Which smartphone is most suited for gaming fanatics?


If there is one kind of technology that is fast and efficient, while still being small and portable, it is definitely the mobile phone. This incredible Gadget has changed so many people’s lives, not only because we can communicate with anybody, no matter where we are or what time it is, but also because phones now entertain us through fantastic games that we can play, no matter where we are. You can choose from the popular candy crush or choose an intense game at http://www.gamingclub.com/au to stand a chance of winning a little money. No matter what your game of choice is, you will no doubt have played it on the move at some point.

When it comes to smartphones, it is all about power as well as having a really smooth gaming experience. Google’s own Nexus five has been developed by the same people who made the android operating system so you can be sure that it will run anything smoothly. As well as this it has a quad-core processor which can run just about any game through raw power alone. When you combine the two you get an incredible phone that will no doubt satisfy your every need.

Although, you may want a phone with a bit more in terms of screen space. In this case, you should definitely look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as this note is slightly larger with a 5.7-inch screen. One thing this will do is allow you to have your thumbs on screen while still being able to see all the actions you would want in order to make the correct decisions when playing a game.

Last on the list but by no means the worst is the iPhone created by Apple. Each year Apple brings out a new phone with updated specs as well as many operating system updates too. Because they only bring out one phone per year you can be sure that the Apple operating system is specifically designed for this phone making everything on it a smooth and inviting experience, including the gaming as well.

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