Restoring the Interior of a Mustang with your Kid

While restored Mustangs look great on the outside, they should look and feel even better on the inside. As you’re planning your Mustang restoration project, make sure that you don’t neglect to fix up the interior. While it might take you a while to fully restore the interior, it will be well worth it in the end.


Classic Mustang


Remove the Seats

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the front and back seats. The front seats will more than likely be bolted in place near the seat sliders, but the way that you take off the bolts from the back seat can vary depending on the model you have. Your best bet is to take a look at a workshop manual.

Check the Carpeting

If the carpet is still in good condition, you might not have to do anything more than steam clean it or dye it if necessary. If your Mustang has been repaired in the past, chances are good that you’ll have to completely replace it.

If you do have to replace the carpet, you’ll have to take out the middle console as well as the trim on the doors and panels on the side. Remove the sound deadening beneath the carpet as well before you use a metal scraper to scrape at the floors. You might have to use a wire brush in order to get rid of any carpet padding and extra glue under the carpet. Be sure that you clean the floor before laying down the new carpet.

Inspect the Door Handles

Take off the window cranks, door trim, and door handles. Be sure to polish stainless steel and chrome door handles. Remove the door and interior panels should you need new ones. Door panels are most often screwed on or attached with clips that you can remove by gently pulling them away from the door.

Replace or Restore the Dash

Should you decide to replace the dashboard, you’ll have to remove the bolts that are inside the dash. If you have a badly cracked dashboard, you can simply install a dash cap and save yourself some money and still hide the cracks and signs of aging. If you plan on replacing the headliner, it’s best if you let a professional do it since it can be rather complicated. In most cases, you’ll have to take off the back window and windshield along with the headliner.

Carpet Padding and Sound Insulation

The next thing you’ll want to do is glue down your new layer of carpet padding or sound insulation, whichever your Mustang will need. Stand back at least ten inches as you’re spraying the carpet adhesive and let it sit for about five minutes before you put in the padding.

You can now proceed with putting in either the new carpeting or the old carpeting if you’ll be reusing it. As you go, spray adhesive onto the padding for the carpet. It’s best if you put in the carpet in the reversal of removal so that everything will line up the right way.

Restoring Interior Panels

Put in the interior panels, making sure that you place the new moisture barriers of panels directly behind them if your Mustang had them originally. This is also the time for you to replace the new door handles and window cranks.

Now you can put in the new dash or use a dash cap. The new headliner can go in next and you can replace the roof trim if you need to. Finally, you can put the seats back in and paint over any metal parts that are exposed.

As you’re shopping for a new Mustang suspension, you might also want to shop for interior upholstery kits.

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