Space-Saving Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms, despite being one of the most important rooms in the home, are often some of the smallest with barely enough room to jump about as you try to put your trousers on in a sleep-haze each morning let alone to keep any of your possessions. As a result, the items you keep in your room often end up looking like clutter that can drive you, and your parents, mad.

Consequently, you’re always on the lookout for some kind of solution to your problems, allowing you to store your clothes, DVDs, shoes, textbooks, and other items somewhere that don’t take up too much room itself. It’s often the case that the simplest solutions are the best, with fitted wardrobes proving to be particularly popular and effective.


Large bed near window


Many bedrooms have spaces that you just can’t find a use for, possibly because they’re such a strange shape that you can’t get the furniture to fit in and you end up with ‘dead space’ or an area that just looks messy. However, fitted wardrobes can be built into that space to make the most of the room you have and free up room elsewhere, a real bonus.

When you go looking for a new bed, you don’t tend to think about storage space. You might go in search knowing how much room you have to accommodate your new bed so that you can decide between a single and double, or where it might go when you have it delivered, but storage space isn’t your first thought. Many beds don’t allow for storage underneath, instead taking up the room from the floor to the top of the mattress when you could really benefit from that under-the-bed storage.

If you’re going out in search of a new bed anytime soon, try and factor in storage so that you can find somewhere to keep your boxes that take up floor or cupboard space; or in kids’ bedrooms, consider the type of beds that have a desk and wardrobe below a single bunk-bed, this can free up lots of space and make your child feel like a King or Queen up high!

Shelving is a great idea, and really useful, but many of us only put them slightly above head height so that we can access the contents. What many don’t think about is putting storage in contact with the ceiling, making the most of the space that would otherwise only be used to hang posters or pictures on the wall. This could be for things you don’t need very often, like books you’ve read, but don’t want to throw away, or toys and games.

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