3 Activities For Quality Family Time


You spend a lot of time with your partner and children, but how much of this can you really call quality time? Unfortunately, while juggling the many and competing pressures of everyday life, quality family time is not that easy to come by. Additionally, if you have teenagers, you might feel quite distant from them as they go through this often challenging time of their lives.

It is important to be organized and plan for at least one family activity a month (although more often if you can manage). You could sit down as a family and choose an activity to do each month then put it in the calendar, so no one forgets. This doesn’t have to be a complicated occasion; the emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity. Read on for some ideas for great activities that will help your family to bond.

What is quality family time?

Quality family time is a great way to make the parenting experience even better and create lifelong memories with your kids. Quality family time needs to be effective and enjoyable, where everyone feels loved and involved in the activity. Whether it’s cooking together, skiing, or playing board games, quality family time is a great way to bring joy into parenting and bridge the sometimes challenging parenting – kids relationship. In addition to being focused on physical activities together, quality family time also includes meaningful conversations that nurture the bond between parents and their children.

Quality time with family is an invaluable parenting experience, particularly for children and adolescents. As parents, there are a number of benefits that this kind of bonding time can bring. Clearly defined boundaries and expectations can help children learn to be more independent and responsible, while also helping them to establish meaningful relationships with their peers. Spending quality time together allows parents to get to know their kids better, with all the opportunities that brings for open discussion. It offers space for love, closeness and laughter which research suggests can help kids cope with anxiety and stress in tougher times, as well as providing positive reinforcement of parenting techniques. Quality family time helps create unforgettable moments that will remain long after the children have grown up – strengthening family ties both now, and for years to come.

What are some activities that make quality family time?

  1. Weekend away

A couple of days away somewhere new or to a location your family loves could be an excellent and memorable experience. You could pick a destination where there are plenty of activities you could do as a family like going for nature walks or visiting museums. My family hashad many brilliant holidays in Blackpool where there are so many family fun things to do. We spend time at the beach, go on the iconic (and often terrifying) rides and enjoy a fantastic show in the evening. Camping is another great way to spend a family weekend away. Not only is it a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city but it also encourages your kids to spend less time in front of the television.

  1. Games night

This is such an easy way to spend quality time with your family and is also loads of fun! Games nights can happen with very few props, so you even start this fun family activity tonight. Cards and charades don’t require much equipment. However, do stock up on your favorite board games if your family takes a liking to this activity. To make your games nights even more fun, you may wish to start a leaderboard and throw in some pizza and popcorn.

  1. Bike ride

Another way to enjoy some quality time with your family is with a bicycle ride. Not only will it be an enjoyable thing to do together, but it also gets you outside and being active. By doing a simple search online you can find information on all the beautiful and manageable cycle routes in your local area. Your family bike ride can be as long or as short as you like, so it fits in well with the rest of your commitments. For a day bike ride, consider packing a picnic and riding to a nearby park. You may even wish to bring along some outdoor games.

Spending quality time with your family is important. If you can manage a weekend away together here and there, that’s great. However, a walk, bike ride or evening in all together are all excellent ways to come together as a family. Enjoy!

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