The Best Ideas for Taking it Easy When Pregnant

For most ladies being pregnant is one of the most magical experiences in their lives. The thought of carrying around a brand new human being inside you is just too exciting to put into words.

Having said that, being pregnant also has its dull, mundane side to it. Walking around with an extremely large belly for several months isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world and you need to be careful not to exert yourself too much in the latter stages. If you are in this situation and are getting frustrated at not being able to do everything you used to do then here are some ideas for taking it easy but not being bored at the same time.

Watch a Pregnancy Documentary

Have you watched a pregnancy documentary yet? There are some fantastic ones around which will help you understand the process more and will really build up your anticipation levels for that special moment when the little one is born. Personally, I would avoid those tasteless or overly graphic documentaries about problematic pregnancies or births gone wrong.  If you are emotionally rather delicate just now then this kind of thing might just upset you. Instead, I would look out for sensitive and classy pregnancy documentaries. The BBC has shown some very nice documentaries about pregnancy which are well worth settling down with and watching.  There are also a lot of movies and TV shows about being pregnant and about motherhood which you might be interested in. You probably don’t want to overdose on this sort of stuff though, so try and mix up your viewing with some other types of programme as well.

Play Some Games Online

If you are used to living an active sort of life then it can be difficult to slow down when your body tells you to do so. A good idea in this case is to find a hobby which is exciting but which you can do without moving about too much. Online bingo and slots games are good examples of what this can mean. Because these sites offer a chat facility you might even end up talking other mothers or mums to be while playing. A site such as will make you feel safe and welcome on your first visits.

Read a Book About Motherhood and Family Life

For this last point I’m not talking about text books explaining what it is to be a mother. Instead, I mean inspirational books about real life or fictional mothers who went through the kind of challenges which make for good reading and hopefully a happy ending. There are also plenty of funny books around about bad parenting which will make you laugh out loud. My Former Heart is a fine tale which isn’t exclusively about motherhood but which is sure to strike a few chords with you if you are expecting. Another book worth mentioning is Little Earthquakes. This light hearted novel is about the very different approaches to pregnancy taken by three different women.

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