Types of Bread Your Family Should Try

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Bread can be a delicious and satisfying part of any meal, whether you include it as a complementary or primary component. Many individuals discover one or two bread varieties that they like and rarely try any other kinds. This is unfortunate because bread comes in a wide range of types, and certain types go beautifully with some foods, while other kinds of bread make a perfect accompaniment to other foods. In order to make the most of your options, you might wish to explore some of the possibilities that are available.


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White or Wheat?

One of the most common questions you may be asked in a sandwich shop or other restaurant is whether you want your order on white or wheat bread. White bread may seem less flavorful than wheat, but numerous children prefer it. If you can coax your child into trying wheat bread, which often contains more fiber than white bread, you may be able to convince the little one that wheat bread can actually taste appealing. This may not be a bad idea; introducing a child to wheat bread could ultimately lead the child to make healthier bread choices altogether.

Whole Wheat, Whole Grain, and Multigrain

Many adults prefer wheat to white bread. If you’re confused about the difference between whole wheat, whole grain, and multigrain bread, you’re not alone. Whole wheat and whole grain varieties generally contain unrefined ingredients, which are healthier to consume. Multigrain types may not be as healthy as the other two; they may be disguised as healthy options, but they may actually be highly processed.

Rye and Pumpernickel 

If you and your family have not tried rye or pumpernickel bread, you may want to buy a loaf today. Rye comes in light, dark, and marbled varieties. Pumpernickel is made from rye berries, and it is particularly dark and heavy. These bread types are great choices for a wealth of sandwiches, especially ones that contain deli meats and cheeses. They can be delicious when dressed with condiments such as mayonnaise, mustard, or Thousand Island dressing.


Sourdough bread is actually made from fermented white flour, and it is another one of the healthy bread options. Sourdough contains an array of vitamins and minerals. Its flavor is somewhat tangy or sour, as its name suggests. This kind of bread is a great one to serve with cheese, olives, and fruit. It may also be dipped in warm olive oil and served as an appetizer.


The bagel is a type of round bread with a hole in its middle. Bagels come in several varieties, so you can probably find one to match the taste of each person in your family. If your child prefers sweet bread, you might buy a bagel made of wheat bread and cover it with butter and honey. If you like savory bread, you could choose an onion bagel or one encrusted with onions and poppy seeds.

Flatbread and Pita Bread

Flatbread can be found in countless ethnic restaurants. You might indulge in a flatbread when you feast on Indian, Turkish, or Norwegian cuisine. This type of bread is made with unleavened dough, so it doesn’t rise in the way that other bread varieties do. It is generally a viable option for children because it is soft and has a mild flavor. Flatbread may also be used to make pizza.

Pita bread is slightly leavened, and it is made from wheat flour. This kind of bread is round, and when it is cut down the middle, each half forms a pocket. You can put a wide range of fillings in pita bread, from chicken salad to hummus. Pita bread may be a fun food to serve to kids.

Exploring various bread types can be a culinary adventure for your family. Whether you buy it or make it yourself, serving bread is typically a good way to complete a meal. With all of the choices available, you and your family can likely find several types to sample and enjoy.

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