Brighten Up Your Home Before You Sell with These Easy Tips

Selling your house means going up against everyone else who is doing the same thing, and there are bound to be other properties that offer pretty much what you have to offer. That’s why it pays to take a little time and brighten up your home before you start inviting viewings.

People want to see a home that they could live in – as opposed to the one that you currently live in – so what can you do to make sure your house looks bright, fresh, and inviting, and is the one that people will want to buy? Let’s have a look at some simple, cheap ideas that will give you the upper hand.

Tidy up! – by tidying up we don’t just mean putting things away, we mean taking away all of your personal clutter, removing any furniture that is there just for your own needs, and getting rid of anything that is simply taking up space. Remember, you are selling them a home that they want to live in, and they may not have your own preference for small ornaments, nor do they need to see rooms stuffed full of furniture. This brings us nicely to the next point.

Create Space – if, for example, you have a large and imposing suite in your lounge, consider putting it in storage and buying – or borrowing – a smaller, simple one that doesn’t overpower the room. Also, take away any occasional chairs and tables that are taking up space, and try and have every room as sparsely furnished as possible. This way, you will be able to give the viewers a sense of the real space available in the rooms.

Freshen Up – when were your rooms last painted? The paintwork might look fine to you, but you’re used to it! To other people, it may well look very tiring, and if you are one for bold colors,  that can be very off-putting for viewers. Consider repainting rooms in neutral paint colors for the best effect. This gives the ‘blank canvas’ look that viewers want to see, so they can easily imagine stamping their own identity on the rooms. It’s not as expensive as you may think, and while it will take up a little of your time, you will find it worth your while.

Tidy the Garden – your viewers will want to see what you have to offer outside, too, so make sure you cut the lawn if you have one, clear away any fallen leaves and other debris, make sure your plants look neat and tidy and make everything presentable. Also, de-clutter the garage of any accumulated junk you may have in there – you’ll be surprised how important a spacious, tidy garage is to some buyers!

That’s a few ideas for tidying up your house and giving it a fresh look, and there are many more, so set aside some time to get the jobs done, and give yourself the best chance of enticing those buyers.

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