Redecorating- Easy and Simple Tips to remember!

Like everything if life, there is always room for improvement. A home should bring about a feeling of comfort and security. There are always things that can be done to make the home a brighter and more tranquil place. Simply try matching sofas and a couch with elements of say, a picture frame, wallpaper or other accessories allow for the colours to flow rather than clash; having too many colours can break the sense of harmony in a room.

Adding in various items, either new or old, will make it feel fresh and welcoming. We often get used to the things we have around us, but hanging a new picture in the hallway, replacing an old rug, re-positioning the furniture or adding in new light fitting will make a room very different and appealing; these are just a few tips that you can do yourself. Adding mirrors in a room will make the space larger and brighter; if you get any natural sunlight coming in, it will be reflected into the room, creating a lovely snug area. Mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes. If you have a small amount of space keep the frame of the mirror simple, but if the space is large, I would go for a more ornately framed mirror.

If you have matching sofas and a couch, then you can make a start on rejuvenating your living space. Just by adding-in cushions, such as bright or pastel colours, will lift and brighten your sofas or couch. Try to keep bold colours to a minimum, say two; you can repeat these colours elsewhere in the room. I would suggest not going for a colour that may be too bright.


Choosing colors


You might also consider matching your cushion with the curtains; if this seems like too much work, you could use the same fabric of the cushions to make tie-backs for your curtains. I have recently covered my existing sofa with a new fabric; it was leftover fabric from when I made my own curtains. I was able to save a lot of money this way and give my home a face-lift in the process.

If you decide to re-decorate your home by painting or hanging wallpaper, remember to get colours that are going to bring a sense of coordination and harmony with the rest of the colours in your room. I recommend that colours be light and warm; avoid the colour blue as it gives off a cold feeling. Re-carpeting may also be an option but, again a new rug would do the job also.

By simply de-cluttering rooms in your home will make the space larger and more appealing. We tend to hold on to this which frankly, never see-the-light-of-day. Every room should be functional and welcoming. You do not have to break the bank to achieve this; just remember to coordinate and add-in colours and accessories that gives you a sense of tranquillity; make it a home project that you see enjoy and see through to the end.

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