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Styling up for the British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is now a fixture not only in the sporting calendar but also in the wider social diary of the international jet set. This Formula One racing event has all the elements that are sure to attract the rich and fashionable elite: speed, power, design, glamour and, perhaps above all, money. These days, the sport is big business, and the major racing fixtures are places to see and be seen. A VIP day out at the Grand Prix is also an ideal way to impress an important client. Ultimately, the organisers know that promoting an ambience of glamour, style, champagne and luxury is all to the benefit of their brand.

Racing glamour

Motorsports have always had an aura of glamour and style, but the connections between racing and the fashion world have become even closer in recent years. Sonia Irvine, the sister of former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine, organised the first Amber Lounge charity fashion show at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2006, putting drivers on the catwalk in outfits from the world's top designers.

These days, the paddock area is an informal catwalk in its own right, with everyone aware that they're under the constant scrutiny of the world's media, and dressing accordingly. Drivers such as Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton are now style icons in their own right, while global sportswear firms compete to design their racing uniforms and offer sponsorship deals.

Safer circuits

Increased safety on the track has certainly helped broaden the appeal of Formula One Racing. Silverstone attracts 120,000 spectators on race day, there for the glamour and excitement, and secure in the knowledge that the event is unlikely to be spoiled by a fatality. This safer racing experience is undoubtedly down to the pioneering work of former FIA president Max Mosley. Recent comments by Max Mosley on bbc.co.uk show that he still follows the sport and is as impassioned and forthright in his opinions as ever.

Standing out from the crowd

Now that the Grand Prix is the place to be seen for top celebrities, fashion designers and the rich and powerful, just how do you ensure that you get noticed? Money might get you the latest designer outfit, but it takes a personal sense of style and self-possession to turn heads for all the right reasons. Style is all about pushing boundaries while staying chic, saying you're an individual, but most importantly, having the confidence to carry it off in a relaxed and natural manner.

With the biggest stars in music and movies jostling to be seen in pole position, the British Grand Prix is the place to show off on the world stage. It's about more than just racing, and for some, the Grand Prix itself is just a backdrop, lending a reflected glamour of sleek design, speed, power and money to the fashionable social whirl of the whole weekend. Style up and hold your head high, and you too could be mixing with the jet set this summer.        

  • Calendar icon June 11, 2015
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