiking with kids will soon become your favorite family pastime! Take your time, let them explore, sit, play, and uncover the beautiful details that nature has to offer. Happy Trails!

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Flashlight/Headlamp Preferably LED, for navigating in the dark. https://amzn.to/3F8jo83
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Invoking an Adventurous Mentality Beyond Traditional Trails: Planning Creative Family Hikes

If you’ve hiked a trail once already, it can get to be a bit of a bore. But you can keep the adventure fresh with the right mindset! Invoking an adventurous mentality in your family is easier than you might think. When navigating this wonderful world of hiking with kids, there’s one key tip that every hiking expert parent should keep in mind – make it FUN! Gone are the days of monotonous hikes. With a sprinkle of creativity, we can make every hike feel like an expedition into the wild!

Hiking is not just about trekking down traditional trails, it’s about making vibrant memories while being immersed in nature. Step outside the box and trailblaze your own adventure. Discover the hidden beauty in your neighborhood or the magical mysteries of a local park during your family hikes. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together, creating unbreakable bonds.

A family on a hike

Active families know there’s no substitute for spending time with kids in the great outdoors. It strengthens bonds, invites kids to develop a personal connection with nature and builds memorable adventures that will surely stay with them for a lifetime.

And don’t stop at the earthbound exploration! Try turning your hikes into a wildlife-spotting safari or a bird-watching excursion. It’s an amazing way to engage kids and stir their curiosity. Or, why not make it a treasure hunt? With a simple map and a few clues, you can transform any trail into an exciting escapade. It’s an activity that’s not only exciting but also educational, and it’s perfect for getting those young minds excited about hiking.

There’s no right or wrong way to hike with your family. Whether it’s on a well-worn trail or blazing your own trail, what matters most is you’re doing it together. Savor these moments because ultimately, Life Happens With Kids on the trails, and what better place to make those memories than on your family hikes.

Equipping Your Young Hiker: Buying the Right Clothing and Kid-Friendly Hiking Backpacks

Alright hikers! After inspiring that love for hiking in your child, having great local adventures and even discovering the joy of creative family hikes, it’s time to get serious about gear! You’ve read the tips, you’ve taken the hikes, now it’s time to talk hiking backpacks and the right clothing for the committed junior explorer. It’s time we prepare our young hiker for the exciting journey we call hiking!

But where do we start? Well, every little explorer needs a trusty hiking backpack. An exciting and essential gear piece, which not only stores snacks and treasures found along the trail, but also inculcates a sense of responsibility in your little hiker. A kid-friendly backpack, light enough not to burden them but spacious enough to carry the essentials, can be a game changer on any hike.

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Next is clothing. While style isn’t necessarily important out on the trail (although your child might disagree), choosing weather-appropriate and comfortable hiking attire is a big deal. Remember, the right gear can make or break your child’s hiking experience.

It must be durable to withstand brushes with nature, yet flexible and comfortable to support their energetic exploration. Layers are a great choice for fluctuating temperatures. Having the right clothes lets your young hiker engage in the adventure with enthusiasm.

So hikers, while gear might seem like just another item on the hiking checklist, it holds an essential place. Whether it’s young hikers on their first trail or seasoned experts, the right gear steps up their game.

Your child follows your lead, so let’s make sure we’re leading them well equipped for the hikes. So, lighten those hiking backpacks, layer up and get ready to make your child a bold trailblazer in the great outdoors with Life Happens With Kids!

Pick the right backpack before you depart: The right size of backpack is essential. A pack should fit comfortably and securely on your child’s back so that they can focus on the trail without worrying about their load.

If the bag is too big, it may cause strain or fatigue; if it’s too small, there won’t be enough room for supplies and snacks. Here’s a few styles to choose from and the pros and cons of each, depending on the local conditions you’re traveling to.

Style Description
Daypacks Daypacks are lightweight and perfect for day hikes. They typically have a capacity between 20 and 35 liters.
Hydration Packs These packs are designed with a built-in water reservoir pouch, providing easy hydration on long hikes.
Multi-day Packs These are designed for longer hikes where you need to carry more gear. Capacity usually ranges from 40 to 70 liters.
Expedition Packs Expedition packs are the largest backpacks, suitable for long trips or winter journeys where bulky equipment is required.
Rucksacks An old-school backpack style, often chosen for their vintage appeal but they are also robust and practical for hiking.
Frame Packs These packs have a rigid frame, either internal or external, to help distribute the weight of a heavy load more evenly.
Oversized Daypacks These are lightweight option like regular daypacks but offer a more generous capacity.
Ultralight Packs The goal of these packs is to be as lightweight as possible, they’re typically made with less materials to save on weight.

Mastering the A, B, C’s of Hiking with Kids


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Ah, hiking with kids – the ultimate blend of fun, exercise, and discovery! Now, isn’t that an adventure worth gearing up for? Good on ya, mate, for taking the leap and deciding to master this thrilling bonding outdoor activity. Let’s dive right into the A, B, C’s of mastering hiking with kids.

When it comes to hiking, one crucial aspect to consider is the mindset. Just as we discussed inviting an ‘Adventurous Mentality Beyond Traditional Trails’, it’s essential to nurture the same in your child too. There’s an entirely different, exciting world waiting out there beyond the digital screens.

Remember, folks, the first step to hiking success starts at home. As we’ve championed in ‘Starting Local: Exploring Kid-Friendly Hiking Trails’, inspire your child to love nature by beginning with local trails. As they say, ‘Home is where the adventure begins!’ Good news is, kids are natural explorers, so amplifying that curiosity through hiking can pave the way for amazing experiences.

Now, let’s talk about some useful tips for a safe hike. Equip your young adventurer right! In the section ‘Equipping Your Young Hiker: Buying the Right Clothing and Kid-Friendly Hiking Backpacks’, we’ve discussed the importance of the right gear. Remember, your child’s comfort should be the priority here. Good hiking shoes, breathable clothing, sun protection, and kids-friendly hiking backpacks – these are non-negotiables.

In the end, hiking with your child should be more about the journey rather than the destination. Ensure that fun, laughter, games, snacks- the works! – are part and parcel of every hike. As we excel in hiking, we at Life Happens With Kids believe in the magic of turning hiking into a special excursion rather than a rigorous routine. Remember, hiking with kids can offer memories that last a lifetime.

Choosing a Child Carrier: The Importance of Correct Carrier Packs on a Hike

Folks, nothing beats a soul-enriching hike with your kids, am I right? But let’s face it, a hike isn’t just another walk in the park! If you have a young child, choosing the right child carrier can radically level up your hiking enjoyment. Seriously, friends! A baby carrier’s not just about schlepping the little ones around when they’re too tuckered out to trudge on, it’s about making sure they’re safe, comfy, and having a blast!

Just like that trusty hiking carrier for your gear, your child’s carrier needs to offer absolute comfort and safety. Think padded straps, adjustable fit, and adequate ventilation like the one pictured below. (You can click on the image to check the price!) Missing one of these features could make for a very unpleasant hike. Nobody wants a whiny child mid-hike, no siree!

Toddler Hiking Backpack with Safety 3-Height Seat, Adjustable Straps and Waist Belt

A child carrier isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal, either. Whether it’s a front-facing baby carrier for the tiny tots or a backpack style carrier pack for the older ones, picking the right type for your child and you is crucial.

Now, remember what we’ve learned in our previous sections, folks! When hiking with kids, small ones especially, you’ve got to be ready for anything. We’re talking surprise diaper changes, unexpected nap times, and even the odd hunger tantrum. So, pack up your carrier packs ready for the hike and with all that your child could possibly need.

So, look, I’ll say it again for emphasis; choosing a top-notch child carrier is not just convenience, it’s an absolute game-changer! It’s the key to a successful hike, and, my friends, Life Happens With Kids outdoors! So, let’s gear up, revamp our adventurous mindset, and give our kids the best outdoor experiences one hike at a time! Here’s some top picks from our editors:

Making it YOUR Hike: Planning a Rewarding Trip for the Family

Picture the perfect fall day in a national park. It’s time for another exciting family hike! After all, life really does happen with kids. You’ve packed your scrumptious refreshments, posted the impending adventure on your family’s sign in the kitchen, and it’s time to gather the troupe! A stellar day of exploration awaits in the park, and you can barely contain your excitement. Your family is about to conquer a trail wrapped in swathes of trees, a chorus of chirping birds and a dash of that crisp fall air. The great outdoors, indeed!

When planning a hike with your family, take note of the trail’s unique features. Are there any impending events happening? Maybe there’s a rare bird spotting that could really spice up the adventure. Trust me, there’s nothing like the thrill of sudden discovery to make the day’s events even more memorable. Of course, park guides are a great source of information for this!

Maybe your destination is a national park you’ve visited before, a spot that’s become like a second home to you. That’s great! There’s no such thing as too much familiarity when it comes to hiking. The more you know about your trail, the better. So slap on those kid-friendly backpacks, grab some nutritious snacks for the road, and let’s get hiking!

The end of your hike should be as fun as the journey itself. That’s why planning rewarding campsite or cabin activities is so important. Maybe it’s a picnic with your family’s favorite foods, or maybe it’s a game of catch. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something your family will look forward to doing after the hike.

No matter what, remember the golden rule of a great family hike: have fun! Every hike is a chance to expand your family’s horizons, learn new things, and make precious memories. So here’s to greeting each trail and each national park visit with excitement and wonder. Because truly, the world is a fantastic playground when you’re hiking with kids!

In each unique footprint they leave behind, their love for exploration grows. A peek behind the shrubs, the awe at a mountain view, the giggles at the gurgling creek – every moment is priceless! Equip them with this top-notch advice and secure their journey to becoming enviable hiking experts one magic-packed hike at a time. So, lace up those little hiking boots, and let’s hit the trail! Because nothing could beat the joy of exploring the wilderness together as a family, right? Happy hiking!

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Frequently Asked Hiking Questions

Q: What’s the best way to get my kids excited for a hike?

A: Pumping your kids up for a hike begins well before the adventure even starts! When planning your journey, involve them in every step. From selecting a kid-friendly route, discussing the wildlife they might see, to preparing exciting snacks, let them be part of it all! Don’t forget to paint a vibrant, thrilling picture of the upcoming hike to really stoke their excitement.

Q: How can I make the hike fun for my kids?

A: The secret ingredient to a fantastic hike with kids is ‘discovery’. Turn every rock into a potential home for a mythical creature, every wildflower meadow into an enchanted forest! Regular snack breaks, games and taking the time to connect with nature and each other can greatly enhance the fun factor. And lastly, capturing these moments through beautiful pictures or trinkets can make the hike a treasure of memories for your kids.

Q: I’m excited to start hiking with my kids, any beginner tips?

A: ‘Starting local’ is your best bet! Children love exploring familiar spaces in new ways, and local parks or nature reserves can provide the perfect training ground for your little hikers. Once they’re comfortable, gradually move onto bigger trails. Remember, with kids, it’s about making every hike an unforgettable adventure rather than the distance covered.

Q: How can I add an educational element to our hikes?

A: Making a trail a treasure hunt with a simple map and a few clues can not only engage them but also stir up their curiosity. Picking trails with info-centers or signage that recounts wildlife or trail history can convert your hike into an outdoor classroom. Also, spotting animals or birds during the hike can rouse their interest towards local fauna.

Q: What kind of gear does my kid need for hiking?

A: Fun, safety and comfort are the cornerstones of a great hike with kids. Starting with a trusting, kid-friendly hiking backpack, ensure that it’s light enough for them to carry but spacious enough for essentials. Choosing clothing that’s weather-appropriate and comfortable ensures your child remains enthusiastic throughout the hike. Good hiking shoes, sun protection, and hiking attire made of breathable, durable material are definitely advised.

Q: How can I ensure that hiking remains interesting and fun for my kids?

A: Continuity is the key here. Apart from rotating trails and hiking spots to maintain the novelty, it’s a great idea to associate every hike with a picnic, a game, or some other fun activity at the end. Also, making each hike about ‘discovery’ and using your creative imagination can drastically multiply your child’s interest. It’s all about ensuring every hike remains an expedition into the wild!

Q: How do I select the right child carrier for our hikes?

A: The right carrier is about comfort, safety and the right fit! Features such as padded straps, adjust-ability, and decent ventilation should be your priorities. Always remember that the right type of carrier – front-facing, backpack style etc, makes a world of difference in not just the hiking experience, but also the safety of your child.

Q: Can my family hikes have a routine?

A: Absolutely! But remember, a family hike routine doesn’t need to be about climbing the highest mountain or covering the longest trail. Holding nature in awe, spending quality time together, discovering flora and fauna – that’s routine enough! So, set a routine to enjoy the journey and not just reach the destination. Happy hiking!

Q: What are some other fun outdoor activities for kids?

A: Everything from fishing and canoeing to camping and geocaching can be great outdoor activities for kids. These activities promote physical exercise, fresh air, and help foster a connection with nature. Additionally, these activities can also provide valuable learning experiences that are fun and engaging for the whole family. Have fun exploring!

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