Every Family Should Buy A Puppy – We Know Something You Don’t



Eric Danley

Dogs are man’s best friend; as long as you feed it. There are few animals that are as cute and as much fun as a young puppy. In many ways, they remind us of our own children in their behavior. The mischief they get into is not born of malice, it is just innocent play, and it is easy to forgive them when they stare at you lovingly.

Our canine companions are the second most popular pet. Cats outnumber them according to reports because households are more likely to own more than one cat. Every family should own a puppy in my opinion, and here are the reasons why.

Common Focus

Parents focus their attention on their children, and the kids play with each other. A puppy offers a chance for everyone to have a common interest. It becomes a member of the family while still being different.


Children need to learn how to be kind and caring to others. The children have a greater intelligence than the dog and so they are superior to it. It gives them a chance to express kindness and concern about its welfare, in the same way that parents do to their children. Always take care of those who are less able than you; it is a valuable lesson in life.


The children can learn how to be responsible for the puppy. They can feed it with Wuffitmix Headstart at the correct times and always make sure that its water bowl is full. Get the kids to take it in turns to brush its coat. Children relish some responsibility when they are young because it gives them a sense of importance.


Is your family turning into a bunch of couch potatoes? A puppy will help you to do something about it. Dogs need to go for a walk at least once a day, so why not make a family occasion of it? Not many families can go for a walk together every day, but you could make it a Sunday afternoon ritual. During the week, you can take turns in exercising yourself and your canine companion. If it gets you away from the television for an hour or two, it must be good for you.


Sometimes in life things happen to make us all feel down. Even when things are at their lowest ebb, the nudge of a cold nose offers comfort from someone who cares for you very much. I am not talking about you granny, though mine has tried it a few times. The dog can sense when any member of the family is upset. Sometimes it is just nice to see a friendly face when you walk in the door. The kids might not distract themselves from their video games, but the dog will meet you with a wagging tail.


It is a sad fact that they do not have the same lifespan as us. It might have been a part of a child’s life for as long as they can remember. When it passes, the kids learn a valuable lesson about life and death. It is best that they experience it from the passing of an animal than from a person. It will only be a couple of days before your family insists on the acquisition of a new puppy.

If you found my arguments compelling, call at the pet shop on the way home. Your family will thank you for it, and the puppy will enrich your life; guaranteed!

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