Are You Ready to Adopt a Cat?

Are you thinking of introducing a kitten or cat to your life? It’s so important that you make sure this is the right decision for you. A cat must suit your lifestyle, otherwise, it isn’t fair on the animal. You don’t want to end up having to rehome them or put them in a shelter, as this can be bad for their health. Avoid doing this by ensuring you make the right decision right from the start. So, let’s answer that all-important question: are you ready to adopt a cat?
A family adopting a new cat


Do You Have the Finances?

You don’t just have to worry about the initial cost of your cat. You must pay for checkups, medical treatment, toys, food, and other things regularly. You should be able to allocate some of your income to your cat every week or month. If you don’t have these finances and will struggle to make sure your cat has all of the things it needs, you aren’t ready to adopt one.

Will You Be a Family to Your Cat?

Some people think that cats don’t need a lot of attention and that they like to be alone. While different cats have different personalities, they are still sociable creatures and enjoy a fuss/playtime. You should allocate at least 15 minutes of your day to playing with your cat and giving them some attention. You need to be a family to your cat and keep them happy, otherwise you’ll find they like to cause mischief in other ways to stay occupied.

Will You Keep Your Cat Indoors?

Having an outdoor cat is unbelievably dangerous, but many people refuse to listen. They think letting a cat roam outside alone is the right thing to do, and that keeping them inside is cruel. This is false. Providing you have everything your cat needs indoors, and perhaps an outdoor enclosure, your cat does not need to roam outside alone. Letting them do this means they can get all kinds of diseases from other animals, end up fighting or dead. The amount of cats that get hit by cars or attacked is horrible. Keep yours safe by keeping it indoors. You’ll need a scratching post indoors, toys, a litter box, and more.

Are You Thinking to the Future?

Cats can live for up to 18 years if they’re looked after well enough. Make sure you’re thinking ahead. If you plan on moving or taking another job, will you take your cat with you? If you won’t, then you shouldn’t get a cat. Your cat needs to be in your future as far as you can see for this to be a good relationship.

Who Will Care for Your Cat While You’re Away?

There will be times when you must go away and have somebody care for your cat. Will you take them to a shelter, or have somebody you trust look after them? You can’t leave them alone or ask a child to take care of them.

Well, are you ready to adopt a cat? Answer these questions honestly and you’ll have your answer!

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