Creating the Perfect Baby Bedroom for New Parents


Getting your baby’s room planned and prepared in plenty of time is very important for new parents, providing you with the opportunity to put your baby excitement into something truly productive and something that you can enjoy doing. There are so many different ways in which you can design the room, with planning, buying and fixing up the room all very enjoyable for parents-to-be. With that in mind, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start or whether you have everything that you need, so we have created the perfect guide to help you throughout the whole process.

The Bedtime Setup

Although we are fully aware that babies can be very disruptive through the night and may rarely sleep in their own room for the first part of their life, it’s still important to get the perfect night time setup for your baby. To add cuteness to your baby’s sleeping area, some nice sheets, quilts and blankets are perfect, as well as being able to keep your baby warm at night. Other simple additions would be to buy a cot mobile to entertain your child and a night light to help them to get to sleep at night, especially as they start to get older.

Before buying these, however, you need to decide whether to buy a cot or a cradle for your baby. A cot may be considered as more of a long-term purchase for your baby to sleep in, particularly as your baby may outgrow a cradle after the first 6-9 months of their life. Many cots are also fully convertible into toddler beds and full sized beds, meaning that the bed can almost certainly be used for many years to come. It is widely recommended that you purchase a new cot or cradle, based purely on the safety of your baby. As the safety regulations that cot and cradle makers abide by are regularly being updated, used and older items may not be considered to be quite as safe as newer options.

Buying the right mattress is also something that new parents should consider, and it is more important than many people may think. A firm mattress may help to reduce SIDS and a waterproof mattress may make any wet accidents much easier to clean up, without any lasting damage to the mattress. As well as this, there have been a number of cases over recent years about the safety issues that some mattresses have, particularly in trapping the child between the mattress and the cot. By getting the right mattress for your cot, you are able to reduce the chance of this happening, keeping your baby safe.

Baby Monitors

The true value of a baby monitor is often underestimated until parents actually make use of it. A baby monitor allows you to know that your baby is fine without you needing to actually be in the room and checking up on them every minute, giving you complete peace of mind. Whether you choose a baby monitor with video capabilities or a simple audio monitor, you are going to really appreciate it. It’s also advised to buy multiple receivers so that no matter what room you are, you can keep an eye out on your little one.

Mums Personal Comfort Spot

Most new mums like to have their own personal spot where they can spend those late and disrupted nights where the feeding and nappy changes seem endless. By having your own place to sit in the corner of your newly decorated nursery, you can be comfy and relaxed whilst feeding your baby, making the tiring task that little bit easier. Add to this a small side table and you have created your own personal spot to make difficult nights not so tough, something that you will really begin to appreciate the more that you use it.

Changing Area and Accessories

A changing area can be made up in one of two ways, either with a designated area that consists of a changing table and storage, or simply just a changing mat that can be placed on any surface. A changing table, accessories and fixed storage can often make changing nappies much easier for first time parents; however more experienced parents might suggest that it is rather unnecessary. A changing table also means less bending down when changing nappies, especially if you can get one at the right height for you.

A changing mat can be considered a much more cost effective solution for baby changing, as well as being much more flexible as to when and where you can change your baby. As the changing mat can go on any surface, it allows you to change your baby regardless of where you are, which is sometimes much easier than having to go to your baby’s bedroom every time they need to be changed.

Storage for Toys and Clothes

Storage is an essential part of any baby’s bedroom, and so it is important for you to choose what works best for you. Whether you choose wardrobes, drawers, shelves, boxes or any other form of storage for the room, it’s important that you have enough to store everything. It’s also important to consider that there will be times, such as late at night or early in the morning, when you are tired, that you will want easy access to things, so ensure that you can get to them easily.

Humidifiers to Promote Moist Air

As dry air can ultimately encourage bacterial growth and viruses, adding a humidifier can be the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. The humidifier will add moisture to the air, keeping your baby’s sinuses clear and reducing the possibility of becoming ill. As well as this, babies are also able to sleep better with the moist air and help from the soothing noise from the humidifiers. The great thing about humidifiers is that they can be purchased at affordable prices, in some very cute designs that will look great in your baby’s bedroom.

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