5 Ways to Help Your Kids Settle in at University

There comes a time in every parent’s life when you have to except that your children are going to fly the nest. For many parents, this dreaded period of transition occurs when university life beckons and their young adults seek out a new chapter in their lives. Of course, the change is hard to deal with it and it can be upsetting to see them move away. However, most parents don’t realize how difficult it is for their children too. It’s easy to forget how difficult moving away can be, and the first few weeks of university can be a roller coaster for your kids as they experience the ups and downs of being away from home. Here are a few ways you can help your kids settle into their new life at university.

Prepare Them for Independent Life

Smoke bellowing from kitchen windows is a common sight in undergraduate halls. Most kids go their entire lives completely unaware how much they have done for them, and starting university life without having a clue how to use the washing machine or how to cook can be a real shock. During the summer before they leave, make sure your child knows the basics about caring for themselves. Take them shopping for some much-needed kitchen and household utensils and teach them how to make a few simple dishes. Giving them a sense of independence can really help take away some of the stress from moving away from home.

Introduce Them to the Scary World of Finance

It may seem like a lost cause, but if your children have got used to having everything bought for them you can be certain that their student loan will quickly disappear when they’re living away. Of course, you won’t be able to physically stop their reckless spending, but teaching them about how to manage their money and how to set a realistic budget can be a valuable lesson for many kids who need to get used to living independently.

Send Them a Parcel

There’s nothing quite like receiving a care package when you’re feeling down or homesick. Whether you want to surprise your kids with a package full of home cooking or just treats that you know they’ll love, sending a parcel is cheap and easy.

Keep In Touch

Even if it didn’t seem like your kids appreciated their time at home during their teenage years, they’ll certainly be missing the place when they move away. Even if they are enjoying their time at university, a phone call from home or a message on Facebook will always be appreciated. Let them know they can always come home for a weekend, even if it’s just under the guise that you’ll do their dirty washing for them.

…But Not too Much

As a parent, it’s important to let your kids know that their new life is going to be different and that they will need time to get used to it. Don’t pressure your children about keeping in touch and avoid mothering them when you do. Keep communication casual, and act just like they’re still at home. Moving away from home for your kids means making mistakes and finding things out for themselves, and you’ll know when they need some advice.

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