A Parent’s Guide to Making An Agreement with a Removal Company


Each day, busy moms are juggling from one task to another, and doing that can be very stressful for them. And, nothing becomes more stressful than the thought of moving to a new house. It is the time when there are a lot of things that should be taken care of. And as the big day is fast approaching, thinking about it could probably give you a headache.

If you’re a mom, one of the very best ways that can help you reduce the potential stress and headaches when your family moves to a new home is to use the services of a professional removal company. There are many different companies out there, and a search on the Internet will give you many options of companies that you can contact. Searching the Internet can be a very convenient option for moms rather than driving around the city to find one. You will find though that not all of the companies are the same, with the prices, and also services, varying quite drastically. If you are looking to hire a company to move your family’s belongings, then there are things that you should ensure, before agreeing to use the service of a company.


Moving home


Is the company a registered member of BAR?

The British Association of Removers is a professional body that oversees the removals industry. For a company to become a registered member, they have to meet strict criteria for the processes and services that they offer, and these are tested. By making sure your removal company is a certified member, you can be assured that you are going to receive a professional and quality level of service.

Find a Local Company

When you hire a company to move the contents of your home or office, a big factor in the quote that you receive will be based on the transportation and fuel costs. As such, if it is possible you should try to use a company that is local to you, as this can help to reduce the overall cost. There is no point looking for removals in Northampton, if you are located in Leeds, as the transportation costs for the company to travel to your location will be very high!

Who does the packing and unpacking?

The main benefit of hiring a company to transport your possessions is that they do all of the work for you – which is really great for moms like us because it can give us more time to spend on other important tasks. So you will want to make sure what they include in the price that they are offering. All of the different companies do differ, so you will want to make sure that the company is going to come into your home and pack everything for you. It is also important to make sure that they will assist you and your family when you arrive at your destination. Some companies will only unload the boxes, and they will not put things away into cupboards and shelves. So make sure that you ask the question of all of the companies that you speak to and check what they are offering.

Dismantling your furniture

You may find that you will have to dismantle some of your furniture for you to be able to move it from your home.

  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Sideboards
  • Dining Table

You may not need to dismantle totally all of your furniture, but you will want to check with the companies that you speak to make sure that they can offer this service. Most companies will be able to offer this included in their services, but it is always best to check first before you sign a contract.

What level and type of insurance do they offer?

The insurance that is on offer is a very important factor to consider. Some companies will offer very low insurance coverage; that is how they can offer cheap prices. However, if you have some valuable items, you may find that you do not have full coverage for any damage or loss while in transit. Make sure that the insurance offered is comprehensive and will cover the majority of the value of all of your belongings. Highly valuable items may need separate insurance, or at the very least need to be declared. When you have found a company that ticks all of the required boxes, your family can start planning the next chapter of your life in your new home!


Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be as stressful as it can be. I hope this post will be helpful for moms out there who are also experiencing the dilemmas of transferring from one location to another. Moms can always opt for hiring removal companies. There are reliable removal companies that will always be available to help you; giving you more time to spend on the more important stuff with your family.

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