4 Things that Can Improve Your Boys’ First Experience with Shaving

boy shaving

For many, shaving is an unpleasant experience that leaves a person in discomfort or pain. This is the case for people who neglect to take the proper precautions or neglect to use products that can make the shaving job less painful. Here are four things that can make your boy’s first shaving experience more pleasant.

Shaving Brush

When watching a barber at work, many will notice them using a shaving brush. With this piece of equipment, one can produce a rich and gentle lather of cream or lotion on their skin. When this penetrates the skin, a person shaving will feel less discomfort and will enjoy a closer shave. This is an inexpensive item and anyone looking to reduce discomfort must buy a shaving brush, specifically a badger brush, such as those sold by The Art of Shaving.

Fresh Razor

Some people use their razors after the blade has turned dull. This makes it more painful for the person using the blade as it will take more effort to remove facial hair with a dull blade. Before shaving, one should always check their razor blade and replace it if needed. With a newer blade, one will have a close shave while avoiding any unnecessary pain, which can also prevent small nicks and cuts.


The first time a boy shaves, he will experience a level of discomfort from using a metal blade on his face. With aftershave, one can help to heal the skin that has been irritated or damaged. After the first time a boy shaves, a parent should show the young man how to apply aftershave correctly, as he will be more likely to care of his appearance if it is not painful.


When sticking a sharp blade near one’s face, it is best to use something to ease the process. With shaving cream, a young man can enjoy a closer shave, since he will be able to avoid cutting his face or neck. Even adults do not use this product correctly, and it can lead to problems. To get started, a boy should use a shaving brush to produce a small amount of lather with the cream. Next, he should put it lightly on his face or anywhere he is going to shave. Then, when shaving, he should use light and careful strokes to remove the hair. When done carefully and with shaving cream, one will have a close shave with less discomfort.

With these four inexpensive products, one can teach their young man to shave the smart way.

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