My Tips For Taming An Overgrown Garden Space


When you leave your garden for a while, you will see that it starts to look like an awful mess. We’re all guilty of ignoring our duties from time to time. The problem is that once it gets overgrown, it is hard to tame it again. If you are anything like me, the idea of tackling this massive job may scare you. Never fear! Read my tips and get started today.

Take things to step by step

You have to understand that you can’t tame the entire garden in a short space of time. That is not practical at all. If you try to tackle it all at once, you will burn yourself out super fast. Instead, you should take things one step at a time. Maybe you ought to make a list of stuff you need to do. That way, you can use the list to make a plan.

Start by shearing

If your lawn is a mess, you may need to hear it before you can use a traditional mower. Yes, this job is laborious, but you have to do it. Spend some time trimming the grass so that it is an average length. Then, you can use a lawnmower to finish off the job. Once you get the lawn in a good condition, you will see that the entire project is not as hard as you might have imagined.


Get rid of weeds and brambles

Weeds and brambles tend to grow when you neglect your garden for a period. Don’t use weed killers with harsh chemicals in them or they could affect the rest of your plants. Instead, you should get a natural weed killer that suits your garden. Check out some of the best formulas online and see which one suits you.

Fence off separate areas

To make sure that you have excellent sections in your garden, you need to fence them off. Companies like Alsford Timber Merchants can help you get the right material for the job. If you want your garden to look chic, it is best to opt for heavy-duty timber panels. When you find experts in the area, you can ask them for their advice. That way, you will get fences that last forever.


Replant the flowerbeds

The chances are that your flowerbeds have started to look like a mess. Sometimes, you can go about saving your flowers while other times it might be too late. If your plants are dead, you need to replant the area with fresh bulbs. Choose some bulbs that grow fast so that you will have new flowers before you know it. You may also need to buy some new soil. Dig out the beds and replace them with fresh soil and bulbs. That way, your garden will look as good as new.

Add some extra touches

Once you have done all these things, it is time to add some finishing touches. You can get little extras, such as benches, online at reasonable prices. You may also want something more extravagant like a water feature. Once you have added these extras, it’s time to enjoy your garden!

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