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Everything You Need to Know About Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile arthritis refers to any kind of arthritis that develops in children who are under 18 years of age. It can be quite difficult for children to cope, depending on the seriousness of their condition. Arthritis affects girls twice as often as boys, and can occur any time from birth until the age of 18. To become better informed of juvenile arthritis, read on
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Give Your Children a Party They Will Remember Forever

When it comes to pleasing our children, it seems nothing is too much effort. We are locked in a constant battle between keeping them happy and spoiling them. flickr photograph At least once though, every child deserves a party. A 16th birthday is a great time to throw a bash, as they are at the age where impressing their friends is important to them.
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How to Share the Joy of Your Hobby with Your Child

I have always loved vintage clothing, but what makes shopping for it even better for me now is that my daughter comes along with me to go through flea markets, antique shows, car boots, and charity shops. She loves collecting mini pocketbooks and animal print clothing! Sharing your own hobby with your child is a joy like no other – believe me! It’s important
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How to Save a Fortune on Children’s Clothing

As much as we love our children, the cost of raising them seems to be constantly increasing. Let us look at the figures – it costs over £200,000 to raise one child until the age of 21. That does not take into consideration educational costs, should your child want to go on to university. Now we’ve taken a moment to let that hideous sum
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10 Amazing Useful Wooden Crafts You Can Make Yourself

The world is full of DIYers, and there are also many people in the arts and crafts world that love to build things for themselves. One of the most popular things that people like to do in their spare time is to make things from wood. But I’m not talking about random objects that people might make just for fun or out of boredom,
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The Essential Parents Guide to Buying Children’s Shoes

We, as parents, are so used to popping in to a high street store to get our children in shoes. Buying new footwear for your child online is a relatively new concept, one with both benefits and potential pitfalls. Online shopping needn’t be a pain though, in-fact it could save you time and money compared to visiting the high street. What’s more, you can
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