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Top Tips for Getting Fit Post-pregnancy

Having a baby changes your body forever. It’s never going to be quite the same as it was before your pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back into shape once you’ve got some energy back. Celebrity moms make it seems so easy, but we know they have a nanny, a personal trainer and possibly a surgeon to work their magic. For everyday moms, it can be a little harder trying to find the time to get something resembling your pre-baby body. There are ways that you can make getting fit easier, however. Try some of these solutions that could help you.


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Buy a Jogging Buggy

If you were a runner before you had the baby, you could still be one after. Getting out and about once the baby’s born can be difficult. It can feel intimidating to do ordinary things like walk to the store or get on the bus. But once you have the courage to leave the house with the baby, you can use the great outdoors to get fit. Although you could use any buggy to walk or jog, it’s much better to have a jogging stroller. They have better suspension, sturdy wheels and will keep your little one safe. Try going for a run at nap time to help lull your baby off to sleep.

Get on Your Bike

Perhaps you’re more of a cyclist than a runner? If you would prefer to go for a bike ride, you can take your baby along. There are a few ways that you can go cycling with your little one. The first of them is to use a child’s seat on your bicycle. If you don’t already own a bike, you can look at Shinola’s bicycles and other brands to find something you love. Your baby needs to be able to sit up on their own to sit in a seat. Another option is a trailer, which you can attach to the back of your bike. You then pull it along behind you, which you might find more stable than a seat on the back. Finally, a slightly more expensive option is to buy a bike that fits a seat for your baby on the front.

Mother and Baby Fitness Classes

It might feel like it, but you aren’t the only mommy who needs to get back to life and get fit. And since there are thousands of other new moms just like you, there are fitness classes that cater to them. Fitness experts know that it’s difficult to get fit when you have a baby to look after, so they provide classes where you can take your little one along. Look for mommy and baby classes near you and you’ll be able to meet other new moms too.

Work Out at Home

You can also work out at home. It might not get you out of the house, but sometimes you don’t need to go outside. Exercising at home is convenient and easy. You can do it while your baby is sleeping, and you don’t have to get dressed properly if you don’t want to. Buy some DVDs or find some workouts online that you can follow.

Getting fit after having a baby take a lot of work, but it’s not impossible. Find your preferred way to do it and you could make friends and boost your confidence.


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