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Dogs Vs. Cats: The Ultimate Question

It is the age-old question. Are cats or dogs the better family pet? Some people will swear that the only pet you will ever need is a dog. Others will argue that cats are the superior species, and one which will make your home whole. What do you think? When it comes to choosing a pet for your family, there are loads of things that you need to consider. The first thing you need to decide, though, is what type of animal you want. Usually, it comes down to a choice of two species; dogs or cats.


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Pros of getting a cat

Let’s first look at the cat-lovers’ argument. They say that cats are independent and loving. You don’t have to take a cat for walks or play too many games with it. No, a cat is quite happy for you to feed it, and then leave it alone. Despite what some people think, kittens can be extremely loving when you treat them well. Many cats like to sleep on their owners beds and curl up next to them in the night. Cats tend to get on well with children regardless of their breed.

Cons of getting a cat

Some people will argue that cats are cold. It is true that felines tend to have an aloof nature. Some people think that this is because they don’t like people all that much. That might well be true. Cats also tend to destroy furniture. If you have a luxury sofa in your home, a cat will take great pleasure in ripping it to pieces. You will have to buy special protective things to cover your sofa and soft furnishings. Cats also love sitting on things. When you are on your laptop, they will come and sit on your keyboard. That can be a massive pain, especially when you are working.

Pros of getting a dog

So, let’s talk about dogs. The saying goes that dogs are a man’s best friend. To an extent that it right. Dogs are naturally loyal creatures. When you raise a dog, you will find that they always stay by your side. Most dogs tend to be friendly towards children and there is a puppy to suit any household. Just look at Little Puppies Online to see how many various breeds of dog you can get. That means that you will find it easy to find a puppy that fits your family lifestyle. Also, taking a dog out for walks will mean that you are fit and healthy.

Cons of getting a dog

If you don’t have the time for a dog, you will have some serious problems. Puppies are great companions, but they need a load of attention. If you leave a dog at home all day long, it is likely to start destroying things in your home. Dogs crave constant entertainment and attention. If you can’t give them the attention they need, they will begin to be naughty. When puppies misbehave, it takes an awful lot of time to train them. If you and your family have a busy lifestyle, you might find it is all too much for you.


If you are unsure about which pet will suit your home, you should talk things over with your family. Both cats and dogs make brilliant household pets. If you don’t have a lot of time, you should consider getting a kitten. If you and your family live an active lifestyle, a puppy will adore joining you on your many adventures. Before you do anything, you need to take the time to think about your way of life. Choose a pet that suits your activities so that it is happy in your home.

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