How to Reuse Cotton Bags


One of the reasons why cotton bags are so good for the environment is that they can be reused hundreds of times before they ever wear out and need to be recycled. With that in mind, here are several great ways to reuse yours.


A cotton bag


Storing Clothes

For some strange reason, people are far better at buying clothes than they are at throwing them away or donating them to charity, so they often pile up in the cupboard. If you’re one of those people with too much clothing a not enough hanging space, try using a cotton bag to help keep everything organized. They’re loose and breathable enough to ensure that clothes get plenty of air, but still strong enough to move around without breaking from the weight of everything inside.

Sorting Shoes

Shoe collections can also become a bit extreme, but cotton bags are perfect for keeping everything organized. Slip a pair or two inside and you’ll be able to keep them together even while stored away in the back of your wardrobe. This is particularly useful for those pairs which you don’t need to slip on often but couldn’t stand to let go of.

Making Crafts

If using a cotton bag simply to store things sounds a little too boring for you, why not make something out of them? The fabric is perfect for making all sorts of handicraft items, and the bags often have interesting designs printed on them to make the project more fun. Even better, since cotton is so easy to wash it should be easy to keep whatever you make looking its best.

More Shopping

This sounds like a pretty obvious way to reuse your cotton bag, but remember that they’re great for more than just your weekly groceries. Thanks to their outstanding strength and thick handles, cotton bags are far more comfortable to carry around than the cheap plastic bags which you’re often given at the counter, so taking one on your next shopping spree will make a real difference.

A cotton bag really will be with you for years, so make sure you take full advantage by using the ones which you pick up in every way you can.

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