How To Plan The Perfect Christening

How To Plan The Perfect Christening


Congratulations! Your new bundle of joy has finally arrived, and you are ready to introduce your precious one to God’s family and kingdom, by having him or her christened. Your baby’s christening is truly a momentous once-in-a-lifetime event that welcomes him or her into Christianity. Furthermore, it is an important day for you, as a parent, as well as your chosen godparents, as you will be pledging your commitment to the moral and spiritual upbringing of your child. Of course, at the end of this religious ceremony, you will be celebrating a blissful party with your family and friends to commemorate this special occasion.

Do you want to make your child’s christening perfect and unforgettable? If your answer is yes, then take note of the insightful tips shared below from Little Doves ( For sure, these tips can help you make this important occasion fun and enjoyable for the people involved.

Baby Christening

Contact your church

Reach out to the church where you want to commend your little one’s christening. Afterward, make the necessary arrangements for your child’s baptism, and ask what are the requirements needed for this special occasion. For the most part, churches would require the child’s parents and godparents to attend a class about the christening. If your church requires this special class, schedule it a day prior to the scheduled baptism. Moreover, don’t forget to create a list of records and documents that are required by the church from the godparents and parents.

Deliver the requirements

Gather all the documents needed for the baptism, and deliver them to your church, as soon as you can.

Pick a day for your baby’s baptism

Choose a date that gives you enough time to plan the entire event, and fulfill all the requirements that your church needs.  Before you start planning the other aspects of the event, secure your preferred date with your church.

Send out invites

A few weeks prior to the christening, send out invitations to the godparents as well as your friends and family. That way, you are giving your guests an ample amount of time to prepare or alter their schedule for this special event.

Reception area

Do you want to have a big celebration or a small gathering of friends or family? Decide the type of reception you want, so you can decide whether to celebrate it in a rental hall, restaurant on in your own home. Likewise, find out how many people are coming to your child’s baptism.

Food preparation

If you are planning to celebrate it at home, enlist the services of a trusted caterer, or ask your family and friends to help you prepare the dishes for the reception. Also, don’t forget to buy a cake that is big enough to feed everyone at the party.

Decorate your reception area

Embellish your reception area with white as the main color in your theme or color scheme. If your child is a charming little boy, use boyish colors like light blue, silver, and sapphire. But, if your baby happens to be a pretty girl, try to add feminine colors, such as pink and gold. In addition, set up streamers, balloons, centerpieces, and table linens that are in a variety of your preferred colors.


Last, but not least, buy favors and use them as giveaways to your guests. Picture frames and ceramic crosses with your baby’s crosses make perfect favors for this event.

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