Three Soft Toys that Babies are Guaranteed to Love


Whether you’ve just brought your bundle of joy home or are celebrating your baby’s first birthday, there is no doubt an urge to rush out and buy them plenty of new toys with which to play. It can be a bit difficult to navigate all of the worries that any mum has when having to shop for toys: is the toy too sharp? Does it have too many pieces or are the pieces too small? Is there any way whatsoever that my baby can get injured playing with it? In recent years, more and more mums have demanded the market take this into account, and we’ve seen a wide variety of soft baby toys emerge as a result. We’ll discuss three different soft baby toys in the following article that can be great cuddle companions, play time pals, or learning buddies for your infants and toddlers.

Lots of toys in a wooden box

Pretty Purse Fill and Spill

This pretty purse contains everything your little girl will need to be ready to jump in the car or head out for a day at the playground! The Pretty Purse Fill and Spill includes a variety of items – all plush – that will keep her entertained and safe at the same time. With a cell phone that chimes upon command, a change purse with coins, a child-proof mirror, and a keyring with keys, she’ll be sure to have plenty of fun digging through the purse and playing grown-up just like mommy. This safe and attractive toy can be a great distraction during quiet times in cars or on planes and can be found at major retailers for just $24.99.

My First Teddy (15”)

What better way to provide comfort and fun to your growing baby? The My First Teddy line includes a wide variety of plush teddy bears, but this one in question is a fifteen-inch version (and comes in blue and pink). On the foot, the inscription “My First Teddy” can be found, and a satin ribbon is included around its neck. Available for just $14.99, you can order this teddy online through FAO Schwartz. While you are at it, you may also want to buy plush toy bundles to go along with your baby’s newest teddy; they are often quite reasonably priced when buying several at a time.

Baby Einstein Octoplush

Last but not least, the Baby Einstein Octoplush is a great, soft baby toy that combines plush with interactivity and education. Available currently for $14.99, you can pick this up at Target and other select retailers. With a long history of educating children while they play, the Octoplush continues that tradition. Hugging the Octoplush will play a melody, while each tentacle has its own function. The tentacles are color-coded and will state the color’s name in English, Spanish, and/or French, depending on your toy’s specified settings. Simply throw two batteries into the device and it’s ready to go! The mix of affordability and education provided here makes the Baby Einstein Octoplush one of the best bangs for your buck in the soft baby toy department.

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