The Most Embarrasing Birth Questions Answered (WARNING: Honest Answers)

When you’re pregnant, a million and 1 questions go through your head per minute – some of them more appropriate to ask than others. Some questions are, well, embarrassing! Plus, you might not want to hear the answers. We’ve all heard labor horror stories, but where do you turn to hear the truth? Just what should you expect in the throes of labor? We answer the most embarrassing birth questions here, but be warned: the answers are totally honest, so you might not like what you hear…

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Should I Neaten Up My Bikini Area?

Years ago, as part of the birthing process, midwives used to shave every woman when they arrived to deliver their baby. This practice aimed to facilitate doctors in case they needed to perform an episiotomy and make the subsequent repair more manageable. However, times have changed, and now the decision entirely rests on your personal preference. The good news is that regardless of your choice, no one will judge or react negatively to what you have down there. So, feel free to make the decision that feels right for you with complete peace of mind.

Will There Be Many Internal Examinations?

If you’ve been keeping up with your prenatal care visits, you’re probably already sick of being poked and prodded. Fortunately, there won’t be as many as you’re expecting in the actual delivery room. Vaginal examinations will be limited during labor, but you’ll usually have an examination when you arrive at the hospital. After that, you may have an examination for 2-4 hours to monitor your progress. This can be uncomfortable, so discuss them with your midwife in order to understand them.

What Should I Wear When Giving Birth?

Many birthing rooms are private, so you can wear what you like or even nothing at all. Sarongs work really well. Swimming tops can also be great if you’re shy about showing your breasts. Clothing can become annoying towards the end of labor, so don’t be surprised if you want the whole lot off. Babies also love skin-to-skin contact after birth.

Will My Husband/Partner Go Off Sex if He Sees Me Give Birth from ‘Down There’?

All men are different – each with their unique preferences and reactions. While some men might find it fascinating or even beautiful, others could potentially find it confronting to watch. Given the variance in opinions, it is highly recommended to have a thorough discussion beforehand. This will ensure that he is adequately informed and knows what to expect, promoting transparency and understanding in your relationship.

Will I Poo During Labour? How Will it Be Handled?

It’s common for women to poo during labor. When your baby comes through the birth canal, there’s no room for anything else so everything else is expelled. Your midwife will have seen it many times before, so she won’t even be fazed – you might not even know you’ve done it.

Will Gas and Air Make Me Say Embarrassing Things?

Gas and air can help you to focus and take the edge off your pains. You might be a bit giggly, and you might say things that don’t make sense, but everyone around you will be glad you’re smiling. If you’re really worried about saying embarrassing things, you could always hire a Tens machine from

Will Sex Feel The Same?

You’ll need to give yourself time to heal, but yes, your sex life will return to normal. Pelvic floor exercises can be a lifesaver!

See? Childbirth isn’t that bad – women do it time and time again, so that’s got to count for something. Good luck!

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