Things to Consider When Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Understandably, you will want the best for your baby when you select your newborn photographer. To help you choose your newborn photographer or a newborn photographer anywhere, we have written this article to give you information on what you need to consider.
a newborn baby at the hospital


Experience and Qualification

You will need to do some research in choosing your newborn photographer. If you just choose the cheapest option or the one with the best-looking website, you could end up with a photographer who has no idea how to handle a baby. Instead, ask them how long they have been working. How many babies have they handled? Have they received any training? There are safety training certifications out there, including the American Association of Newborn Photography Association. We have all read horror stories about things going wrong during these photography sessions, so be careful and research thoroughly before you choose your newborn photographer.


You can find a vast multitude of different types of newborn photography, including posed newborn style, lifestyle sessions or baby-led posing. Posed newborn style involves your baby being guided into different poses, gently led by an experienced professional. Your newborn baby must be safe, relaxed and comfortable during this type of photoshoot, and should not be forced into any situations that make your baby feel distressed in any way. If the newborn photographer is experienced and professional, they will be able to tell you how they will gently and carefully make beautiful and complex baby poses, perhaps through means such as combining multiple photos to make a composite photograph.

Lifestyle photography sessions are primarily focused on the connections between the family members and the newborn baby. Baby-led posing is when you place your baby in a comfortable environment and they can move as they please, snuggling into blankets, going into relaxed positions and do things that you will want to remember them doing so when your child is older you can look back at those photographs and remember when they were only a mere newborn.


As we said before, you should not just choose the cheapest Los Angeles newborn baby photographer. In fact, those who cut prices are usually the ones who cut corners on important things such as the safety of your baby. As well as taking all the above into consideration, you should make sure that you have established a budget based on what you have and how much you are willing to pay, and then you should stick to it.

Prices vary from photographer to photographer, and some things that are taken into consideration by the business when pricing their services are the time it takes for the photograph, the experience of the photographer, the level of training of the photographer, the cost of the equipment and the location of the photo shoot.


This article has discussed a few of the things that you must consider. The most important thing will always be your baby’s safety but make you sure that you are happy with how the photographs will look and that the cost of your Los Angeles newborn photographer fits in your budget.

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