Three Budgeting Tips for the New Arrival

Expecting a new baby is one of the most exciting and special times you will experience in your entire life, but it can also be very stressful, not least if you are on a tight budget. From getting the nursery ready to buying baby clothes and nappies, – having what seems like an endless amount of baby essentials on your shopping list can feel incredibly overwhelming. For some people lenders such as Clydesdale Bank may provide other financing options and the good news is that it is completely possible to save on all of your baby supplies if you know how to get the best deals and you are willing to shop around to find them.

Follow the three money-saving tips below to learn how to limit your spending and get ready for the new arrival without the additional stress of worrying about your finances.

1. Make a shopping list.

By writing down all of the supplies you need to get, you can avoid rushing to buy too many last-minute necessities after the baby arrives. In general, you should start shopping a few months before the baby’s due date. The more time you have to buy your baby supplies, the easier it will be to control your monthly budget and find the best deals.

2. Know when you can save and when you have to splurge.

All parents-to-be want the best for their baby, and sometimes that means feeling guilty about trying to save money on lower-priced baby supplies. In reality, it can be completely acceptable to get the cheapest option you can find depending on the product you are talking about. Clothes are a good example. As long as you choose soft and breathable fabrics, it really does not matter how much you pay for them. Babies grow very quickly, so you can end up spending a lot of money on expensive baby outfits that you can only use for a few months. Your baby is not going to know the difference between generic brands and premium labels, but your wallet will. Use the money you save to spend more on the crib, car seat and other safety-related products.

3. Shop online.

Because you can compare different prices for the same product in seconds on the Internet, buying most of your baby supplies online is one of the easiest ways to keep your budget in check. To save a lot of money on some of the priciest items you are going to need, try shopping for them on auction websites and browsing through private listings. If you do not mind using second-hand furniture, you can find a lot of great deals on some of the most popular cribs and baby dressers on the market at a fraction of their original cost.

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