Our Mission

Life Happens With Kids is committed to inspiring parents and helping them make the most of their amazing family journey. We offer reliable advice, resources and plenty of laughter along the way! Our mission statement is to provide valuable information, honest advice, and emotional support for families throughout this incredible adventure called parenthood. Our vision is create an online community where moms and dads can get inspired about life with children through daily tips, tricks, activities and experiences which will help them embrace each moment as a part of this special journey they are on! Let us be your guides on this wonderful ride – because at Life Happens With Kids – we know that every day brings its own unique moments that deserve to be appreciated.

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Mary and Kirsty are here to remind you that life is filled with precious moments when you have kids. We embrace the ups and downs, cherishing every experience. As the main writers behind Life Happens With Kids, we’re thrilled to share our unique parenting adventures and family-friendly activities with you online. Our goal is to guide you through the joys and challenges of parenthood, providing practical tips and tricks to make your days easier and more enjoyable. From celebrating significant milestones to simply getting through each day, Mary and Kirsty are by your side, every step of the way.

Come join us and share your stories too. We’d love to hear from you about your family’s experiences, as well as new ideas that will help us all on our parenting journeys. Together let’s appreciate the small moments and make life happen with kids! Thank you for being part of this community.

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