Taking a Ride on the Big Wheel of Fortune

Being retired means I have lots of time on my hands.  Forget about the bucket list, I’ve checked off so many of those experiences I’m on my second round of some of them.  The ones I really enjoyed I’m eager to do again.  One of the things I do is search out those giant Ferris wheels and take a ride on them.  This started with a dare from my husband who knows how afraid I am of heights.  I figured out it wasn’t the height, but the queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that I hate feeling.  On a trip this year to National Harbor near Washington, DC I finally gave in and rode the giant eye.  It was much more stable than I expected, and when I felt a little dizzy, I’d envision myself in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  There we rode the Sky Lift to the top of a mountain and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon watching people ice skating and taking in the sights. I figured if that height didn’t bother me too much, this shouldn’t either.   Before I knew it, the Eye had stopped, the ride was over, and we were back on the ground.  Since that day I’ve rented cars from Alamo Rent a Car to indulge my new passion.

I looked up the list of these Ferris wheels and have made a new determination.  My goal is to visit at least half of the ones in the U.S. and at least two abroad.  I want to take my time and drive from Chicago to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina next year, then to New Jersey and New York after that.  Anyone who knows me knows I like to bring my grandkids and friends along on these crazy adventures and we have a ton of fun.  We use Groupons to save money on everything from the car we rent, and the hotels we stay to the food we eat.

Wheel of fortune

I worked for many years in hospice care as a nurse.  One of the things people talked about at the end of their lives was their families and the things they wish they had done.  Every time I get to the top of one of those wheels I’m grateful to be there, and that I’ve lived my life with no regrets.

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