5 Ways to Help Your Kids Settle in at University

There comes a time in every parent’s life when you have to accept that your children are ready to embark on a new chapter and fly the nest. As university life beckons, these young adults seek out opportunities to grow and explore. This period of transition, although dreaded by many parents, offers a chance for personal development and independence. While it can be emotionally challenging to see your children move away, it is important to remember that this transition is equally difficult for them. Moving away from home presents a range of new experiences and emotions that can make the first few weeks of university feel like a roller coaster ride. Supporting your kids during this time can greatly assist them in settling into their new life at university. By providing them with guidance, understanding, and a listening ear, you can help ease their transition into this exciting phase of adulthood.


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Prepare Them for Independent Life

Seeing smoke bellowing from kitchen windows is a regular occurrence in undergraduate halls. It is surprising how many students go through life without realizing the invaluable support they receive at home. The transition to university life can be an eye-opener for those who have no knowledge of operating a washing machine or cooking even the simplest of meals. Therefore, it is important to invest some time during the summer before they depart, ensuring that your child gains proficiency in basic self-care. Accompany them on a shopping trip to obtain essential kitchen and household utensils, and impart culinary skills by teaching them to prepare a variety of straightforward dishes. Granting them a sense of independence will undoubtedly alleviate some of the stress associated with relocating away from the safety of their childhood home.

Introduce Them to the Scary World of Finance

It may seem like a lost cause, but if your children have become accustomed to having everything purchased for them, it’s highly likely that their student loan will swiftly dwindle once they start living away. Although you won’t be able to physically prevent their frivolous spending, imparting knowledge on managing money effectively and establishing a realistic budget can serve as pivotal life lessons for youngsters transitioning into independent living. These invaluable skills will empower them to navigate the challenges of financial independence with confidence and ensure a more secure financial future.

Send Them a Parcel

There’s nothing quite like the heartwarming gesture of receiving a carefully-curated care package when you’re feeling down or dearly missing home. Picture this: you want to surprise your beloved kids with a delightful package brimming with comforting home-cooked meals, along with an assortment of their favorite treats that you know will bring delight to their faces. The best part? Sending such a thoughtful parcel is not only inexpensive but also hassle-free, ensuring that your gesture of love and affection reaches them effortlessly.

Keep In Touch

Even if it didn’t seem like your kids fully appreciated their time at home during their tumultuous teenage years of rebellion and self-discovery, complete with eye rolls and slammed doors, they’ll certainly be hit by a wave of nostalgia and longing for the familiar when they eventually spread their wings and move away. Even if they find themselves fully immersed in the exciting world of university life, navigating lectures, dorm room shenanigans, and newfound independence, a simple phone call from the place they once called home or a heartfelt message on Facebook will always bring a warm smile to their faces. Let them know, with unwavering certainty, that they can always come home for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle, even if it’s just under the guise of offering to take care of their never-ending pile of dirty laundry. After all, a comforting and familiar environment with the presence of loved ones has an inexplicable power to soothe the soul and reaffirm the unbreakable bond of family.

…But Not too Much

As a parent, it’s important to let your kids know that their new life is going to be different and that they will need time to get used to it. Don’t pressure your children about keeping in touch and avoid mothering them when you do. Keep communication casual, and act just like they’re still at home. Moving away from home for your kids means making mistakes and finding things out for themselves, and you’ll know when they need some advice. Let them know that you’re always there, but don’t overwhelm them with too much attention or rules.

Giving Your Kids Space to Grow and Explore

The most important thing for a parent to do when their kids move away is to let them explore the world. Don’t try to control your children from afar; allow them to make decisions and find out what works for them. Encourage them to take risks and don’t be too quick to offer solutions when they get stuck.

Help your children develop a strong sense of independence by giving them the tools they need to find their own answers. This doesn’t mean that you should never provide guidance or direction; it just means that you shouldn’t be overbearing.

While it is easy to dread the day your child goes off to university or moves away for a job, use the time to nurture and develop their independence. Allow them the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them without having to worry about your overbearing presence. Chances are they will thank you for it in the long run.

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