Rejuvenating Degraded Decks And Fences

A Common Real Estate Dilemma

Today, homeowners and real estate brokers considering vacation home properties in the Arkansas and Ozark Mountain region frequently encounter a significant issue. Does a faded deck or wood fence actually enhance the value of the residence, or not? Many mountain retreats that appeared fashionable during former decades now appear degraded and unsightly due to worn, aged surfaces. Most buyers appreciate rustic settings, but not dilapidated, weather-beaten exteriors.

Especially when a deck strikes most visitors as degraded and heavily worn, a sales agent might consider recommending discounting the value of these items in any listing. Yet does this approach really serve the best interest of the client? Sellers sometimes require every penny in order to relocate to another place comfortably.


An Innovative Solution

During former eras, sellers could usually address this situation in one of three ways. First, ignore the problem and hope buyers don’t make low offers based on an unsightly vacation home exterior. Second, discount the price significantly to help offset a perceived decline in value through poor maintenance. Or third, foot the unwelcome costs of tearing down an ugly fence and deck and/or replacing these items.

Fortunately, technological advances in this century offer property owners and real estate brokers a much better solution to this type of common Ozark Mountain Region problem. Now, depending on their individual circumstances and inclinations, homeowners can often rejuvenate degraded decks and fences very cost-effectively.

Giving Vacation Homes a Face Lift

During the past decade, considerable progress has occurred in many areas of materials science. Consumers notice this situation during daily life. From permanently sharp ceramic-style kitchen knife blades, to more easily stored automatically expanding and shrinking garden hoses, to floor sweeping robots, products available on the marketplace today offer some amazing new features.

One of the most impressive areas of progress has occurred in chemical finishes and home improvement technologies. For instance, Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas uses a specialized three-step process to restore the vitality of some heavily faded exterior residential surfaces. By employing a special pre-soaking foam, a controlled pressure rinse, and a unique high-tech UV-resistant surface sealer, the company offers many property owners a very affordable way to rejuvenate and upgrade decks, fences, porches, wood siding, and other residential exteriors.

Offering Home Sellers More Options

Real estate brokers and property managers today enjoy the ability to provide sellers with more options for addressing unsightly wood features in Ozark mountain retreats. Not every solution will work for every property. However, it makes sense to investigate all the available possibilities before urging a seller to lower the listing price. Renovation may prove far more cost-effective than replacing an entire deck.

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