The Parent’s Guide To Creating A Family Focused Lounge


I may not be an interior designer, but I do know a few things about creating a comfortable, stylish, child-friendly, home.

For many families, especially families with younger children, the living room is the hub of the home. But what happens when your living room isn’t as family-friendly as you would like it to be?

If your living room isn’t as family-focused as you would like it to be, there is no need to panic. There are plenty of simple ways you can transform your living space into a more family-friendly environment, all you need to do is do a little bit of DIY.

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For all the best tips for transforming your lounge into a more family-friendly space, have a read of this.

  1. Think about flooring

If your little ones are rather messy, then having a white fluffy carpet is probably not the best design choice. If you have young children who like to make a mess, you want to invest in flooring that is easy to clean, such as stone or laminate flooring.

If you are worried about a stone or laminate floor being too cold for your little ones to play on, you could always invest in a couple of washable floor rugs.

  1. Choose your paint carefully

When you have young children, it is inevitable that a sticky handmark or a marker pen is going to make its way onto your living room wall. Instead of worrying about this, why not pick a type of paint that can just be wiped clean of any marks?

Or, if you want to encourage your children’s creativity, why not use chalk paint to decorate your living room? That way your kids can draw on your walls to their heart’s content, and you can just wipe it away later on.

  1. Cover the furniture

If you are worried about little fingers making a mess of your sofa, consider buying a sofa that is made from an easy-to-clean fabric, such as leather. If you are unsure of the best fabric to choose, pop into your local furniture store and ask them for their suggestions.

Alternatively, you could always pop covers over your sofa. This is an excellent way to keep your sofa protected from any spills or stains as the sofa covers to protect it. Just make sure to choose sofa covers that are easily washable.

  1. Make your living room as comfortable as possible

Your living room should be as comfortable and cozy as possible, as this will make it more appealing for you and your family to spend time in.

Have a think about the ways you can add comfort to your living room. Such as adding floor pillows or investing in Sack Daddy adult beanbags for older members of the family to relax on.

  1. Add entertainment

To make your living room a more fun and enjoyable place to spend time in, invest in different forms of entertainment, for your family to enjoy. For instance, if you like having family movie nights, a large television and a BlueRay DVD player would be a great investment.

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For younger members of the family, design an area in the living room where they can play with their toys without getting in the way.


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