Coping With Sleepover When You’re A Bedwetter



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While bedwetting is more common than we realise, coping with the fear of wetting the bed can be tough on kids when they’re away on a sleepover. Here are some top tips to help you child cope.

How Parents Can Help

Helping kids to stay dry is a team effort. The family needs to be encouraging both inside and outside the home. So here’s what you as a parent can do to help you child stay dry on a sleepover:

  1. Let your child know you understand. Don’t let them think you blame them for something they can’t control.
  2. There’s usually a family history of bedwetting and it’s always overcome. Let your child know you’re on his or her side.
  3. Give lots of encouragement. Your child wants to feel normal and enjoy sleepovers and school trips. So do be encouraging and let him or her know you will help.
  4. Chat to a doctor. Your child’s doctor is going to be the best source of advice so have a chat before you child goes on a sleepover. Ask for suggestions and treatment options such as a bed wetting alarm to help your child.
  5. Speak to others. Another way to help your child cope with bed wetting when he or she goes on a sleepover is to talk to the other adults involved. If your child will be sleeping at a friend, ensure the parents know about the situation and get them to be a part of the process.

Usually a child won’t mind if you tell another grown-up. But just to make sure, do ask your child if he or she will be comfortable with other adults being in the loop. If your child is reluctant, tell him or her that another adult understanding the bed wetting can be a big help when your child is not at home. They’re not going to mad or surprised and they can help with getting your child up during the night to go to the bathroom, or they too can use the bed wetting alarm as a reminder.

Staying Dry During a Sleepover

Here are a few simple tips to help your child stay dry and managed bed wetting on a sleepover.

  1. Wear disposable underpants. When your child sleeps away from home, have him or her wear pull-ups with boxer shorts over them. No one will know and your child will feel more confident.
  2. Use medication if necessary. A bedwetting medication will act as an anti-diuretic, reducing your child’s need to urinate. These medications won’t necessarily cure bedwetting but they can play a big role in helping your child stay dry during the night when they’re away from home.
  3. Have a practise run. Before attending a sleepover, have your offspring practise the pulls ups and boxers tip and try out the bedwetting medication too. Also try a bed wetting alarm that will alert the child to wake up to empty the bladder.
  4. Low salt. Salts cause fluid retention so have your child stay away from salty snacks on the day of the sleepover.
  5. Drink less. While your child can’t avoid fluids, you can reduce the chances of night time bedwetting by cutting back a few hours before bedtime.
  6. Urinate before bedtime. This will help to empty the bladder and reduce the chances of bedwetting.
  7. Lying down before bedtime. By getting the body horizontal, your child can start mobilising fluids. Encourage your child lie down a little before bedtime when he or she is away from home.
  8. Have a good rest. Bedwetting is more common amongst deeper sleepers. And if someone is sleep deprived, they’re going to fall into an even deeper sleep. So the trick is to get a good night’s rest both before and during the sleepover.
  9. Take extra clothing just in case. Send your child with an extra set of clothes when he or she sleeps out. Also send a waterproof storage bag for wet clothes.

With these tips and the help of a bed wetting alarm you can help your child have a fun and safe sleepover.

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