How Kim Kardashian Uses Instagram and Twitter To Promote herself written

Kim Kardashian is a reality television star, businessman, and occasional actress. She is also a new mother to a daughter. She has gained popularity through Instagram and Twitter which has enabled her to get the rank of 15th most social celebrity on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List.


Kim Kardashian is taking advantage of the over seventeen million followers on the Twitter outlet to create awareness about her current shows, projects, and photoshoots among many others. Her tweets mostly include photos of her boyfriend Kanye West, family, and vocation. She has a whopping 18,303,642 followers, to whom she tweets about four times every day on her products for instance the KardashianSunKissed Instant Sunless Spray.

She uses Twitter as an avenue to inform her fans about her daily activities and also to promote herself and her brands. Kim Kardashian together with other celebrities uses Twitter to inform their fans of any misfortune that befall them thereby spreading the message to millions of people within seconds. Fans also retweet pictures of themselves portraying love messages which helps boost the popularity of these celebrities. Fans are also allowed to make donations if need be.

One advantage of Twitter is that it is easy to set up a Twitter account and get a list of followers. It also complements Instagram since on Twitter she informs her fans of what is available on the former.  Kim was accused in 2012 of using a website to buy Twitter followers, a fact that her publicist denied.


Kim Kardashian has over 9 million followers on Instagram and has posted more than one thousand two hundred photos. These photos include those of a red rose with the caption “I Love You”. It is not clear whether the statement was meant for her boyfriend Kanye or her fans but they have responded positively to the same. The message has therefore gone a long way in promoting her and her brands.

She is also using Instagram to promote her mother’s new show, her own show, give personal shouts out to her friend and fans, and even spread condolence messages to the bereaved. All these are a step in the right direction as far as her promotion is concerned. This way, she manages to keep her fans involved and updated on her latest happenings. She also informs them about her show, timing, and also venues.


Both Instagram and Twitter have greatly helped Kim Kardashian promote herself. This is because both Twitter and Instagram accounts are easy to open and within a very short time you are able to get millions of followers.

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