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I am currently in a phase of life where my children, aged 7 and 4, are entering an age of active engagement in various extracurricular activities like Awana, Baseball, Cub Scouts, painting class, and more. We are constantly on the go, as my oldest child is particularly passionate about playing Football.

As a result, our schedule often involves leaving home promptly after dinner to attend practices and games or arriving back just in time for dinner, exhausted but fulfilled from a day filled with laughter, learning, and the joy of seeing our little ones thrive in their chosen activities.

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So here’s the thing: before we leave or when we come home, it’s crucial to have some amazing meals ready to go, right? And you know what? I’ve discovered over the past year that my Crock-Pot is my absolute best buddy! I mean, seriously, it’s a game-changer. I cook a few meals on the days when we have, well, nothing, y’know?

I make doubles or triples of the casseroles we love (Mexican Bake, lasagna, you name it) and they freeze like a dream. Whenever you’re ready to chow down, just grab ’em from the freezer, pop ’em in the oven, and fire it up. Oh, and here’s a little secret: don’t bother preheating the oven until your meal is in it. Trust me, it works like a charm. By the way, have you heard of Bertolli?

They’ve got these amazing frozen foods—like pre-done meals and even soups now. I’ve gotta admit, I haven’t really tried their sauces yet, but hey, it’s always worth a shot, right? Unfortunately, our local stores don’t always have a good variety or they’re not fully stocked. Can you believe it? Ugh!

On Monday, I made a trip to the store. With one mission in mind: to conquer dinnertime dilemma. Armed with sheer determination, I scored a bag of the ever-convenient Bertolli Frozen Soups and a quick-fix meal that only required the addition of pasta. To my dismay, there were only two soups left on the shelf. Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken. A combination that didn’t tickle my taste buds, but surely would satisfy my soup-loving husband.

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Bertolli Rustic Cut Pasta Sauce Roasted Garlic Marinara with Garden Vegetables

As I pondered over what to whip up for dinner last night, inspiration struck! It was time to put the soup to the test. Now, I must confess, I’ve never been a fan of canned soups. But this one was different. It surprised me, delighted me, and transported my taste buds to new heights of flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed every spoonful of this captivating soup.

Yes!! I thoroughly enjoyed the tomato soup!

I indulged in seconds without reservation, savoring every bite as my mind raced with possibilities. The thought of a warm, comforting Grilled Cheese crossed my mind, especially in times of sickness. With anticipation, I eagerly anticipate sampling the delectable frozen pre-cooked meals and exploring the diverse selection of soups they have to offer.

I just know that my family will love it! There’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing you have a delicious, healthy meal option to feed your loved ones. Thank you, Life Happens With Kids!

Here are the Tips I have-

Make pleanty and freeze it.

Use your crock pot.

It is ok to try pre-made meals. (I’m sure glad I did!)

Not all your meals have to me fancy. Sometimes your just have to get them fed.

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