The Little-Known History Of Baby Showers

Most people arrange some kind of celebration when they discover they have conceived. Those parties are often known as baby showers, and they usually involve the giving of lots of gifts. However, most people know nothing about the history of that tradition and how it got started. With that in mind, we’d like to give you some information that should help to set the record straight. Of course, you should take a quick look at the infographic we’ve attached if you want to know more.

Did you know that baby showers have a history that dates back to Ancient Greece? In those times, the Greek people esteemed the miracle of conception and celebrated it in grand style. However, there was a unique twist to their baby showers. It was the new mother who would pamper her loved ones and the people in the local area by giving them presents. This custom reflected the selflessness and gratitude that characterized their culture.

Interestingly, baby showers as we know them today evolved from the ceremonies held in various religious traditions. For centuries, new parents were honored through ceremonies conducted by many mainstream religions. These celebrations symbolized the joy and blessings of welcoming a new life into the world.

It wasn’t until the 14th century that the practice of friends and loved ones giving gifts to parents-to-be gained popularity. In most cases, these presents consisted of money, clothing, or perfume, a gesture aimed at providing assistance and support to the growing family.

The modern concept of baby showers truly took shape during the Victorian era. It was during this period that many of the ideas and customs that are still used today first came into play. Baby shower games, gift registries, and the overall festive atmosphere became significant aspects of celebrating the impending arrival of a little one.

Now armed with this little-known history of baby showers, you can impress your friends with your knowledge on your special occasion. May you bring a happy and healthy child into the world! Don’t forget to check the attached infographic for further insights and inspiration.


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