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The Ultimate Summer Survival Guide

There is a day in July where the classrooms are quiet. Millions of school children are silent, staring at the clock, waiting. Waiting for the bell to ring and school to end. But it doesn’t just end for the day, it ends for the summer! The summer holidays, six/seven weeks of the year where kids run wild. No school, no work, they’re free for a couple of months. That period between July and September is a dreamland for every child. For every parent, it’s the toughest mission of the year. One of you will be stuck at home while the other goes to work. It’s your job to look after the children during the day, every day, for two months. Summer is a battleground for parents, and you need to know how to survive. Listed below are some ways to help you survive the summer with your children.


Good Behaviour Chart

A little trick my mum used to use on me and my siblings when we were kids. You put the children’s names on a chart and reward them for good behaviour with a smiley face. You also give them sad faces for bad behaviour. The idea is that, at the end of the holidays, if they have more smiley faces, they earn a reward. This reward could be anything, a pack of sweets, a game or a fancy pair of start rite shoes for them to show off. The choice is theirs. What this chart will do, is help keep your kids under control. It gives them an incentive to be good and not be a pain the whole summer. One simple trick can make your summer a lot less stressful.


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Take Them Out

Don’t stay in your house all summer, take them places. You can go on lovely days out to the beach or a park. The weather should be nice at least once during the entire seven weeks. You can visit local attractions or drive somewhere fun. Getting your kids out of the house will stop them being restless and keep them entertained. Also, a day out will tire them, so come night time they’ll go to bed without complaining.


Playing With Friends

Keep your kids entertained and also catch up with some of your own friends. Birthday parties are a great place for your children to play with friends while you and the other parents take a back seat. But you can also set up playdates. Have their friends come over, or (preferably) go over one of their friends houses. Playdates are great for struggling parents to team up for a day and combine forces. Or, you can send your child over on their own, which means one less thing for you to worry about all day. Just make sure you know the parents and speak to them when they pick your child up. For safety reasons of course.


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These are three ways you can have an easier time at home this summer. You love your kids, but sometimes they can be a handful. Summer doesn’t need to be stressful; you just have to know how to handle it.


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