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How Women Can Beat Fatigue during Pregnancy

How Women Can Beat Fatigue during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is possibly one of the most unique and rewarding experiences a woman can have. There are many feeling and symptoms that women commonly experience while pregnant that they will not experience in any other time in their life.

One of the most common symptoms that women will experience throughout their pregnancy is fatigue. Fatigue can not only be difficult to deal with, but it can make staying productive before the baby arrives that much harder. Here are some ways women can beat fatigue during pregnancy and stay energized throughout the day.

Put your feet up

Kicking up their feet is one of the most relaxing things a pregnant woman can do. Most women feel very sore and swollen when standing on their feet for long periods of time, so sitting down and elevating their feet while watching Direct TV can relieve a lot of those symptoms.

Find little tasks to give you a sense of accomplishment

Even though the fatigue experienced during pregnancy is not always mental, having some motivation can do a lot to help women feel better all day long. Find little tasks to do each day that leave one with a sense of accomplishment or other rewards to keep going.

Keep eating a healthy, nourishing diet

Diet is extremely important for a number of reasons while pregnant. Women should know also what foods will make them feel more tired and which ones will give them the sustained energy they need. Fatty or greasy foods will increase fatigue, while fibrous and high-protein options can increase energy all day.

Break up the day

Many people like to go out for the day to run errands and not come back until they are all finished. Though this may sound like the most convenient plan, it is not always practical for a pregnant woman. Instead, try to break up the day’s activities with rest times in between.

Get comfortable at night

It is common during pregnancy to be more restless at night when trying to sleep. Many women have a difficult time getting comfortable as their body changes. Investing in a body pillow or any other items to help make the bed more comfortable can help women get the restful and restorative sleep they need.

Stay active as much as possible

Even though physical activity may sound counter-productive to someone who is already suffering from fatigue, it can be the best solution. Maintaining a light exercise routine during pregnancy can help anyone boost their overall energy levels every single day. Just going for a short daily walk can help increase energy and revive their spirits.

Head outside for fresh air

When leaving the house becomes a big chore for a pregnant woman, it often seems easier to just stay in the house. This, however, can make even getting out of bed that much more difficult. A little fresh air every day can do wonders for making people feel more alert and awake.

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