Why Your Kids Will Change And What You Can Do About It


Kids are wonderful to have around. They seem so naturally cheerful and playful and exhibit the very best of human nature. They love a cuddle and find everything so fascinating and fun. It’s great to get down on the floor and join in with their games and examine up close every little nook and cranny in your home. To be a child again would be wonderful, but to get to be a parent of one is a great experience too.

The best thing about having kids is being able to buy them all the things we never got to have as children. It is a different time now, and many toys are more affordable. Clothing too is much cheaper than it used to be. Best of all, there is so much more choice. There are hundreds of different items, and no two kids ever need to be dressed alike. The same can be said for toys. There is such a wide choice, you may soon have more than your home can store!


A kid writes in a notebook


Kids have always been expensive, but we tend to have fewer of them these days. This means we can spoil the ones we’ve got a little more than our grandparents could. Taking kids out to theme parks or just to the swing park is so exhilarating for them. They love every second. We may be shivering on the sidelines, but children somehow manage to maximize every activity they undertake. Yes, they may have emotional meltdowns for no reason, but, on the whole, most kids are really happy people.

Of course, our kids grow up and get older. They become teenagers. Suddenly they are riddled with angst and moodiness, and our relationship with them seems to change overnight completely. Some teens want nothing to do with their parents for no particular reason while others go out of their way to seek attention. No two teenagers are alike, and all will cause their fair share of trouble for you. Maintaining open lines of communication can be tricky. Your teen is fiercely independent and even secretive about where they are and what they are doing. This can be heartbreaking for you as a parent.

Nurturing this independence is important, but letting your teen know you are always there for them no matter what is key. The second they feel you are not paying attention to their telepathic cries for help is the moment they can choose to go off the rails. None of us is telepathic, but all teens will expect us to automatically know how they are feeling and why. They also demand you fix their problems and run errands for them, but these phases will pass. They usually know they are being unreasonable, but perhaps miss a little of the old relationship where you did have to do everything for them. Your kids will always delight you, whatever age they are, but maybe your teen is just a little worried he doesn’t make the grade in your books anymore. Unconditional love is a given, so hand out a few hugs to bring him around.

How can I get my teen to communicate with me more?

Parenting teens can be even more difficult than parenting younger kids when it comes to communication. It may seem like there’s a wall, but it’s up to parents to try and bring it down. One way of doing this is by traveling together as a family and having fun opportunities for learning which can help you bond with your teen. Talk about the places they would like to visit, plan trips around their interests, and find something exciting or crafty that all of you could explore – bonding over shared experiences is an important step towards open communication between kids and parents. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself having more fun than expected while getting your teen to communicate with you more!
Remember Life Happens With Kids! Trying to create an open dialogue with your teen can be tricky, but it is essential for a strong relationship. You may have to do more listening than usual and try out different methods of communication in order to come up with something that works for both of you. It’s never too late to start talking and the rewards will surely outweigh any of the struggles!

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