Difference Between Shark Rocket and Shark Sonic Duo Vacuum Cleaner


The Shark Rocket vacuum and the Shark Sonic Duo Systems are easy to use but vastly

Different vacuums. The Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner is a lightweight vacuum that removes dirt

from carpets more effectively than a full-size, upright vacuum. Never losing suction or power, the

Shark Rocket expertly deep cleans carpets, bare floors, and area rugs with its 2-speed brush roll.

The Shark Sonic Duo System not only lifts surface dirt, but it cleans the stuck-on


vacuum cleaning


dirt in the fibers of the carpet or area rug which is all activated by the coveted cleaning pad solution. The dual scrubbing action of the Duo System also cleans sealed hardwood, tile, stone, and vinyl floors. The Shark Rocket promises a lightweight, ergonomic handle with a comfortable rubber grip for floor-to-ceiling cleaning with the added ease of swivel steering.

Whereas the Shark Sonic Duo System focuses on scrubbing your floors with 1,000 scrubs per minute, leaving surfaces streak free with no residue left behind. Their spray, scrub, and vacuum deep-down technology offering 16 scrubs per second cannot compare with any other model. The Shark Rocket, however, has features like a cleaning wand, premium pet tools, washable filters, and easy emptying dust cup, cleaning has never been simpler. The Shark Rocket is the best for versatile cleaning and easy storage coming equipped with storage hooks for wall mounting. These systems are very different, but a few consistencies are ease of use, powerful cleaning tools, economical and

Environmentally responsible systems and a long-lasting vacuum. For an overall clean from floor

to ceiling with every tool to handle pet messes, spills, and dirt, the Shark Rocket vacuum is

Perfect. But for deep cleaning any type of floor, the advanced scrub and spray technology

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